MOO and Improved – Part II

16th October 2012 by Aaron T

We quite enjoy watching dodgy sequels, you know, the ones that went straight to DVD! But when it comes to our website upgrades at MOO, our sequels just keep getting better…

We ‘re always exploring new ways to make life easier for our customers. When we were improving our upload, image and design tools recently we had one reservation, “What about all the designers in our coMOOnity? None of these improvements are going to make life easier for them”.

You see we have noticed that a great many of you arrive at with complete designs – some great ones too – for both sides of your cards. You don’t need MOO tools and templates; you just need a great printer.

Well we went ahead with the improvements to our tools, then we took some time to think about what our designers most need. We came up with a list of features, then boiled them right down to the following:

  • • Get a “details” design on the front
  • • Get one or multiple designs (up to 50 of them) on the back
  • • Choose the paper stock and finish

In addition we had two guiding principles:

  1. 1. Needs to work on as many devices as possible
  2. 2. Has to be quick and easy to use

What we have come up with it is the aptly named:

Upload a complete design

Ok, so isn’t exactly a snappy title, there wasn’t a whole lot of budget left for that. The good news is that we now have a tool that’s quick and easy to use, whether you are on a computer or a tablet. You can even use it on a mobile device (full disclosure: you do have to be pretty geeky for that).

Comments (12)

  1. tours of sri lanka:

    Isn’t there a mobile app for the job. I love to see one coming out!

  2. Aaron T:

    Not yet, but it’s on our roadmap.

  3. Melanie Shellito:

    Thank goodness!! Uploading full front/back designs to the site was always the most confusing/complicated/annoying part of the entire process (which was otherwise quite good!) I couldn’t be happier about this, and can’t wait to upload my next set of cards with this new system!

  4. Adana:

    It’s funny, because right before I saw this story in the newsletter in my inbox, I was thinking about using Moo to print a deck of divination cards that I’ve designed. I was wondering if I could upload a single design on the back, and get rounded corners and a nice glossy finish. Synchronicity can be downright scary sometimes.

    Thanks for being so awesome!!!

  5. Simon:

    Does this work with greetings cards as well?

    I’d love to be able to print on all four sides of a greetings card. I know the exact position of the fold can’t be determined, but uploading one image for the outer sides and one for the inner sides allows you to ‘flow’ the design from the front to the back…

    • Justis S:

      Hello Simon. Great Idea, this full upload feature is only available for Business Cards at this moment in time, but we will continually be working on bringing our customer the coolest and most innovative ways to upload and print. Watch this space!

  6. Simon:

    I can’t wait…

  7. fabien:


    This is completely off-topic, but do you think that moo will make letterpress business card in the future ? Like what the guys of studio on fire do ? ( )

    • Justis S:

      Hello Fabien, we have been putting thought into it over the last year and I believe our product teams are looking into the technology needed to bring letterpress to the masses. Watch this space.

  8. Double U.:

    Great improvements! Is it on the roadmap to make the normal process available without Flash?

    Also I too would love if letterpress would come in the future, it definitely has a certain charm to it.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Justis S:

      We understand many customers are moving to iOS devices and tablets and with that our developers and product teams are looking into easier and more productive ways of using MOO. I can confirm that we are working on a non-flash based workflow.

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