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5th September 2012 by Brad

At MOO we think it should be easy to make the card you want. For many customers, a big part of their Business Card is their artwork and photography: showing off your product or yourself is a great way to make an impact. So we took a long look at the way your add photographs to your MOO cards, and decided that there were three things we wanted to try and make easier:

1. Trying out lots of photos to find the one you want on your business cards.

2. Using your pictures from multiple places: whether they’re on your own computer, one of our image partners (Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, or Etsy), or a freshly created QR Code.

3. And being able to re-use images anywhere on your cards.

After lots of designing, multiple rounds of user testing (and some serious coding!) we’re happy to announce a big change in the way you make cards with MOO. What’s more, you can use it today if you make Business Cards or MiniCards.

When you’re making your business cards, you’ll notice a new “image tool” in the top right. Here’s a quick show-and-tell of me making some cards with QR codes and photos.

Blank Details

You can click on this to get to our new uploader. This will let you upload as many images as you like, so you can try out different images and find the one that works for you.

Empty Uploader

We’ve built in the ability to add QR codes to your pack – anywhere you add an image, you can use a QR code. Just select “QR Codes” from the list at the top, and fill in the details. You can make a few different kinds of QR codes: ones which take the reader to a particular URL, ones which add your details straight to their address books, and ones which will call you directly. The choice is yours!

Create QR Code

If you’d rather use pictures you’ve already uploaded to one of our image partners (Flickr, Facebook, Etsy, or Smugmug), you can use those tabs. For each partner, we’ve made it easy to look through your albums and find the images you want.

With QR Code

Just drag your images to the bottom part of the image uploader to import them.

Dragged Images

Once you’re done, select the image you want to use and click “Add to card” to use them.

Details Side

After you’ve added the images to the upload tool, you can drag them onto your cards to try out different images in situ. This works on both sides of your cards, so you can use the same images or logos wherever you like.

Image Side

This was a massive team effort, and we’re super proud of these new tools. We all hope you enjoy using them!

Thoughts? Feedback? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Remember, for any specific issues you can always reach our Customer Service team by email, live chat or phone.

Comments (13)

  1. Robbie:

    can’t wait to try this out this weekend!!thanx in advance : )

  2. Paul Hames:

    Loving the MOOd, keep on MOOving and innovating. All power to you. Best Wishes, Paul Hames

  3. Linda Schettle:

    I had a set of images exported from Aperture to my desktop ready to upload for some Moo business cards when I came across a line somewhere that said I should convert to sRGB . At that point I gave up because I didn’t have the time to relocate all the images in Aperture, send them to Photoshop to convert from RGB to sRGB. With the above announcement of changes in uploading from multiple sites, does that eliminate the need to convert the files to sRGB?

  4. Christina Gillick:

    This look awesome! I can’t wait to give it a try! Great job MOO Team!!

  5. Kiri Jane Erb:

    Just wanted t say that our cards came out amazing!
    Thanks so much for your great service, tutorial and printing!

  6. Jane:

    Nice one! More proof that eating cake makes you smart.

  7. Harrison:

    You guys are amazing, keep up the awesome work!

  8. Su:

    Great Idea!!! Waiting for a way to display business cards in a mosaic frame… =(

  9. Shebeads:

    This seem to be awesome, going to try it soon.

  10. Simon G:

    @ Linda – This is the kind of question that our Customer Service team are experts at answering. I’ve passed on your question and they’ll be in touch by email.

    In future, if you have anything specific (and rather technical!), you can always reach them by email, chat or phone, here:

  11. Ang:

    I just received my business cards with the QR code on them. Not only do they look and feel great, but the QR code did exactly what it was suppose to do. I tested it with my iPhone and had absolutely no problems. It went straight to my website. Thank you and great innovation.

  12. Caroline:

    This is a great feature, however, why do we have to upload everytime we want to try a new design. it seems that it would clog up your servers as well as being very ineffecient for the customer. everytime i try out a new design with my photographs i have to reupload the same photos.
    why is this?

    • Jon B:

      Thanks for your feedback – we’re always interested to hear how our users create their cards, and I’ll make sure this gets passed along to our UX and Product team. Thanks again.

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