We’re pleased by cheese!

24th July 2012 by Felix

While we love printing Business Cards here at MOO, we don’t eat them – our love for them simply does not stretch that far! But at the same time we love food (our Friday lunches are beyond comparison) and decided to do something much more nutritious.

Bec and Felix got together and founded the MOO Cheese Club. The rules are quite simple:

  • On Cheese Day (once a month on a Tuesday) we meet up over lunch and everyone brings along along one type of cheese
  • We share everything.
  • Add a few crackers, some grapes, tomatoes and freshly baked bread, and you have a feast!

We are an international bunch here at MOO HQ, so the selection of cheeses always come from far and wide. This month we were lucky enough to have some from Greece, Switzerland and France, as well as a bit closer to home in Britain.

Of course, Rob and Felix could not resist to make a MOO inkdrop out of cheese, but had to be quick before all the cheese was eaten by the hungry mob of MOOsters! We can’t wait until next month, and who knows what cheeses might turn up!

Comments (46)

  1. rick scherle:

    OK, I love your work and I’ve turned LOTS of people onto your company, but I didn’t know about the food thing.

    I’m definitely coming for lunch, probably in October. I’ll bring a cake.

  2. Janine:

    Got a good question. Could you make cheese labels for those of us who make our own cheese? We are looking for labels that we can wax into the outer wax casing. Food labeling templates via Moo would be an exciting new line. Stickers for container tops. Yes, please.

  3. Arpsara:

    Miummy ! My favorite one is the “fourme d’Ambert”: just de-li-ci-ous ! :D

  4. grace:

    What can I send you from Paris (cheese-wise)?

  5. Chris Fenwick:

    Gorgonzola, what a nightmare!

  6. Victor:

    I’m getting hungry, when can I come over for lunch? :P

  7. Alison Hudspeth:

    This looks amazing! Think we might start a cheese club, although with only 2 of us we may get a bit fat – oh well :D

  8. Johanna:

    Oh! All that looks and sounds so delicious! I’m jealous :)

  9. Dom:

    Hey guys,

    Big fans. If you need any cheese recommendations drop us an email as we live in France and work in catering.

    My top recommendation for this month would have to be Beaufort ete. It is still a little young as it is made from all the spring flowers and grass eaten from by the cows however i don’t think you would be disappointed :)


  10. Kim:

    I’m salivating!!

  11. Susan Wallis:

    I have a cheese suggestion for you – Brie Royal appeared at our great weekly market (in Olonzac, France) a few months ago. It’s a Brie de Meaux, cut horizonally and stuffed with a mixture of Brillat-Savarin and finely chopped black truffles. It’s wonderful – hope you can get it in the U.K.!

  12. Kerry Pace Dyslexia Tutor:

    My husband does this with his mate and they make obscene cheese noises together. When we went to Ludlow he was tumescent when he entered a shop called The Mouse Trap!

  13. Helen Bradley:

    Have you tried making your own cheese? I started just recently making Ricotta and Paneer and it is awesome fun, way way easier than it sounds and oh so tasty!

    Enjoy your cheese club – it sounds like so much fun – but then you guys actually work for MOO so every day is fun..

  14. Marion:

    Cheese beats cake in the office any day. Love cheese. Love moo.

  15. Atina:

    Can anyone join? This sounds fantastic!

  16. Renato:

    Nooooooooooooooooo! Cheese! Def my fav! Any chance for a quick lunch in Toronto?


  17. Annie Sisk (@PJProductivity):

    I love being self-employed but if I EVER did the W2 thing again (or whatever the Brit equivalent of that is) it would totally be for you guys. MOO JOB!

  18. Lucy:

    Ossau Iraty and fresh cherries. Or if it’s too late for fresh use pickled ones. Or if you can’t get those, cherry jam. But just do it.

  19. Bonegirl:

    I love your emails, your mini-moo cards and everything cheese! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today!

  20. Janet:

    Darn. Wish I worked there… I love cheese!

  21. Adrienne:

    My brother and mom and I are big cheese fans- I mean huge ( I even mention it on my about me page on my website) My mother is french and so when we get together we can put away almost 2 rosemary baguettes full of cheesy goodness between the 3 of us in one meal. Our favorites are Fromage d’afinois, St. André, and Manchego (my brother and I were born in Spain). So to hear of your monthly cheese lunches makes my giggly excited (and a bit jealous may I add). Aside from grapes and pear slices, don’t forget to throw some nice Genoa salami or jamon serrano on those crackers too!
    Bon Appetit!!

  22. Becca Dilley:

    This is awesome! If you need some Wisconsin cheese recommendations, I have interviewed many cheesemakers and have lots of suggestions!

  23. Roscoe:

    The cake is a lie!!

    Love Moo printing though… Glad to see a company that makes a quality product doing well in this climate.

  24. Ceri:

    Now I LIke the sound of that…cheese tuesday…can I come please??

  25. Taylynn:

    All of that looks so yummy! Go moo!

  26. Verne:

    Also have ppl i’ve told about Moo. They are so fascinated w my bus card holder on my keychain. BUT my family are huge cheese fans and your blog/new club just makes me smile! It’s Thursday, but have good day anyway.

  27. Jude Rathburn:

    You haven’t really tasted cheese, however, until you’ve had some from the “dairy state” (AKA Wisconsin, USA). I’d be happy to send you some of my favorites? What is the mailing address?

  28. Jennifer Brewer Stone:

    Mmmm, cheese…I love your cards! Always talking about how great they are to my friends and customers. It’s a great way to have in instant portfolio of all of my paintings. The kids especially who come into the Torpedo Factory Art Center here love them. Good to know we share some other interests! :)

  29. Cat:

    I just received information about this cheese thing in my email and am very dismayed. THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS NATURAL OR HEALTHY ABOUT CHEESE, and what does it have to do with business cards??? CHEESE & DAIRY are bad for the animals (Have to rape a cow, get her pregnant, steal away her newborn baby and kill it, then kill her after you have stolen all of the milk from her that was intended for her baby, sending her to the slaughterhouse and make her into hamburger…) Oh, and all that cheese is going to clog your arteries… And animal agriculture is the biggest pollant to our air and waterways, and is an inefficient method for creating food…

    • Simon G:

      Hi Cat,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your personal viewpoint on the topic of cheese.

      Rest assured, nobody at MOO is force-fed cheese (or cake, lunch and beer for that matter!) and the members of our little Cheese Club have joined because they personally want to enjoy some cheese in the company of their colleagues and friends. You are 100% right that our cheese-related MOOsLETTER feature and blog post has nothing to do with printing or business cards, but it hopefully provides a tiny glimpse into the life of the MOO Crew and the various activities we like to enjoy as a team (and friends!) at MOO HQ.

      Thanks again,

      Simon G

  30. Rowannn Gilman:

    Bishop’s Girdle–stinkiest cheese on the planet and oooh so good.

  31. Michele Kreider:

    Great idea! Although you failed to mention which wines you were pairing with your cheeses. :)

  32. Sherri:

    I want to work for Moo and join the Cheese Club!
    I’m a big foodie and that sounds like so much fun.
    May just have to do it with a group of friends, add some wine & voila…instant party!
    Jealous in San Diego

  33. Faith @ Ordinary Mommy Design:

    This is the best idea that’s ever come out of MOO! And that’s saying a lot. I love cheese. Oh, yes.

  34. Simon G:

    Thanks for all of your cheese suggestions! The folks in the cheese club are noting them all down, and adding them to their list.

    For anyone that is as obsessed with cheese (lunch, cake or beer!) as much as we are, we’re on the lookout for some new members of the MOO Crew. Details of all open positions are right here: moo.com/jobs

    @rick scherle – you didn’t know about our food obsession? Well, you’ll want to take a peek at this post then: http://www.moo.com/blog/2011/10/13/moo-loves-food-so-much-we-started-a-club/ (we’re quite obsessed!)

    @Janine – great question! No immediate plans in place for cheese themed sticker templates, but you could certainly design your own and print them on any of these: moo.com/products/stickers/

  35. Bev:

    Ok, now I want to work for you!!!

  36. Gwen:

    How could a business with a name like MOO NOT have a cheese club?!?

  37. Karen:

    Hello there MOO Crew :-)

    I would honestly say that you truly haven’t had cheese until you have tried Cuddy’s Cave Northumberland Cheese. Don’t know how on earth you’d get hold of it over there, but it honestly is cheese ambrosia! Believe!!

  38. Felix:

    I think I really need to apply for a MOO job! I *love* cheese…
    You will just need to deal with the confusion of having two cheese lovers named Felix then ;)

  39. chiazor:

    Have you all considered making labels for food containers? Like deli containers for food businesses. The mini labels are great but finding labels for my product is hard because nothing compares to your quality.


  40. Simon Wehr:

    Ahh, wait!
    I claim copyright of all things similar to the cheese club!
    Years (and i mean YEARS) ago my Girlfriend and me started the »Kleiner Käseabend« (Little Cheese Evening, so to say). And still today we celebrate this tradition from time to time. We were poor students and just could not afford big variety of cheese. So we invited friends to come by with a fine piece of cheese. We served wine and bread and had quite some very tasty evenings.
    But as good ideas were invented several times across the world, you guys certainly had a good idea, too.
    Cheese on!

  41. Rakhee:

    Sounds amazing! Considering you have just printed our business cards (which we loved by the way!), you must try some of our Ritchie’s of Rothesay smoked cheese. Go to Ritchiesofrothesay.com and order some!


  42. Linda:

    Hi Moo Team
    We love your idea of a cheese club at work. We’d like to send you some of our artisan swedish recipe sourdough crispbread for you to have at the next club…because we think you deserve the perfect host for your cheeses ;)
    Email me and we’ll arrange a delivery for you.
    Linda and the Peters Yard Team

  43. Peter:

    Ha, great idea! And a pretty good way to spend lunch time.

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