Introducing the new MOO Lightroom Plugin

3rd July 2012 by Rebeka

If you’re a photographer, there’s a good chance you use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It’s a super professional piece of software perfect for editing all your digital photos.

And if you use Lightroom to edit the photos you use to create MOO Business Cards (or MiniCards or Postcards), your life is about to get just a little bit easier.

With our newly created Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Plugin you can now export your photos directly to MOO. Yay!

Here’s how it works:

  • Select the photos you wish to export
  • Select File > Export...
  • Select MOO in the Export To: menu
  • Choose which product you wish to make (Business Cards, MiniCards or Postcards)
  • Choose your orientation (Landscape, Portrait or Automatic)
  • Click Export
  • After the photos have been exported, you will be directed to, where you can make final adjustments to your cards before adding them to your cart.
  • And that’s it! Easy as pie. Mmmm, pie…

Oh, and here’s a couple of quick notes:

  • The plugin should work with Lightroom 2 or newer, on Mac and Windows.
    (It has been confirmed to work on Lightroom versions 2.7, 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1 on OS X 10.6 and version 3.6 on Vista)
  • Check out the plugin for more info and all installation details
  • This is currently an Alpha version so we’d love to hear any feedback or ideas for improvements you have in the comments below!

Comments (12)

  1. RichardM:

    Good Work – that’s very handy indeed! Maybe not possible but it would be cool if you could also edit the text and layout to go on the back of the cards from LR too.

  2. Mark Owen-Ward:

    Any chance of doing an Aperture plugin as well?

  3. AnnaC:

    Nice idea! Any plans for an Aperture plugin?

  4. Eric:

    Unfortunately, I don’t like it: when I use a small piece of software, it is to spare time, hoping it will do all the job for me.
    Let me explain: your plugin crops twice my pictures: once when it resizes them, before uploading, and once online because the photo uploaded is bigger than the safe surface.
    So the picture ready to print is no more the original, and for professional photographer it could be a problem.
    Why not to add some parameters for giving more choice to the users, as the possibility of adding a border to the photo: with such a trick, I could control the cropping.
    I did a photoshop script for doing that, like this I have the exact size of the photo before uploading it and find it exactly as I want, once online.
    I can modify it to fit the plugin, but it is doing twice the work.

  5. Ray:

    Very cool to see there is a plugin. I’m installing it next. Thanks

  6. Phil G:

    This plugin works well in LR4 (Windows 7 64-bit). Since it is an Alpha version, here is some constructive feedback: I would like to have more control over which business card project my LR exports are added. Right now it appears that all LR plugin exports are added to a default “Business Cards” project. How do I move images/designs between business card sets if I already have another business card project? It would be nice if the plugin would log me in to and recognize my current projects and then allow me to add to (or edit) those projects. It would also be nice if the plugin would allow me to export to disc so that I could then manually upload to moo and select which project the image is added to if the functionality I suggest above cannot be easily implemented. I’ve initially tried to add some new images to an existing printfinity business card project and can’t figure out how to add the new LR plugin exports to an existing project or move them after upload to the default new “Business Card” project. If this functionality exists, please document it so I can implement it.

    I have not tried other exports for mini cards or post cards yet, just business cards. If you would like more directed feedback, please feel free to contact me directly too – this plugin is a very welcome to your services – thank you!

  7. Phil G:

    Can’t edit my previous comment, but I meant to say, “– this plugin is a very welcome **addition** to your services – thank you!”

  8. Juan Carlos Guzman:

    yay that is so cool, so it would be more easy , thanks for doing this !!!

  9. ryan:

    Love the idea, but I would love to see an Aperture plugin also.

  10. Jay:

    There isn’t a way to export to CMYK from Lightroom. Won’t this affect the color when printed if it’s exporting RGB of some sort? I was thinking you are supposed to submit CMYK files for best reproduction (and not use the auto color adjustment in MOO)

    • Dan H:

      Hi Jay

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ve passed this on. In answer to your question, RGB is fine – we will convert it for you, and if you have previewed in CMYK, it should be the same on the output from MOO.


  11. Scott Masterton:

    Well I’ve been trying for some time to install this all without success. So I can’t comment on the product but I’m fairly computer literate and I can’t see what I’m doing wrong, so I’m giving up on it. Using Win 7 64 bit and LR 4.1. It doesn’t help that your instructions seem to be based around someone using a Mac, cos the certainly wouldn’t work on a windows platform.

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