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Getting seen at Edinburgh Fringe

July 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

We really do love Edinburgh Fringe here at MOO, especially with Andrea and Bec from our UK office heading up and performing over the coming weeks, and we we’re looking at ways to let all the performers know that they could pick up a packet of MiniCards to help promote themselves and their shows.

Once the concept for the first ad had been agreed, Felix disappeared to bring the idea to life. After a day of paper cutting, setups and lighting arrangements, he reappeared and Rob was able to get the perfect picture for us to use:…Continue reading this article…

Don’t come unstuck

July 2012, by Dan H | 1 Comment – latest by baby on board

We’re big fans of Business Cards here at MOO, but we’ve also got a fondness for stickers. Especially when we see our customers using them in creative ways.

Who would have thought a simple sticky label could have so many uses and be the perfect compliment to branding your business? From mailing labels, to miniature CVs and even a sticky business card that you can hand out with your other marketing material (it’s much less likely to get lost).

Here’s some fantastic examples we’ve seen for MOO stickers out in the wild:

When wood is your business, a rectangular sticker Business Card is the perfect way of promoting yourself on unusual materials

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We’re pleased by cheese!

July 2012, by Felix | 46 Comments – latest by Peter

While we love printing Business Cards here at MOO, we don’t eat them – our love for them simply does not stretch that far! But at the same time we love food (our Friday lunches are beyond comparison) and decided to do something much more nutritious.

Bec and Felix got together and founded the MOO Cheese Club. The rules are quite simple:

On Cheese Day (once a month on a Tuesday) we meet up over lunch and everyone brings along along one type of cheese
We share everything.
Add a few crackers, some grapes, tomatoes and freshly baked bread, and you have a feast!

We are an international bunch here at …Continue reading this article…

Introducing Sean Adams to the Luxe Project

July 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

The Luxe Project  sees us partnering with renowned designers to offer exclusive Luxe Business Card designs for a full year. And since we believe great design can change the world, 100% of all net proceeds will be donated to the designer’s charity of choice.

We’ve had some fantastic offerings from Michael Osbourne, Dan Rubin and Katie Barcelona, and we’re very pleased to introduce Sean Adams as the next designer to create some exclusive Luxe Business Card designs.

A bit about Sean

Sean Adams is an AIGA fellow, and partner at AdamsMorioka in Beverly Hills. He counts (one of our favourites!) Mohawk Fine Paper among his …Continue reading this article…

Celebrity Cards – Our Christopher Columbus Winner

July 2012, by Dan H | 5 Comments – latest by Julissa

Last month, we set out our third Celebrity Card challenge and asked “what would Christopher Columbus have? We were really excited to see the entries fly in and there were some absolutely fantastic designs sent through. From ships to compasses, pictures of Columbus himself and the occasional map, so much thought had gone into what Business Cards Christopher Columbus would hand over.

Monika was left with a tough job of picking a winner, however, we’re glad to announce that Mal Webster has been chosen as the winner of the Christopher Columbus competition. Mal’s design caught Monika’s eye with a style appropriate for Christopher Columbus and well considered details (which made us giggle). Mal wins $300 …Continue reading this article…

Your Facebook Cards

July 2012, by Dan H | 2 Comments – latest by bahaa abdalla

We love seeing all your fantastic cards in the wild, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction to our Facebook Cards for individuals and brand pages so the obvious next step was to ask the MOO Facebook fans to show us theirs.

We weren’t disappointed – with loads of you sharing your Facebook Cards on the MOO Facebook page and it’s only fair that we share some of those that caught our eye!
Personal Cards:

Brand Cards:
Continue reading this article…

MOO for Artists

July 2012, by Dan H | 13 Comments – latest by Steven Keating

Every week we see lots of different, creative and exciting businesses choosing MOO for a whole range of reasons. Recently inspired by TEKSTArtist’s miniature Business Card art prints, we’ve decided to hunt down some more artistic MOO customers and see what they’ve created.

Margaux Wosk uses both Postcards and MiniCards to showcase her Retrophiliac artwork:

Jun Arita is a Japanese pop artist who’s work mixes elements of Pop Art, Traditional Japanese Art, Kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) and graffiti. His brightly coloured MiniCards caught our eye …Continue reading this article…

Introducing the new MOO Lightroom Plugin

July 2012, by Rebeka | 12 Comments – latest by Scott Masterton

If you’re a photographer, there’s a good chance you use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It’s a super professional piece of software perfect for editing all your digital photos.

And if you use Lightroom to edit the photos you use to create MOO Business Cards (or MiniCards or Postcards), your life is about to get just a little bit easier.

With our newly created Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Plugin you can now export your photos directly to MOO. Yay!
Here’s how it works:

Select the photos you wish to export
Select File > Export…
Select MOO in the Export To: menu
Choose which product you wish to make (Business Cards, MiniCards or Postcards)
Choose your orientation (Landscape, Portrait or Automatic)
Click Export
After the photos have been exported, you will be directed to, where you can make final adjustments to your cards …Continue reading this article…

MOO needs you!

July 2012, by Bhavisha | 9 Comments – latest by Lyn

Here at MOO we’re always looking to talk to talented, ambitious, switched on and friendly people who would want to join us and be part of the growing MOO family. Currently, we’re on the look out for super smart folk to join our marketing, design and development teams.

We love working together to make things happen and a collaborative work approach is a must for anyone interested. Work in our start up isn’t always easy, but it is lots of fun and very rewarding – just be prepared to work a little out of your comfort zone!

From elfing (spending an afternoon in the warehouse) and checking orders to being that friendly point of contact in reception, we all get stuck in.

Continue reading this article…

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