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Celebrity cards – From the Tooth Fairy to Columbus

June 2012, by Dan H | 23 Comments – latest by 505 glenrock

Hot off the back of our Zeus cards competition, we asked you to think about the Business Cards that the Tooth Fairy might hand out. Again, we were overwhelmed with the responses and seriously impressed with the time and effort some of you have taken to create the ideal card for the Tooth Fairy to leave behind.

Still, there can only be one winner and Monika has chosen Gavin Martin’s entry. Congratulations Gavin, you’ve won $300 in cash and $100 MOOlah to spend at MOO. Monika had this to say about Gavin’s design:

This clean and simple design has a really interesting use of negative space. Plus, I liked the nice …Continue reading this article…

Your biggest business mistakes

June 2012, by Dan H | 4 Comments – latest by Phil Wheatley

We always love to hear about your businesses and  success stories here at MOO, but we understand that it isn’t always plain sailing, which is why we asked you to share your biggest business mistakes with us on the MOO Facebook page.

There were over 60 suggestions, ranging from the insightful to those that raise a smile – and all of them are worth considering when building your business.

As with all our competitions, there has to be a winner, and it was really tough to single out just one. But we eventually settled on Stuart Shevlin’s entry:

The fact this is such a simple mistake to …Continue reading this article…

Business advice with Fraser Doherty

June 2012, by Dan H | 1 Comment – latest by James Abugah

Last week on the MOO Twitter account we ran a question and answer session with Fraser Doherty of Superjam. It was nice and simple – just tweet a business advice question with the #askfraser hashtag and we’d send them over to be answered.

We had some great questions come in, discussing lots of different aspects of building a business – from choosing a name to expanding the operation. Here’s Fraser’s advice and answers:

Sirena_m: What are some of the ways you keep yourself from losing control when handling the tough areas of your business? 

Running a business can be stressful – there’s nobody there in …Continue reading this article…

Sharing some art with TEKST Artist

June 2012, by Dan H | 9 Comments – latest by Caroline

We’re always looking for fun or innovative ways that our customers use our products, so when this tweet by @TEKSTArtist turned up on the MOO Twitter feed, curiosity kicked in and we went to have a look:

We were greeted by a wonderful picture of some MOO Business Cards and a great story about how they are used as miniature artwork prints that can be given away. Of course, at risk of being a bit cheeky, we immediately tweeted TEKSTArtist to see if it was OK for us to have one.

A quick …Continue reading this article…

The making of the MOO ad

June 2012, by Charlotte | 9 Comments – latest by picjew

We have been totally bowled over by the positive response to our very first TV ads. It’s a big deal for us, so we’re very glad to see lots of you really liked it! Because some of you have asked, and because we’re feeling a little bit like proud parents, we thought we’d give you a look at how we created all this stop-motion finery as well. And so, we’ve made a video and asked Stu (yes that’s him in the superhero pose below) from Creature (the creative team behind the ad) to explain a little more:

Super Stu!

“It’s no easy feat talking about the making of an ad. …Continue reading this article…

You’re inspired by…

June 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

We were thinking about inspiration last week at MOO HQ and who, or what, has inspired us. Our list included authors, with Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson getting a mention, as well as musicians as diverse as Brian Wilson and Beyoncé and designers such as Jessica Hische and Josef Müller-Brockmann.

Not wanting to have all the fun ourselves, we decided to ask the folks on MOO’s Facebook page who inspired them and of course, we’d pick one of our favourites to win some MOO goodies. It was a tough choice but eventually we settled on Whitney-Anne Baker’s inspiration – her old headmaster! Congratulations Whitney-Anne.

Of course, we couldn’t …Continue reading this article…

Spending a day as a MOO Ambassador

June 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

You may recall that last month we were looking for a few good (wo)men in London to help us out at a tradeshow, and after receiving quite a few eager replies we ended up bringing Mark and Rob on board to be MOO ambassadors at the Great British Business Show.

It was hard work but we all had a lot of fun, and here’s what it was like in Mark and Rob’s words:
I was very excited when i received the email from Melissa to confirm that I had been chosen as a ’Ambassador’.

Basically I had the pleasure of talking moo for 2 days at the Great British Business Show at ExCel in London docklands. It all began in an East London storage …Continue reading this article…

Look who’s in pictures — you are

June 2012, by Lisa | 20 Comments – latest by Alicia

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of meeting many of you at events, parties and conferences or virtually over Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. No matter how we’ve met, we’re constantly amazed by your creative approach to business not to mention your MOO Cards. It seems that behind every business card is a unique, inspiring and remarkable business.

While we think your business cards are pretty cool and awesome, we’d rather feature your stories and business advice in our first ever television ad campaign. It’s your stories that really shine through and that’s why we asked the creative team (at Creature …Continue reading this article…

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