Fancy a Free lunch on MOO for you and a friend?

25th April 2012 by Dan H

April has been all about giving here at MOO. We’ve offered Double MOOlah with our Refer a Friend program, given away $1000 for telling us about your business and had some fun discussing strange gifts you’ve received on our Facebook page.

We thought we’d see the month out with one final competition, and this time, we’ve decided we want to meet some of you and your friends in the real world – Yay!

It’s quite simple really, this Friday, Charlotte and Dan will take to the streets of London and find somewhere nice to settle for lunch. We’ll share some clues to where we are on our Twitter feed and the first person to turn up WITH A FRIEND gets lunch on us (and maybe some MOO goodies too).

Rebeka and John

Of course, we know it’s not fair to limit it to London, so our US office will be doing the same in Providence, Rhode Island when it’s time for lunch on the other side of the Atlantic – Rebeka and John will be out and about waiting for someone to turn up and claim a lunch!

So, if you and a friend fancy the chance of winning a free lunch on us then circle this Friday on your calendar and keep your eyes peeled to our Twitter feed and the hashtags #MOOlunchLDN and #MOOlunchPVD

Good luck everyone!

Comments (27)

  1. Sarah:

    There are just a few of us who don’t live or work in London, you know. When are you planning to come down to North Devon for lunch? It’s only a few hours away…

  2. Donald Patnaude:

    What about trying such a neat thing here in Bangkok, Thailand?

  3. Han:

    I’m not in London though – and although I could get to London tomorrow I have to work – too short notice to get the time off :(

    One day I’ll swing by for a cuppa and say hi!

  4. Dan H:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. We’ve had to choose locations close to MOO HQ to run this competition.

    If we’re ever out and about and available for lunch anywhere further afield, we’ll be sure to let you all know!

  5. sanne kurz:

    Lunch in Munich, anybody of the MOO team?!

  6. ROM:

    YAY! All you can eat ? …

  7. Cindy:

    How about those of us who are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada?!!!!

  8. Doug Swinton:

    Heck if you come to Calgary Alberta, I’ll buy you lunch!! With cocktails!!!

  9. Rich Jacobson:

    We have food here in Seattle….just sayin

  10. Michael:

    If you win the lunch in Providence, ask to go to Chez Pascal and say Hi! to Debbi the bar tender. A great artist, MOO lover, Mixologist and WILCO fan. :)

  11. Dan H:

    Thanks for the offer Doug, we’ll hold you to that!

  12. Julie:

    If you are ever in Saskatoon – let me know then and I will play the game! I am curious now – how many of your customers are locals?

  13. Juraj:

    Come to San Fran!

  14. misterlatinjazz:

    Come eat in San Francisco or Silicon Valley so I can find you. Happy to suggest where to eat and stay!

  15. Gunnella:

    Edinburgh is a lovely place for a luncheon ;-) “hint hint , nudge nudge” ;-)

  16. Bev:

    So if it’s not HQ then it could be anywhere ……not a good question unless we are being stupid !

  17. Kate M:

    So unfair – the majority of the country live out of London. Couldn’t you get people around the country to do this for you to make it more fair, the person working on it for you would obviously get a free lunch and then whoever finds them. Spread the love ;-)

  18. Ramyt:

    Let me know when you’re over in Hawaii… ;)

  19. Julie:

    C’mon guys some of us actually live AND work north,south, east and west of Watford !!

  20. Carissa:

    better idea- you load up and come here for lunch, we’re having a combo grad/book launch bar b que

  21. Victoria Ward:

    Hmm, a little bit restofthecountryist don’t you think?

  22. Derry:

    We do great Pasta and Pizza here in Bologna, Italy! Cheap flights from Gatwick! YAY! (btw thanks for the cards… loving them)

  23. Lxs:

    suggested moo – lunching venue:
    How about @MooGrill between Liverpool St station & Aldgate?
    (seems quite appropriate, given clash on name…)

    disclaimer: I am not affiliated to this eatery, just a happy punter who will readily recommend tasty nosh served with fun enthusiasm, and sensible price ;o)

  24. Caroline:

    Ok so it’s friday, I’m getting hungry so where are the photos?

  25. Amy:

    Ditto on the Calgary, Alberta, Canada lunch idea ;)

  26. Sara:

    You should totally do lunch in Waterloo, Ontario! I’d gladly buy!

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