Introducing the MOO InDesign extension

23rd April 2012 by Dan H

If you’re a graphic designer, there’s a good chance you use Adobe InDesign.  It’s a mighty piece of software good for creating books, magazines, posters, newsletters and, yes, business cards.

And if you use InDesign to create MOO Business Cards (or MiniCards or Postcards), your life is about to get just a little bit easier.

We’ve created an extension for InDesign which allows you to create and import your designs into MOO all from within InDesign itself.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select ‘MOO/New/Business Card’ from the InDesign menu.
    A perfectly-sized empty business card will appear.
  • Design your business card pack.
    There are menu options to add more sides and change from ‘details’ to ’image’ sides (or from ‘front’ to ‘back’ if that makes more sense).
  • When you’re ready, select ‘MOO/Send to MOO…
    ‘This does all the uploading for you and pops you over to MOO when it has finished.
  • Check that your pack is OK on
    It will be brilliant, of course. But if it isn’t, just close your browser tab and go back to step 2. Otherwise, add your pack to your shopping cart.
  • Have a lemon shortcake biscuit and a cup of tea.
    This step is optional, if you’re in a hurry.

So, no more faffing around with PDF export settings, remembering dimensions or bleed areas or any of that stuff.  That’s all taken care of, leaving you to do the designing and the biscuit-eating.

Oh here’s a couple of quick notes:

  • Adobe InDesign version CS5 or CS5.5 required. Installation files and instructions are available here:
  • This is currently an Alpha version so we’d love to hear any feedback or ideas for improvements you have in the comments below!

Comments (44)

  1. Linda Taylor:

    I love InDesign so using for the cards is an excellent feature! I just installed the script, but the size of the card opens as 14.4306 inches x 8.8472 inches? Is this correct or did I do something wrong?

  2. Dan H:

    Hi Linda’s

    Thanks for the speedy feedback, to help us understand why this may be happening, would you be able to let us know the following:

    - What operating system are you using.
    - What version of InDesign is installed.
    - What steps you took to end up with a business card of that size.


  3. Lisa:

    Hi Moo,

    Just tried this on CS5 on a PC and I get an error: “An attached script generated the following error: The requested font family is not available. Do you want to disable this event handler?”

    I said “no ” to that and carried on, but when I tried to send to Moo, I got another error:

    Uncaught Javascript exception: IOError: Cannot find the folder”"~AppData/Local/Temp/moo-export-1335204793564page-0.pdf”"

    And indeed, there is no pdf in that directory. I am on InDesign CS5 7.0.4 and Windows 7.

  4. Linda Taylor:

    Sorry for the delayed response. Was engrossed in watching the Adobe Cloud intro on the web. I am using CS5, but I am still on Snow Leopard. I installed the script in the folder, opened InDesign, and when I selected the Moo option, those were the dimensions that the new document opened to.

  5. Maggie:

    When I try to download the jsx file, my right click (on a Mac) only gives me the option to Save Link As. How do I actually download the script? Thanks.

  6. Maggie:

    never mind, found the zip file

  7. Dan H:

    Hi all

    Thank you for your feedback so far. It’s been really useful!

    We’ve published a new version of the script that should (hopefully) resolve the problems above.

    If you have any other thoughts we’d love to hear them – this is a skunk works project that Richard from our Development Team has been working on and every little bit of feedback helps.


  8. Lisa:

    Sadly there is now nothing in the Moo dropdown menu on the newest version of the script. As before: InDesign CS5 7.0.4 and Windows 7.

  9. Lisa:

    PS, if there is a better way to communicate these issues to you, I’m happy to do so.


  10. Dan H:

    Thanks again Lisa – it’s a genuine help to get this feedback – I’ll send you through an email with contact details.


  11. Dan H:

    Hi all

    A new release has just been made available at the link mentioned in the blog post above. This should hopefully resolve the issus that some of you have highlighted regarding windows.

    As always, if you’ve got any further feedback we’d love to hear it.


  12. Asher:

    Is it possible to include the rounded corners in the extension somehow? I’m designing my company’s new cards and it would be much easier to account for the cut corner edge, especially when I try to create an even inside rounded stroke.


    • Dan H:

      Hi Asher

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ve fed this through to Richard in our Dev team and will let you know if we’re able to update the extension.

  13. Mary-Rose Agius:

    Are there any plans on making this feature available on older versions of indesign? My at home machine, sadly is still on CS3, while where I’m freelancing is on CS5.5.

    Obviously, I’m not going to go any install any new plugins onto a client’s machine.

  14. Andy:

    Everything worked fine until I used the option to send to Moo, and got this error:

    ‘Uncaught exception update’

    I’m running CS5.5 on 10.7.3.

  15. Ian Cox:

    Sorry to sound dense but where is the download link to the InDesign plugin? I’m can’t see one here…

  16. Julia:

    i love moo! i’m installing the script right now but just that you thought about doing this is amazing. thank you! will let you know feedback once I try the script

  17. denisekeller1:

    Okay, clicked on download and all I get is code. It doesn’t show up a file I can drag to anywhere. I tried copy and pasting. Code is not my thing. I’m a designer, help. I’m use to it showing up as a download and this definitely not doing that. I have CS5.5, operating system Mac 10.6.8, know where to put it but have nothing to put there. is the url on the top.

    • Dan H:

      Hi Denise.

      If you right click on the moo.jsx file at and select “save as” you should be able to Save the jsx file onto your Mac.
      Once saved, copy it into the following location: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS5/Scripts/startup scripts (change CS5 to CS5.5 if you have the newer version).
      Start InDesign – there should be a MOO menu!


  18. piero timpano:

    for cs5 users on a 64bit system: the file goes here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5\Scripts\startup scripts

  19. Janet:

    Just a heads up, I started my card at the beginning by going to the New>Document>Document Preset>Portrait Business Card. When it was time to send to moo, all the options were grayed out. I had to copy everything over to a new file and start from the Moo drop down menu for all the options to become available to me.

  20. Anna:

    Oh – I was getting all excited about this, until I got to the very end. I still have CS4. Dang!

  21. stefania:

    Mac OSX 10.7.3 Indesign 5—-till now all is working fine..Great..I’ll let U know Cheers!

  22. Lindiwe:

    I like it! I haven’t used every template, but I love the mini card one. I have the hardest time getting things to line up and the template helps. I need to try and upload the PDF to your website and make sure that everything transfers ok.
    Thanks for making thing easier!

  23. Dan H:

    Thanks for all your feedback everyone.

    We’re currently looking into the errors raised and we may well release an extension for older versions of InDesign, although this isn’t in our immediate plans.

  24. acoolbrit:

    Are you guys working on a script that will work in CS6? Right now, it gives a scripting error.

    • Dan H:

      There’s no immediate plans to release a CS6 script, but we’ll be sure to add it to the list and let everyone know.

    • Dan H:

      Hi Taylor

      We’ve found a bit of time to get the script updated – the most recent version should be compatible with CS6. If you notice any errors, please do let us know so we can work on it.


  25. esther:

    I’d love to have a template….i am running MacOS 10.7.3 and InDesign 5.5 (the about page says version 7.5) and got this error:
    JavaScript Error!
    Error Number: 60
    Error String: Not well formed (invalid token)

    Line 824
    anyway, I deleted the “<" in the Kanye West quote (two of them)
    but then I got error 61 (undisclosed token, engine: main)) on line 893 (it is a blank line)

    thank you!

  26. David K:

    I have ID 5.5 and my design has an arrowhead but it shows up as a square when I upload to Moo?

  27. gavron:

    Hi Dan,

    I installed the moo.jsx, and the menu appears in indesign, but when I choose “new” and then pick an option from the drop down list nothing happens.

    I am running CS 5.5
    OS X: 10.5.8

    • Dan H:

      Hi gavron

      We’ve passed this on to be looked into in more detail, however, we believe that the version of OS X is the problem. We’ve only tested it on 10.6 and afterwards, and have seen anecdotal (and somewhat inconclusive) evidence (such as at of scripts not working too well on 10.5.8


  28. Alex:

    CS4 please?

  29. gavron:

    thanks dan. one more reason to upgrade the OS i guess.

  30. Ceri:

    Running Mac OS X. Version 10.7.3. And using Indesign CS5. I just get the message “Sorry — the upload to MOO failed. Try again later :( ” whenever I try to “Send to MOO”. It would be an awesome feature if it actually worked.

    • Simon G:

      Hi Ceri,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with the beta version of the InDesign plugin. We’d really appreciate some more detailed feedback via our Customer Service team:


      Simon G

  31. Jeff:

    The .jsx file contains the line “var API_HOST = ‘’ “.

    When I install the InDesign extension, create the cards and try to send them to, about 90% of the time it errors out. So I changed the line in the .jsx file to read “var API_HOST = ‘’ ” and reinstalled it, and haven’t had an error in sending the cards to Moo since then.

    Is this something that US customers should be doing before installing the extension? Or is it just a coincidence that after I changed it, it started working?

    • Justis S:

      Hello Jeff. Firstly thank you for letting us know. I took this to the developer who coded it and we did a few tests with this. According to him your fix should not make a difference and that this was just a coincidental glitch. Please let us know if you have any more problems and once again thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  32. Philip Trauring:

    I just tried the extension on ID 6 running on OS X 10.8.2 and it creates the card, but when I try to upload it gives me an error:

    “Sorry — the upload to MOO failed. Try again later :(

    How does it know what account to upload to anyways?

    • Justis S:

      Hello Philip. Could you just clear up if its InDesign 6 you are working on or CS6? We know the plug-in does not work in versions earlier than CS4. The plug-in itself when you select Send to MOO from the drop down should export your design to our canvas to allow for tweaking where after you would sign in. Hope that answers your questions and please feel free to contact us should you have any more questions. Alternatively you could contact our Customer Service department by visiting

  33. Philip Trauring:

    When exporting a business card generated by moo, why does it only export the Details side and not the Image side as a separate page? How does one export both sides to a PDF? Thanks.

  34. Daniel Simpson:

    Any chance of an update that works with Adobe Creative Cloud? Or CS4, as someone asked for earlier?

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