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13th April 2012 by Rebeka

One of the things we love is hearing how your MOO cards have helped you make a great first impression. We heard so many of your amazing stories during our “Tell MOO About You” competition, but we’re still dying to hear more. That’s why we’re launching the “Tell MOO About You – Student Edition” competition.

We’ve been there. We know being a student is tough stuff, so how are you standing out from the competition? How have you used MOO to help you land that dream job or internship? Tell us in 100 words or less in the comments below and our very own Brian Murphy will then be tasked with judging the entries and choosing the winners.

What you could win
- One overall winner will get $300 to spend at MOO and the chance to be a guest writer on this very blog
- Three runners up each get $50 to spend at MOO

Submit your entry in the comments below by midnight Sunday 22nd April 2012. To qualify you must be a current student (or recent grad) & MOO customer

We can’t wait to hear your stories!


Still looking for that job or internship? Well, to get the ball rolling, we even created a few new packs, just for you.

Comments (52)

  1. Erica:

    I ordered a pack of mini-cards for my first conference. As a history major studying historic preservation, I decided to use historic wallpaper patterns that I had collected on the decorative side. One of the professors that I met and exchanged cards with was so impressed with what the cards stood for that he emailed me the next day and helped to connect me to a local historic house that I ended up studying as part of my thesis.That card sparked a conversation, made a lasting impression, and served as the vehicle for further communication. It’s amazing what a few inches of paper made happen!

  2. Megan Morris:

    I’ve been trying to set up my own business while trying to brand myself as well. I ordered some minicards and some round stickers to use as branding and they’re now securely plastered over everything. The minicards are being used as swingtags and business cards so very multi functional! So far working a treat, so now to make some more money from promoting myself and then I can order more! What a lovely circle ;)

  3. Tamara:

    I brought out my MOO cards at the last networking event I went to. One side has some of my assorted photography on it, the other side has all relevant contact info. I handed one recruiter I was talking to a card which had a picture of sushi on one side, and it became a talking point– apparently that company serves sushi once a week! He was also impressed by the card’s professionalism (and was very happy I had handed him a card, not a resume, because he was tired of carrying around a sheaf of papers all night!)

  4. Matt Baty:

    While studying full time I am also trying to juggle two startups. One of the startups is launching on Kickstarter and to promote the campaign we are using Moo mini cards to invite people to the Kickstarter page. It is designed with school colors and a minimal design to drive readers to the page instead of packing info on the card.

    Also, as an IT major I do consulting part time for extra cash. I made Luxe cards with my personal info, which I keep with me on campus at all times and custom Moo postcards to mail out to my favorite small businesses downtown. An interesting fact about my IT companies logo is when re designing it the new colors unknowingly ended up being almost the exact same colors as my universities colors, which is pretty awesome to me.

  5. Mike Doherty:

    Last summer, I travelled to a computer science conference, and learned the hard way that having a business card is important for networking. I created my own design, and had Moo print a set of cards. Moo’s reputation for service & quality is well-earned – the cards have really made an impression with recruiters! I have a degree already, and having such distinctive cards helps me stand out, and projects professionalism. As it turns out, my current employer buys from Moo too for the same reason – these cards make the right first impression.

  6. Rachel G.:

    I am an architecture student and finding an internship in this economy is like finding a needle in a haystack. The greatest advice we receive from our professors is to brand ourselves through our resume, portfolio and “leave behind’s”. I ordered double sided business cards from with full bleed photographs of my work on the back that my new employer could not stop turning over during my interview. The front coordinates with my resume and portfolio cover perfectly. All together, I have a sexy, sleek, high quality package to advertise myself and a job all thanks to MOOOOO!

  7. Jake Woodward:

    I study Ba (Hons) Popular Music at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, and ordered 100 minicards to try and promote my band Desolate Dreams to get gigs and exposure all over Edinburgh. As soon as they arrive I’ll be handing them out to fans and promoters, and hopefully in the future I’ll order more, and also stickers and labels to further expand our fan base all over Scotland and the UK! You can check us out on Facebook at
    I’m also considering ordering full size cards for myself in the future, for me to use as a session musician.

  8. Cecilia Forsberg:

    I had a classmate in my education, which had ordered the mini cards as business cards,
    and I thought they were so nice so I also ordered right before Christmas.
    market. (it was a good idea) I ordered several and have given away many of
    them. It was about a year and a half ago, today I have a pottery studio / shop
    in central Copenhagen. I had not imagined a year and a half ago that I would be
    where I am today. Glad I ordered moocards, thanks to them, many people found
    my website, when I noticed that people liked my work, I dared to open studio
    in Copenhagen.

  9. Chelsea Clays:

    I went to my university’s social media conference where a local online communications firm that specializes in social media consulting was recruiting. I forgot to bring my resume but luckily I had a pack of’s new Facebook cards. I handed one to the recruiter and she was in awe of how these business cards reflected my love of social media. It was a fantastic conversation starter that led her to ask if I was looking for a fall internship. I have an interview next week. Wish me luck :)

  10. Brian N.:

    As a student, you need that ‘WOW’ factor and MOO cards can definitely give that lasting impression. Combined with my creative design, my personal networking cards have always appeared ‘flashy’ and helped me stand out in the crowd. When I attended conferences and networking events, prospective employers heard students talk the talk all day long, but their main concern is whether or not they can walk the walk. MOO cards definitely reinforced my talk in that regard as I’ve been able to add new contacts into my arsenal each time.

  11. KT:

    I’m still a student but due to graduate this summer, so networking is becoming increasingly important. With this in mind, I ordered some MOO business cards via my homepage. I didn’t have anything specific to put on the cards except my name, email and a nice photo, but I thought they might come in handy just in case.

    Amazingly, the week after they arrived I met a representative from my #1 choice of employment and, after a productive discussion, we swapped business cards. He’s coming to my university next month to host a presentation on his organisation, and guess who’s going to be helping out? Thanks MOO!

  12. Jennifer:

    Since I graduate in May, it’s starting to become crunch time. Digital portfolio? Check. Resume? Check. Double check resume? Check. Business cards? Check. Apply for jobs? Check. Triple check resume? Check. Get hired? Working on it…

    I really love the “Hire Me” collection because that’s exactly what I’m thinking when I hand out my card and resume. If I get those cards, hopefully it can be a starting point and who knows where that will go? It really is all about getting your foot in the door!

  13. Levy:

    Business cards are part of business and everyday life here in Los Angeles. As a graduate student and a young public relations professional, I can say that Moo cards are AMAZING supplements to networking events. I met a community outreach manager who exchanged business cards with me. Upon touching the Moo card, he gave an expression that was similar to petting a unicorn: Awe and wonder. We chatted about the design which led to me opportunities to other people he knew in the field. Ultimately, because of our chat about the Moo card, I was able to find someone to help with one of my major grad research assignments. When it came time to present, I blew everyone away with how many people I’ve connected with. I’ve moved on to make the assignment into a passion (research of nonprofit volunteerism) and I hope to write my thesis on it.

    I’ve pretty much sworn my loyalty (and maybe my first born) to Moo cards. The price I pay for the cards is worth the connections I make with people.

  14. Levy:

    Oops. Word count miscount from my other one. I got a wee bit carried away. Here’s the update:

    As a graduate student and a young PR professional, Moo cards are AMAZING supplements to networking events. I met a manager who exchanged business cards with me. Upon touching the Moo card, he gave an expression that was similar to petting a unicorn: Awe and wonder. We chatted about the design, which led to people who helped with my major grad research assignment. I’ve since turned the assignment into a passion and I hope to write my thesis on it.
    I’ve sworn my loyalty to Moo cards. The price paid for the cards is worth the connections made with people.

  15. Ciara Luke:

    I am just about to graduate from interactive design, and really needed to get the ball rolling by pulling some extra freelance work. First impressions count. Moo cards allowed me to emphasise my brand and present my clients with a clear presentation of my style of work. It’s all about selling your name and adding a touch of character. Moo cards allowed me to do this. I found the deluxe cards grabbed my client’s attention due to the extra attention given in detail, creating an interest and resulting in a happy client that knows what’s expected.

  16. Nora Jordan:

    As a young entrepreneur and student, it can be hard to convince people how “legit” your business is. My designer (and best friend) designed me amazing business cards and told me to get the heavy paper with rounded corners (Photos can be seen here: Every single person who I’ve given a business card to has commented on how awesome they looked! Definitely helps legitimize my venture, and helps me stand out from the others!

  17. Lukas Okal:

    When I was on my interview, after interview I got them my business card. They were surprised that student has a business card. I told them:”Why are you surprised. I´m a business man. I´m saling to you my skills, my experience, …” And they told me:”We want YOU!”

  18. Alex Dixon:

    I’ve ordered Minicards and a 90 Stickerbook from MOO and I’ve been trying to start-up my own business for a while now. Printfinity is fantastic because I need multiple designs for my cards to introduce myself and quickly inform clients on what I do. The stickers are QR Codes and logos which I’ve stuck around my town and next to my signature on documents to show off a bit of unique marketing!

  19. Frazer Varney:

    I am a student currently studying TV and Film production at University and my MOO cards really helped me on a recent trip to an Independent Film Festival in Paris, France. During the event and at the after-party I was able to network with filmmakers and after a long chat with one gentleman, he asked for my contact details as he’d like to collaborate with me on a project! So I was able to whip out my MOO business card straight away and now we’re in the planning stages of a short film!

  20. Iann Ivy:

    I started off with the mini cards to get me going and used the pre-made graphic art templates. Everyone I gave one to loved it, they said it was like getting a piece of art. I was inspired to get the full size cards and get a cartoon version of myself commissioned and now everyone wants my card! The paperstock and art create a piece everyone loves to get, I keep ordering more!

  21. Laura Marshall:

    I ordered some Lego bricks on key rings which I had stickers made for that had my name and number on, I then hole punched my mini moo cards which I had printed with my details on the front and different Lego photos on the back. Attached them both together ready for my final year exhibition which is in 2 weeks which will follow through the Lego theme as I am training to become an architectural technologist so I thought it would be a good ‘gimmick’ to get me noticed! Lets hope it works and it gets me a job!!

  22. Mike Wooldridge:

    I’m just graduating from university in Canterbury (UK not NZ!) – loved every minutes of it and my MOO Business Cards have given me a real head start, setting up and running my own design business alongside studying! This joint work/study approach has landed me with a job in the sector I want to eventually work in upon graduation – before they even know my grades! I honestly believe that the business card I used to help get my foot in the door was a big part of that, and thus MOO have been essential to develop my job-finding luck/skill (delete as appropriate).

  23. Grant:

    I am a Graphic Design student at John Abbott College here in Montreal, and I have always prided my self on never sparing money for quality. Therefore, when I first found your new Luxe Business Card designs, I just had to have them. I actually just ordered my sample card pack not too long ago, but now when I showed my teachers my prospective design matched with your Luxe (Black Trimmed) Business Cards, they were stunned at what I was able to put together. I have been doing freelance design for a while, so since this is only my first year in this program it blew them away.

  24. Caitlin Abshier:

    I started my own handmade bath & body product business in 2010 when I was just a senior in high school. I researched everything I could about natural skin care and eventually came up with my own formulas and line of products, and that’s when Revive was born. Branding was something that was at the top of my priority list when I first started. I was introduced to Moo through Etsy. When I got my first pack of business cards, it was love at first sight. Thank you for helping my business stand out among other soap companies.

  25. Rohan:

    Being a professional blogger and a biomedical engineering evangelist, the idea of keeping business cards has been very effective for me. I get more social through the MOO Cards (Facebook). Whether its a get together or a party, I don’t hesitate in distributing my cards. Furthermore, in conferences too these cards worked well for me.

    Last month, when I was out for a hike in San Gabriel Mountains, I had an opportunity to get share my cards with few hikers from my school (University of Southern California). And, they are like hiking buddies today. All important details and contact information is printed in a very nifty way. They can fit easily in my wallet and adding a Facebook cover touch simply makes it eye-catching.

  26. Georgie Morley:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. That is why I loved Moo’s specialty Facebook timeline business cards. As an Integrated Marketing Communications student, first impressions are make or break for me. Social media is a huge part of marketing for businesses and for personal branding. Having Facebook themed business cards is another way to show how connected I am with industry trends. Leaving a lasting impression through an eye-catching business card helped me stand out at my last networking night event. My memorable business card helped me get my paid summer internship.

  27. Michael Roemer:

    I’m a student at SUNY Geneseo for anthropology as well as a budding photographer. I’m trying to launch my own photography business while I continue my studies. It isn’t always the easiest thing to get ones name out there, but the Moo business cards have given me an attractive, enticing and professional way to spread the word about what I do and get people and on campus organizations interested. When I’m at an event, I hand them out and I am sure to get more trafic on my page!

  28. Meg:

    I’ve been using Moo products since they first launched the MiniCards so many years ago. My latest foray with “networking” has been using the Facebook-timeline business cards to ease my way back into connecting with classmates on my return to school. They are a great way to quickly give my information without a complicated conversation.

  29. Ashley:

    I go to a college that produces a lot of creatives so I knew I would have to do something special to stand out at the annual job fair. I designed and purchased a pack of MiniCards and matching plastic holder. My bold MiniCards impressed everyone and I received calls and interview requests immediately after the fair! I ended up getting an internship offer to a large ad firm in New York City. They told me my card stood out among the other students. They picked me, a video game design major, over the marketing & design students! Thanks, MOO!

  30. Marco:

    I just received today my fresh new business cards pack! I made the design by myself using Photoshop, then I get printed exactly what I wanted to. As a recent graduate, I need business cards to keep up with my job interviews and introduce myself in the best way possible.

    (P.S. I really love the black box with “mine/theirs” dividers, so useful)

  31. Andrew Walton:

    I’ve recently started my own business called Gecko Boards, designing and making custom longboards (big skateboards basically). They’re all made completely by hand, which is hard work but rewarding. I needed to find some way of promoting the brand, which reflected the high quality products I was making.
    So I after searching the internet, I found MOO. I ordered some stickers to start with, which I planned to give out at events, and wow! Exceptional quality, just what I was looking for, without breaking the bank too.
    The last event I attended I gave out 100 stickers, they were stuck to everything! Cars, surfboards, (even a few lamp posts..). People love stickers, especially if they’re free! So thank you MOO!

  32. Jendayi Bonds:

    People think that because I’m 14 that my U-18 indie rock band, Charlie Belle, is going to sound like kids, but we don’t. I’ve been playing around Austin TX solo and w/my band for 3 years. SXSW is our favorite time to rock. We hand out mini Moo cards with our logo & website and everyone says “Oh cool cards.” Older bands tell us all the time how professional we are (they want Moo cards after they see ours). We also made band magnets out of mini Moo cards that we sold out of at SXSW. They are great. We have to order more.

  33. Chelsea Hopkins:

    I’m an illustration student setting out into the arts industry – having my photographs and artwork printed on such sturdy cards makes people stop to look at them a little longer and comment on the vibrance. Most students only go for the cheapest cards…
    My logo always prompts the question – “Why a leopard in a hat?” – and I’m considering my next lot of cards having a variety of funny answers printed as well as my web address and a sample of my artwork. Printfinity means I can hand the right sort of card to the right sort of person and make a lasting impression of being prepared!

  34. Aake Kinnunen:

    My story is actually a bit backwards. I recently managed to get into an internship after a long streak of “sorry but…” replies, and that finally gave me the push forward to go pro, so I gave myself permission to order those Moo-cards I’ve always wanted. I intend to take full advantage of my internship time and build more connections, using those lovely cards showcasing some of my best work.

  35. Bron:

    Whilst completing my graduate applications I wanted to find a way to make my application to make an impression. I purchased some Luxe cards and personalised them with quotes from famous business leaders as I am studying a Bachelor of International Business.
    I just found out I was successful in getting a graduate position analysing business risk and coming up with innovative strategies for businesses. The hiring Partner was looking for someone who had a genuine passion for the work and I definitely think my business cards helped demonstrate that I was born to be in business ;) Cheers Moo!

  36. Chris Gibbons:

    Wow – received my first batch of MOO cards this week for my new venture when I graduate. First time out and what happens? I discover a family of MOOers!

    I’ve just returned from a networking event. I normally hate’em, but tonight was different, because tonight I had MOO. As I offered my new card to someone – BOOM! – I was recognized as a fellow MOOer and a whole conversation about profound MOO-love started. This guy and me are doing coffee next week to discuss opportunities for my business.

    MOO isn’t just a card, it’s a conversation and a family!

  37. shellie billings:

    I talk to EVERYONE about what I’m going to school for (massage therapy)! I talk about massage every day on Facebook, I research the latest and greatest products @ Everyone I meet gets a Moo Facebook card.

  38. Emily Corral:

    I ordered MOO business cards before a wedding I recently shot for a friend. I loved how I was able to put different types of pictures on the cards! They turned out great. I created a lot of cards with my friend’s engagement pictures on them, and passed them out at the reception. They were a hit! I booked two more weddings that night!! Thanks MOO, I couldn’t have done it without you!

  39. Muhammad Hafiz:

    I’ve made my first order of business cards in my life, and MOO is the 1st company that I’ve bought business cards from, thanks to (a web property of AOL) that has offered me a free box of 50 business cards, printed by MOO. Ordered it last year when I was 17.

    I had to say, that I’m truly satisfied after received 2 parcels from MOO before the expected date of arrival, to be exact, 1 week early before each respective dates!

    The sample pack was informative enough on helping me on what to choose for my order. The business cards that I’ve ordered are shipped well, and I love the paper quality! The coupon given is a great gift indeed! :)

    Before giving out my cards to people, I’m afraid that people, especially women, will think that I’m a pervert of giving a business card with my picture on it. Took the risk because wanna try out previous ideas that had been featured on MOO website, which is to print our own picture on it.

    Come to my surprise, it went out unexpectedly well instead! They love the idea, and they also love the paper quality as well! As for the guys, they like the idea of printing the QR code on the cards.

    Now, because of too fun of giving my cards away whenever I’m networking with people at various events, I just realised that I’m almost run out of my cards!

    So, after worked part-time, and earn extra money, I’ve planned to make my second order of business cards from MOO before I’m officially kick-start my university studies on June, after finished my high school studies last year.

    This month is a good timing for me to make my order, because of the spring sale, and personally think that it’ll help me to save my money, while can still get awesome quality product, like business cards from MOO!

    So, that’s a little bit of my experiences of using business cards printed by MOO that I want to share, and I’m hoping to score the perks mentioned above, which will be useful enough for me, before and during my upcoming studies in university!

    Keep on mooing with awesomeness! :D

  40. Mark:

    As a film student and a freelance filmmaker, I tend to get decent projects that allow me to network with professionals. I would meet industry creative directors or entertainers and the only embarrassing moment at the time is when they would ask, ‘can I get one of your business cards’. At the time I would make myself sound like an individual they could work with in the future, giving them an impression that I am a professional, pretty much god. My response would always be, ‘no, but I have just got my designer to order a pack’. I would then think to myself, ‘what designer??’. Ever since then, I have made sure I have got my business cards squeezed in my wallet. Saves a lot of embarrassment time!

  41. sakkina piercy:

    No better way to present yourself as a professional than to have a moo card.
    The best way for Me to get known in the media industry. Not only can I give them my details out but also a way for me to show a bit of personality without having to say a word. These cards have helped me to network and make new friends and contacts. Perfect way to get yourself known.

  42. Ashleigh:

    Well I suppose my story is bit different than the average student; I am cofounder of a social media management and consulting firm. My main responsibility within my company is business development; everything from speaking engagements at local college campuses in hopes of educating students and possibly recruiting interns to attending start up community networking events to potentially find clients. We all know that first impressions make a lasting impression and Moo business cards have helped with that. My business cards are a mixture of quirkiness and professionalism, characteristics I’m pleased that both myself and my company possess.

  43. Houssem:

    (I am an engineering student)I ordered a pack of facebook cards to try out its impact on my work. I am a draftsman/graphic designer/poet and my moo cards actually helped to meet new customers and they actually loved the idea of taking the timeline offline. In a matter of days I became some sort of “local celebrity” and I got recruited by a small advertizing company..I am very glad :)

  44. Rob Bye:

    As an Industrial Design student in London, ahead of me is a future that is going to be very competitive, and its extremely hard to set yourself apart from others. Luckily MOO exists, and after creating my own logo I ordered some rounded corner business cards and have been handing them out literally everywhere since. These have helped me get plenty of interviews that have even led to some offers and hopefully a great summer. A lecturer who previously worked at Dyson also said these were some of the best cards he had ever seen!

  45. Rory:

    I’m 16 and still at school. I run my own design company, providing web and graphic design to the local community where I live. I also produce short films for clients, adding an extra element to their website. I use stickers and cards to try and promote myself, but also try and give myself the edge of being new and quirky. It’s the amazing colour and shininess that makes me stand out and be different. Also, at my age, handing over an amazing card has (on many occasions!) given me a huge advantage!

  46. Tina Yuanglamyai:

    As a graphic design student in the East Coast I always try to find ways to get my designs and ideas spread to different companies and agencies in hopes to land internships or positions at small and large design firms. With this in mind, I convinced my school to help fund a trip to TYPO San Francisco, a International Design Conference, where some select students and myself would be able to connect with some well known designers. This was the first time it would be held in the states and I knew we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. The design stars walked around the conference center completely open for discussion with young and eager students such as myself. I had my moo business cards ready and got the chance to even hand them to Jessica Hische and Tina Roth Eisenberg. When I got back to the East coast, I attended another event hosted by Tina
    Roth Eisenberg and she remembered me from my card! She said that people don’t usually give her a card and that it was great to see student be so involved in design outside of the classroom!

  47. Claire:

    I originally used Moo this time last year to order postcards and business cards for my Final Degree Show Exhibition at New Designers in London. I was attracted by the unlimited amount of designs you could have in one batch of cards as it added variety to my stand, which attracted attention. Being pleased with the quality of the Moo products I then ordered several batches of greeting cards towards the end of last year. Again, I like the idea of being able to order lots of different designs at once and this certainly helped the sales of my cards. I started selling them at craft fairs, and then in Artists Open houses and local shops. Having the option to print as many different designs as I liked gave me the ability to judge which designs were the best sellers before ordering more of certain designs. It also gave the customers a chance to see all of my designs I have worked so hard on. I also have had many positive comments on the quality of the stock the cards are printed on. Perhaps Moo’s most unique product- the Moo Mini Cards are always a useful investment- I recently ordered some and as well as using them as business cards I use them on everything from tags on my products to promotional packs (along with my Moo stickers to finish everything off nicely!). You can see a post on my blog I put up about my mini cards just over a month ago: All in all Moo has helped me to build my brand and help me get to where I am today- thanks Moo!

  48. Maggie:

    I’ve ordered Moo cards twice, and I adore how, through them, I can see how much I’ve blossomed. My first cards were sweet, innocent and fresh-faced – just like I was then.
    My new cards are bold and bright. They show a progression from dabbler to committed artist. They are a statement piece. I want prospective clients to feel as though they are holding tiny kaleidoscopes – colorful visions into our design future together.

    2 weeks from graduating and my new cards make me feel ready to take on the world. I keep opening my box for another peek. I hold them in my hands like a deck of playing cards; like I’m about to lay down a royal flush.

  49. Greg Wilson:

    As a doctoral student in clinical psychology, I know two things: 1) Impression is everything! and, 2) I’m broke! Luckily, helps with both of these issues, and is very student-friendly.

    I’m using these cards at a national conference I am attending this week in Tempe, AZ and later at a national conference this August in Orlando, FL. I really appreciate how easy makes it to make your own “brand”!

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