Introducing The LightBox, by MOO

1st April 2012 by Simon G

There really is nothing quite like working at a cutting edge company, where innovation is as much a part of our daily routine as coffee, cake and beer. Every day brings something new: a chance to push boundaries; to try things that have never been tried before; to strive for the very best in everything we do.

Luxe Business Cards

Earlier this year we launched Luxe, and MOO customers around the world have been making great use of our Quadplex technology to print truly premium quality cards. The whole MOO team is excited with what we achieved with Luxe, and seeing your orders on Facebook and in the MOO Flickr group has made us realise that we are on to something really rather special.

Luxe set a new standard for paper, a new standard for print innovation and a new standard for business cards. But we knew we couldn’t stop with just the cards.

If you’re a regular blog reader, or you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know how much we adore packaging or all sorts – but we have a soft spot for packing of print products.

With this in mind we set Paul Thorogood (our Senior Product Designer) the task of creating packaging that pushed boundaries, packaging that is nothing short of remarkable. And, as always, Paul did not let us (or you, the MOO customer) down.

Introducing The LightBox, by MOO

As soon as we finished working on Luxe, work began on The LightBox – taking just two months to engineer, The LightBox boasts the dream team pairing of dry ice and lasers to ensure your next exchange of business cards is something that will never be forgotten.

An addition to our White Label Business Card and MiniCard box range, The LightBox will be available for sale on in the coming months. Make sure you stay tuned to the MOO Blog, Twitter and the MOOsLETTER for updates!

Comments (1,353)

  1. kasey:

    I’m allergic to dry ice. Is there any way I can get one with lasers only?…

    I’m so happy when companies take part in April Fools Day. I’m so sad when a majority of their audience doesn’t get it. (And more than that, it appears they’re actually mad at you). Better luck next year.

  2. Paulo A:

    April fools… but nice try :P – I liked the lasers

  3. Aaron:

    Ha, great April Fools joke, almost got me.

  4. Ryza:

    Ha! Loving some of these comments, such glorious day to have some fun.

  5. Lindsay:

    April Fool Huh? – Well done :-)

  6. Eric:

    LOL.. everyone answered on the 1st of April… hmmmmmm

  7. Shanteka:

    How funny that it would be released on April 1. Lighten up, y’all. And to Moo, do I get some goodies for figuring it out? ;)

  8. Jen:


    check the date…

  9. Holly:

    So…April fools prank?

  10. JP:

    Oh c’mon everyone – April Fools!
    Nothing like the power of lasers, dry ice, and a Moo sense of humor.

  11. Ken P.:

    Ummm. Didn’t any of you disgruntled individuals consider what the date was?

  12. Kamahl:

    Erm….. April Fool’s, anyone??!

  13. Werewolf:

    Oh dear Moo… are the other Moovians really that dense?
    or, out of *date*….

  14. Liz:

    Happy April Fools Day

  15. Hoc:

    Judging from the comments, yup, timing is everything! Good job!

  16. Steve Bjorck:

    Come on people, wake up…April 1st?

    The marketing blurb states that they’ve developed a box filled with dry ice and lasers, the cheap presentation video was supposed to show that. I’m not quite sure whether this can be classed as a win or fail?

  17. Christian:

    Um… April fools anyone?

  18. Kibbles:

    I was in total agreement with those who were in the dark with this thing–then I saw the date. Well played! And now I’m disappointed that I can’t get one…

  19. Jo:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who realises this is an April Fools joke? Why is everyone taking it seriously?! Lasers and dry ice? HA! You got them good, MOO!

  20. JHB:

    You all realize this was posted on April 1st, right?

  21. Bren:

    April Fool perhaps?? ;o)

  22. GreenPandaIM:

    This is just what we’ve been waiting for! Our customers are going to LOVE this.

    Thanks, MOO. We’ve ordered 500, but understand that there will be a lot of interest in this. Hope ours come soon!

  23. Tom Foolery:

    Nice work!

  24. Eddie Lambe:

    Lots of people asking the same question “What is it”? but any word back from Moo or just ignored??

    Currently looks like they are good at grabbing our attention but with no end result!

    Disappointed of Bristol

  25. amy:

    Oh, I get it now….April Fools!!!

  26. Philip:

    I love that not only do the people above totally miss the date – but they’re angry about the lack of “details” about the “Dry Ice and laser” business card box!

    Thanks for having a sense of humour Moo. It’s much appriciated (by the silent majority!)

  27. Paula:

    Love the April Fool’s guys!

  28. Pages:

    It seems that not so many of the readers know about april 1st jokes….. :-D

  29. Dominic:

    Lol didnt any of you guys get it!!? It’s an April Fools!!!

  30. Shiggi:

    ….You ALL posted on the 1st of April. L.O.L ^_^

  31. david:

    really? has no one looked at what the date is on the post?

  32. Heline:

    Look at the date the article was posted guys! You got me for a moment Moo, well done! :) ))

  33. Pages:

    Btw excellent sense of huMOOr ;)

  34. Becca:

    I see the April Fool comment I made at about 11am yest is still awaiting moderation. I guess I would have spoiled it for everyone, so they didn’t post it. So obviously an April Fool!

  35. vicki:

    lol. I love it. Forget out the dry ice…….make a business card holder with those tiny batteries, and it WILL be a light box…..Set them into the business card case on the top but so when you open the box, the lights turn on but on the outside they just look like jewels…. you open it at night, little shiny colored lights could light up so you can see to take the business card out of the holder. I’ll buy one…what a great idea! Or maybe you could give me one for free since I came up with the idea. :)

  36. Alex Mortimer @ West Yorkshire Photographer:

    hahahaha! I briefly read this whilst out photographing yesterday and couldn’t understand what it was all about, I thought that I must have been sent a fraudulent email for some reason! It really didn’t register that it was April fools. Obviously tricked a lot of people reading through these comments. Mission accomplished I think Moo!

  37. Angela:

    You guys rock! Loooooove your sens of humor and fun spirit!
    Just finished a 4 day show here in France and gave your website to all my fellow artists in the show who were all drooling over (or should I saw Mooling over?) my cards boasting a different piece of jewelry on each one – hope you get lots of new clients from France !

  38. Kate:

    hmmmm, were Moo holding back the April Fool comments to make a select few look gullible? There seems to be a lot more comments today…

  39. Ana Telma:

    Loooved that you guys didn’t show the comments yesterday… So we can laugh yesterday AND today… LOL

    Although, I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting some email asking when “The Lightbox” is going to be launched… :P

  40. Rick Coscarelli:

    Yup, that was a good one! Great sense of humor Moo!

  41. Janet Aldrich:

    LOL. I’m only disappointed it doesn’t include a sound chip that plays “Thus Sprach Zarathusra” or some such momentous music! Blague grand pour le jour Poisson d’Avril! :)

  42. J.T.:

    Cool…The thing is, that that is the type of thing you guys WOULD come up with :-) So, having said that, when are they going to REALLY come out. GREAT video, by the way and love the music!

  43. Craig Colthorp:

    Wow you guys are suckers!
    It’s obviously in April fools joke!

  44. Deb H:

    Love the whole concept, dry ice could be a bit tricky though.
    A great April Fool’s post and as I’ve read through a few of the comments the question arrises; how can you not think this funny or that it’s a waste of time? For those who groused follow Seth Godin’s lead; they are not your target market, delete ‘em ;o)

  45. Stephanie:

    What’s April Fools Day?

  46. Kimberly:

    Good job Moo!!! Some people on here need a sense of humor …

  47. Vivian:

    I LOVE IT!!! LOL!!!

  48. Ryan:

    Can we customize the laser colors like the sides of the Luxe cards? Is the dry ice optional? Can we exchange the dry ice for fortified h20?

  49. George:

    Oh. I want one of these. They are to die for 8)

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