Introducing The LightBox, by MOO

1st April 2012 by Simon G

There really is nothing quite like working at a cutting edge company, where innovation is as much a part of our daily routine as coffee, cake and beer. Every day brings something new: a chance to push boundaries; to try things that have never been tried before; to strive for the very best in everything we do.

Luxe Business Cards

Earlier this year we launched Luxe, and MOO customers around the world have been making great use of our Quadplex technology to print truly premium quality cards. The whole MOO team is excited with what we achieved with Luxe, and seeing your orders on Facebook and in the MOO Flickr group has made us realise that we are on to something really rather special.

Luxe set a new standard for paper, a new standard for print innovation and a new standard for business cards. But we knew we couldn’t stop with just the cards.

If you’re a regular blog reader, or you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know how much we adore packaging or all sorts – but we have a soft spot for packing of print products.

With this in mind we set Paul Thorogood (our Senior Product Designer) the task of creating packaging that pushed boundaries, packaging that is nothing short of remarkable. And, as always, Paul did not let us (or you, the MOO customer) down.

Introducing The LightBox, by MOO

As soon as we finished working on Luxe, work began on The LightBox – taking just two months to engineer, The LightBox boasts the dream team pairing of dry ice and lasers to ensure your next exchange of business cards is something that will never be forgotten.

An addition to our White Label Business Card and MiniCard box range, The LightBox will be available for sale on in the coming months. Make sure you stay tuned to the MOO Blog, Twitter and the MOOsLETTER for updates!

Comments (1,353)

  1. Tittel:


  2. julie alicea:

    are the new Moos going to be covered in glitter and sparkles???????

  3. Charlotte:

    April fools!

  4. SD:

    Dry ice and lasers? I’m guessing this is an April fools thing?

  5. Kismet:

    April Fools…nice!

  6. Jackie:

    What a great DAY for a product announcement!! ;) geez guys, are all those comments really serious? Marketing WIN I’d say – not for the first time!

  7. Suzannah:

    what is it?

  8. Sandy:

    Likely this will be a great product, but would love to see resources directed toward improving the Uploader function so that users can rotate photos with a simple click within the program. Thanks!

  9. stephanie:

    Well played, Moo! Well played. :)

  10. TigerPrincess:

    Ooooo-but I only want it if the lasers also make the “pew, pew, pew” sounds! ;)

  11. Karen:

    <3 <3

  12. Adria Richards:

    As a customer of for 3 years now and a fan of Google’s April Fool’s Day jokes, I have to say that Moo’s attempt at humor here fell flat as well and didn’t warrant an email.

    Next time, include a P.S. that it’s an April Fool’s day joke and/or give 20% off. It seems most commenters were confused.

  13. leah:

    april fools.

  14. designmunki:

    I think this is an April Fools joke like last years product.

  15. samivee:

    ummmm, april fools day anyone?????

  16. Emilio:

    Are the laser coming from frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ heads? If so, I’ll take 50!

  17. Eugene:

    Wow people. It’s obviously an April Fool’s joke!

  18. April:

    I love the timing of this announcement. It couldn’t have hit my mailbox on a more appropriate date! ;-)

    Thank you for your creativity.

  19. Holly Hayes:

    Ha – love it! I would totally buy that. All we ever want on anything is lasers, and no one ever delivers. And dry ice goes with everything.

    (All the complaining comments are so funny that at first I thought your staff wrote those too! But I fear not.)

  20. Mack:

    I don’t get it.

  21. Sean:

    Wow!! I can’t wait for it.

    For those of you who don’t want it…

    What day is it?

  22. Kelly:

    Best 4/1 story yet!!

  23. Ruthmarie:

    No idea what that is! I’m glad I saw the other comments I was wondering how I could be so thick.

  24. Alex Lincon:

    Does NOBODY realize that this is probably an april fools prank?
    “As soon as we finished working on Luxe, work began on The LightBox – taking just two months to engineer, The LightBox boasts the dream team pairing of dry ice and lasers to ensure your next exchange of business cards is something that will never be forgotten.”
    makes it pretty dang obvious.

  25. Miachel @ Spiced Curiosity:

    Great April Fool’s, y’all! :)

  26. Janet:

    Ummmm … Happy April Fool’s Day?!?

  27. Tim:

    Happy April Fools Day everyone!

  28. Mike V:

    Let’s see how many people don’t get that this is an April Fool’s prank.

  29. Ben:

    Seem to be a lot of fools around here. What month is it again? April was it?

  30. Alice:

    Happy April Fools Day to you too!

  31. Mary Alice:

    April Fool?

  32. Jan:

    Can I say it now that the day is almost over?
    Goodness, guys. Lighten up! :)

  33. Chris (@lyteforce):

    I barely read the text, didn’t watch the video, but read the comments. Happy April Fools everyone!

  34. rendog:

    am I the only one that knows it’s an April Fool’s joke?

  35. Shannon:

    um.…Happy April Fools? (right? I ask tenatively because I wouldn’t put it past the Moo Crew…though dry ice and lasers would be worthy of a Moo card indeed. Maybe getting KISS or some other super-band to play background music would seal it completely.
    {love your products, you guys rock}

  36. Nicole:

    Boo. Serious waste of my time. I agree with the other comments–I don’t know what it really is, why I should care, what it will do for my business.

  37. Michael Duntz:

    Seriously? An April Fools Day Joke?

  38. Crystal J.:

    Moo’s new packaging is amazing and you are a fool if you can’t see what it will do for your sweet moo cards!!

  39. MZ:

    You guys. It’s April Fool’s.

  40. Keith Cantrell:

    I love the folks that wrote: “Marketing Fail,” “This does nothing for me,” – it’s hilarious! Keep being who you are people! It makes me feel a lot better about me.

    @Moo…. Bravo! Love your products… too bad they look so good I don’t want to give them away!!

    BTW Everyone….. It was an April Fool’s joke…… Duh!?

  41. Lori:

    April Fools on us huh? I hate this ‘holiday’. Like others have stated, I don’t have a lot of free time and usually don’t click links, but I thought that something new from Moo must be special, instead just a prank that wasted my time. I still love you Moo, but I hate April Fools Day.

  42. Rich:

    This is obviously an april fools thing.

  43. Seriously People?:

    Did you notice the date?! :-D

  44. DJ Paine:

    april fools!

  45. Kris Kendrick:

    LOL – very funny! April Fools to you all!

  46. Greg Bowering:

    Awesome April Fools guys! :D

  47. Lee Peterson:

    Has no one looked at the date, or are the posters calling April Fools on this one being deleted?

    “…pairing of dry ice and lasers”, should have been the give away

  48. Daniel Daugherty:

    Look at the date it was posted…

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