Introducing The LightBox, by MOO

1st April 2012 by Simon G

There really is nothing quite like working at a cutting edge company, where innovation is as much a part of our daily routine as coffee, cake and beer. Every day brings something new: a chance to push boundaries; to try things that have never been tried before; to strive for the very best in everything we do.

Luxe Business Cards

Earlier this year we launched Luxe, and MOO customers around the world have been making great use of our Quadplex technology to print truly premium quality cards. The whole MOO team is excited with what we achieved with Luxe, and seeing your orders on Facebook and in the MOO Flickr group has made us realise that we are on to something really rather special.

Luxe set a new standard for paper, a new standard for print innovation and a new standard for business cards. But we knew we couldn’t stop with just the cards.

If you’re a regular blog reader, or you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know how much we adore packaging or all sorts – but we have a soft spot for packing of print products.

With this in mind we set Paul Thorogood (our Senior Product Designer) the task of creating packaging that pushed boundaries, packaging that is nothing short of remarkable. And, as always, Paul did not let us (or you, the MOO customer) down.

Introducing The LightBox, by MOO

As soon as we finished working on Luxe, work began on The LightBox – taking just two months to engineer, The LightBox boasts the dream team pairing of dry ice and lasers to ensure your next exchange of business cards is something that will never be forgotten.

An addition to our White Label Business Card and MiniCard box range, The LightBox will be available for sale on in the coming months. Make sure you stay tuned to the MOO Blog, Twitter and the MOOsLETTER for updates!

Comments (1,353)

  1. Louise:

    Wow amazing! Can’t wait to get this with my next order of business cards. Does it come in any other colours? ;)

  2. Alastair:

    April Fools! :)

  3. Brian Costelloe:

    Umm… April Fool anyone?

  4. Dave Goodman:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha……… GREAT April Fool. Very funny, and very creative. Well done guys

  5. Marco van den Hout:

    Damn, I could really use one (or more) of these before the 2nd of April, too bad you’re not ready to ship yet. Love your other products, though!

  6. Craig Eves:

    April fools!

  7. Kevin Rombouts:

    Nice April fools guys! Love all your work!

  8. Alan O'Donohoe:

    If only… However, I find that when I hand our my Moo cards they already attract many gasps and “Ooohs!” without the need for any special effects and trickery. So – Moo, please keep doing what you are great at – amazing looking cards that help promote your clients ideas, projects, messages and companies.

  9. Andrew:

    Lasers AND dry ice! This is just the outstanding packaging you would expect from MOO. I want my next MOO cards to come boxed like this.

    Happy 1st April MOO team

  10. boutazir:

    Nice April Fool ! Isn’t it ?

  11. George:

    Funny guys..

  12. Nenyaki:


    I love the video, it should have been called though “the Discobox”! ;)

  13. CardMaster M:

    Stunning demonstration that not all online print companies are created equal.
    I’d risk retinal damage and potentially scarring my clients when I dazzle them with this incredible card-receptacle.

    Social media has upped the game, but you guys have plus-oned it to another level. My clients certainly won’t forget me, assuming that they’re still in business when they get out of A & E.


  14. Ghostwriter:

    Moo’s april fishes are always so nice!

  15. Alex Collins:

    Your April fools just get better and better! haha

  16. Tom Morrison:

    looks a great product however if it followed up by producing a light icecream for us to enjoy on this beautiful 1st of april morning it would have surpassed itself.

    Keep up the good work

  17. Martin:

    Wow! Any idea on pricing yet? I presume you’ll be updating us further on this story this afternoon? Great creative work from the Moo team yet again! You guys really do improve, year on year :)

  18. Martin:

    1st April, huh?

  19. sven:

    Whoa – lasers! In a box! Can’t wait to have that case to showcase my goldplated vip luxe cards – have a look at them here:

  20. Nadia:

    Whoa, you guys, that is out of control! I can’t wait to see the real thing!

  21. Jacques de Vos:

    Nothing short of the MOO standard of awesomeness…would love to see the end result!

  22. emma:

    april fool, anyone ?

  23. Mikkel:

    Can I order the light in a certain pantone color?

  24. Beefy:

    Gotta be an April Fools – Gotta be!!!

  25. BEN:

    if you’re going to pull some april fools prank at least limit it to your website or twitter don’t spam my inbox.

  26. Mat:

    Pairing of lasers and dry ice?

    This is a super cute April FOOL!

  27. Caroline Hallett:

    You nearly got me here… Happy april fools x

  28. Nathan Burley:

    Lol – you nearly got me ;) nice work!

  29. pauline:

    Eh? This doesn’t tell me a lot! Tempt me or I’ll go away!

  30. The VMCA:

    Happy April Fools day ;) We love you guys!

  31. Kat:

    Haha! Happy April Fools day!!!

  32. Jenny Thorne:

    Is this for real?!?

  33. Murtaza Gulamali:

    Sigh. If only it wasn’t 1st April, and a Sunday (who launches new products on a Sunday?) Otherwise this would be a Rockstar biz card holder. ;)

  34. Marie:

    Nice! You had me going for a minute there, sitting with my eyebrows furrowed! HaHa!!

  35. Arran:

    April fools… Might have been more convincing with a little less ambition?

  36. Jen:

    Hahaha very good

  37. Natasha:

    hahaha, nice

  38. Jane_M:

    Happy April Fool to you too.

  39. Fabian:

    haha, you got me for a minute there :)

  40. deebee:

    Hmmm…looking at the date I’m not so sure about this

  41. Martin Palmer:

    Launched on April 1st…

    aka April Fo…..

    Oh, you’ve got it now ;-)

  42. Harriet Bedford:

    Would I be able to get just one colour of laser? With the dry ice, a load of different colours looks a bit busy.

    And can they etch my logo on something when they come out? My client’s car perhaps? Or their wife?

  43. Nigel:

    Have you seen the date today?

  44. Ben:

    He he ! :) good day to launch such an unbelievable product ;)

  45. Sarah:

    What’s the date today….

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