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Earn some money with MOO’s affiliate program

April 2012, by Laura | 3 Comments – latest by Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Review

We know that many of you enjoy sharing inspiration and advice for your MOO related creations and we’ve spotted a fair few of you doing just that on your blogs and websites. Scott at and Alan at are great examples: they’ve both just written posts about the launch of our new Luxe Business Cards.

But you may be wondering what makes these two people so special? Well, they both earn money from promoting MOO on their sites. And you could too!

Whether you have a blog or a website and are an experienced affiliate or a novice, it’s easy to earn money by promoting MOO. And the best news? You can earn up to $300/£200/€250 for every …Continue reading this article…

32,000 years of sharing and communication

April 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

Given that we’ve offered Double MOOlah to celebrate referring a friend this month, it’s been all about communication and sharing in MOO HQ. We started by asking what the strangest gifts were that  you’ve ever received and then moved on to giving away a pot of MOOlah on Twitter.

Of course, the next logical step was to create an infographic on the subject, and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact we just like making them. So, without further ado, here’s 32,000 years of sharing and communication wrapped up nicely in a single image:

Continue reading this article…

Fancy a Free lunch on MOO for you and a friend?

April 2012, by Dan H | 27 Comments – latest by Sara

April has been all about giving here at MOO. We’ve offered Double MOOlah with our Refer a Friend program, given away $1000 for telling us about your business and had some fun discussing strange gifts you’ve received on our Facebook page.

We thought we’d see the month out with one final competition, and this time, we’ve decided we want to meet some of you and your friends in the real world – Yay!

It’s quite simple really, this Friday, Charlotte and Dan will take to the streets of London and find somewhere nice to settle for lunch. We’ll share some clues …Continue reading this article…

MOO | Did you know?

April 2012, by Dan | 10 Comments – latest by Laz

Our customer support team love helping customers get the most out of their MOO creations. We are constantly being asked questions and giving advice on how to get the best results, whether uploading your own full design or using MOO’s online creation tools.

From these calls, chats and emails we have gathered a bunch of ideas, to help you make the most of your MOO.

Here are some MOO features that you might not know about:

Did you know…..

1. …that with MOO’s new text settings, you can text in different colours, fonts, alignment and sizes on each line of your Business Cards and MiniCards?

2. …you can …Continue reading this article…

Introducing the MOO InDesign extension

April 2012, by Dan H | 44 Comments – latest by Daniel Simpson

If you’re a graphic designer, there’s a good chance you use Adobe InDesign.  It’s a mighty piece of software good for creating books, magazines, posters, newsletters and, yes, business cards.

And if you use InDesign to create MOO Business Cards (or MiniCards or Postcards), your life is about to get just a little bit easier.

We’ve created an extension for InDesign which allows you to create and import your designs into MOO all from within InDesign itself.

Here’s how it works:

Select ‘MOO/New/Business Card’ from the InDesign menu.
A perfectly-sized empty business card will appear.
Design your business card pack.
There are menu options to add more sides and change from ‘details’ to ’image’ sides (or from …Continue reading this article…

Looking for a few good (wo)men in London

April 2012, by Dan H | 1 Comment – latest by Natalie

Do you live in or near London and want to help represent MOO at a The Great British Business Show on 17+18th May? MOO is looking for MOOsters to work with some of the MOO Crew at the event as MOO Ambassadors, and possibly other events in London in the future.
What are the Requirements?
You must live in or near Greater London with transportation to/from the ExCel Centre and be available to work the following days/hours:

Wednesday, 16th May
1:30PM – 5:00PM

Thursday, 17th May
9:00AM – 6:00PM

Friday, 18th May
9:30AM – 6:00PM (with option to stay another hour to unload at MOOHQ – hey, we’ll give you a tour!)
Yes, I’m free those dates! What will I be doing?
Lots of fun stuff including: working …Continue reading this article…

More than just business cards

April 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

When we see examples of good branding using our products come through MOO HQ we get all excited – but we don’t expect you just to take our word for it, so here’s a couple of examples of well designed, consistent branding!

iPlan New York are a UK based company that organize bespoke weddings in New York, USA. They’ve ordered Luxe Business Cards, Rounded Corner Business Cards and Stickers – all with a strong visual identity and colour scheme.

Photo from iPlan New York via Facebook

Next up is Leigh Roth Photography, who uses MiniCards and …Continue reading this article…

We have a pot of MOOlah winner!

April 2012, by Dan H | 1 Comment – latest by world of warcraft

Last week we ran a competition on Twitter, where we decided to keep count of all the mentions of @overheardatmoo and use these to fill up a pot of MOOlah – a big pot of Refer a Friend credit!

We had over 1800 mentions last week (1868 to be exact), which filled the pot up to $373.60 (or £235.93/€287.05 depending on where in the world you live). Think just how many business cards you could make with that!
And the winner is…
Having totalled up the mentions and put all the names in a (virtual) hat, we’re pleased to announce that @Mariam_AnwarContinue reading this article…

The MOO spring sale is here!

April 2012, by Andrea | 6 Comments – latest by Charlotte

The sun is finally here (well, it should be) – and so is the Spring Sale!

This time, it’s 25% off selected printed products. Why not experiment with MiniCards to make creative cards for conferences, hangtags, or adorable save the date cards -  or have some fun with Postcards and Stickers? You can upload your own designs but we also have a huge range of exclusive MOO designs for you to choose from.

Or, why not make a new type of Business Card – have you tried Rounded Corners? They’re pretty darn eye-catching (if we do say so ourselves.)

Have fun – and don’t forget …Continue reading this article…

Calling all students

April 2012, by Rebeka | 52 Comments – latest by contact center world

One of the things we love is hearing how your MOO cards have helped you make a great first impression. We heard so many of your amazing stories during our “Tell MOO About You” competition, but we’re still dying to hear more. That’s why we’re launching the “Tell MOO About You – Student Edition” competition.

We’ve been there. We know being a student is tough stuff, so how are you standing out from the competition? How have you used MOO to help you land that dream job or internship? Tell us in 100 words or less in the comments below and our very own Brian Murphy will then be tasked with judging the entries and choosing the winners.

What you …Continue reading this article…

Bye Bye Nicky!

April 2012, by Rachel | 3 Comments – latest by The Dream Creator

It was a sad day for us two weeks ago, as we finally said goodbye to one of the original MOOsters, Nicky.  Nicky has been with MOO from almost the very beginning, as she joined in 2006 and was our 5th developer!  So, we decided that as one of our longest standing, friendliest and most dedicated members of staff, she deserved an extra special send-off.

As we are currently renovating part of our offices, we had a large open space that was screaming “throw a party in me!” – and we are not ones to ignore a scream like that, so Marc (Nicky’s manager) and myself got to work doing some Top Secret Party Planning.

There was cake (that goes without saying)…Continue reading this article…

We’re giving away a pot of MOOlah

April 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

As you may have noticed, we recently launched our new Refer a Friend programme and are giving away double MOOlah for anyone who refers a friend or business in April.

To continue our celebrations we’ve decided we’re going to reward one lucky person for doing what you all do anyway – talking about MOO on Twitter.

We’re keeping count of the number of mentions of @overheardatmoo this week, with each mention being used to fill up our “Pot of MOOlah”. At the end of the week, we’ll pick one lucky winner who mentioned us and dish out the whole pot of referral MOOlah to them. Think of how many business cards you could buy with all that …Continue reading this article…

Your strangest gifts

April 2012, by Dan H | 4 Comments – latest by zipi

While preparing the “Double your MOOlah” offer for our Refer a Friend programme, we were discussing gifts and I happened to mention that I once got given a taxidermy stoat on a plastic horse.

After the laughter subsided, we thought it would be fun to run a little competition and ask the MOO community on Facebook what the strangest gift is they’d ever received.

As always, you didn’t fail to disappoint with some funny and quite simply bizarre examples of odd gifts.

Having gone through all the entries, we’ve settled on Carmen Adams squashed Turkey Sandwich as our winner. It’s not only strange, but also comes with a fantastic story and good intentions!…Continue reading this article…

Say a big hello to our new Creative Director, Dan Rubin

April 2012, by Rebeka | 3 Comments – latest by Nancy Rausch

He’s got big shoes to fill but we’re confident, with his years of  startup and design experience (and being longtime MOOster!), he’s the perfect addition to our Design Team. And now we’re thrilled to have our new Creative Director as this month’s Luxe Project designer. It’s been a whole month since we initially launched the project, so in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a little refresher…

For a full year, we’re partnering with renowned designers and illustrators to offer exclusive Luxe Business Card designs. These limited-edition designs will be available for one month only, with a new collection debuting each month throughout …Continue reading this article…

Space to think with Mozilla

April 2012, by Paul L | Add a comment

Here at MOO HQ we’re always coming across things companies are doing that make us go WOW, whether or not it’s through the use of MOO products or just a great idea that we can’t help talking about.

The other day was no different when myself and Lisa Rodwell were invited to the Mozilla London Foundation’s launch party showing off their swanky new office space.

Office space!  Doesn’t sound that exciting does it?  What about if I told you it was based in the heart of London in between Leicester Square and Covent Garden, taking up a whole third floor of a large building?  Still No? What about if I said they have …Continue reading this article…

Double your MOOlah!

April 2012, by Andrea | 1 Comment – latest by Stefano Armanini

We’re all about discovering fun stuff through our friends’ recommendations – as long as your friends have good taste (and why wouldn’t they?) it’s the best way to try new things. And it gives us a fuzzy warm feeling too.

As many of you may know, every time you refer a new customer to MOO, you get MOOlah in your account – which you can use to discount any future MOO purchases.

But there’s more  – we’re doubling your MOOlah for the whole of April! Here’s how it works:

1. Buy from MOO.COM and get your unique referral link

2. Refer one or more friends by sending them the link

3. Your friend places their first MOO order …Continue reading this article…

Thank you for telling MOO about your business

April 2012, by Dan H | 3 Comments – latest by Lisa

We recently ran a competition asking you to tell us all about your businesses and what makes you stand out from the crowd – and you didn’t disappoint!

We had over 1000 entries come through, with stories that ranged from the heartwarming to the hilarious. We gave them all to our very own Lisa Rodwell and, after a tough time deliberating, she eventually settled on Brittney Wholihan’s entry for her company, Luhse Tea.

Here’s a bit about Luhse Tea, in Brittney’s own words:

By drinking loose-leaf teas, people are consuming a higher quality and are able to customize the flavor/strength of their tea. Lulu, Tommy Gunns, and Queen …Continue reading this article…

Illuminating the truth about The LightBox

April 2012, by Simon G | 5 Comments – latest by Ellie

As some of you may know, yesterday we launched The LightBox. It seems we missed out a few key product details, and many of you commented on the announcement asking us for more information.

There were questions about choosing laser colours…

Whether or not the packing would sync with your iPod…

And an overwhelming number of people guessing that this was an April Fools joke.

Congratulations to those of you that spotted the April 1st date! We’re sorry we couldn’t provide more details about The LightBox packaging, but we didn’t want to give the game away.

A few of you noticed we weren’t publishing all of our blog comments, we wanted to keep …Continue reading this article…

Introducing The LightBox, by MOO

April 2012, by Simon G | 1,353 Comments – latest by Natasha J Gordon

There really is nothing quite like working at a cutting edge company, where innovation is as much a part of our daily routine as coffee, cake and beer. Every day brings something new: a chance to push boundaries; to try things that have never been tried before; to strive for the very best in everything we do.

Luxe Business Cards

Earlier this year we launched Luxe, and MOO customers around the world have been making great use of our Quadplex technology to print truly premium quality cards. The whole MOO team is excited with what we achieved with Luxe, and seeing your orders on Facebook and in the …Continue reading this article…

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