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23rd March 2012 by Rachel

A few of you may have chosen to come and collect your orders from our UK HQ from time to time. We give this option to make it more convenient for those of you who are based near us to get your MOO goodies!

Although we would love your visit to be a Willy Wonka-esque experience with chocolate rivers and a boat ride, our budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, but there are a few people you can look out for when you arrive. Let us introduce ourselves:


Rachel sits on reception at MOO (UK), and is the person you are most likely to meet when you come in. Much more than just a receptionist, Rachel is in charge of organising all the fun stuff at MOO, such as the cake, lunches, drinks and events we like to have on a regular basis. She loves the excited look on our customer’s faces when they collect their orders and also loves people who stop for a conversation, so make her day and say hello!


Sally is our Office Manager at MOO (UK). She often covers reception duties when Rachel is busy with other things and is famous for her lovely smile. She also lived for nine years in Milan, so if you speak Italian, feel free to surprise her with a conversation!


Neil is the Operations Manager at MOO (UK). You’ll probably see him looking busy in the warehouse (or eating a doughnut!). He’s very friendly and always up for explaining how the printing happens. So if you see him feel free ask him any questions you have.

We also regularly get staff from all over the MOO business to help out on Reception, so keep an eye out for some of these colourful characters when you visit MOO HQ.



Simon G

Kai: One of the developers here at MOO, Kai likes to maintain that he only covers reception for access to the Secret Chocolate Drawer!

Hannah: Really, REALLY likes mini-milk ice-creams, so when she isn’t busy coding she can be found hunting through the freezer for goodies!

Simon G: You may have seen Simon G dressed up as a Lego character for Halloween last year, even going so far as painting himself yellow.

So if you’re ever at MOO HQ collecting and order, feel free to say hello, ask some questions and maybe have yourself a game of MOO staff bingo!

Comments (4)

  1. Justin:

    Can you pick up orders from the Moo building in Rhode Island? Recently (mere days after I received my last order) I was driving on 195 and noticed the building with the logo on it!

  2. Sam Davies:

    Wouldn’t mind meeting Hannah in the reception, if ya know what I’m sayin ;)

  3. Dan H:

    Hi Justin

    You can indeed collect your order from the US office! Just contact Customer Services at http://moo.com/service and they’ll make a note for collection in person.

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