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16th March 2012 by Charlotte

As you know, we love hearing about all your fantastic businesses here at MOO and over the years we’ve collected lots of amazing stories.

But, it’s not enough – we want more! Which is why we’re launching the ‘tell MOO about you’ competition. All you need to do to enter is tell us what you think makes your business special in 100 words or less. Our very own Lisa Rodwell will then be tasked with judging the entries and choosing the winners.

What you could win
One overall winner will get $1,000 and $100 to spend at MOO
Three runners up each get $100 to spend at MOO
Submit your entry here by midnight Sunday 25th March 2012.

To qualify you must be a MOO customer

Comments (38)

  1. rohan hajela:


  2. Kathryn Rincker:

    I am truly excited about this!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get my daily routine over with and write about my love for my art!

    Thank you! I am ecstatic!
    Kathryn Rincker

  3. Laura:

    This is great, how do you enter? x

  4. Ileana:

    We just ordered new business cards, mini cards and stickers for the company, and are revamping the website because we love what we do and want to share it with others.

    College in a Box’s main goal is to pair up the prospective student with the right college/university based not only on what is required, but taking a step forward and considering the student’s likes and dislikes. With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the US alone we know how overwhelming the search process can be, so we have designed a site that goes beyond the norm and looks at the personality of the student. How great would it be if every child found that special college. Those four (4) years of your life are the most amazing, fun time that you can have and that can never be replicated, so why not be the happiest you can be at the best school for you? We strive to make each student’s experience the best by suggesting several schools that will be the right fit.

    We are working on a section of the site that will also offer scholarship opportunities and we can’t wait to order MOO products to make that a reality.

  5. Simone Barker:

    I design interior spaces that influence the people who use them.

    Pretty much any internal space has influence – and it’s possible to control the influence to achieve a desired end.

    As an example … reception areas that prime prospects to make a purchase; so when your meeting starts the prospect is in the perfect frame of mind to buy. Offices that increase work throughput… meeting rooms that encourage agreement….

    Although the environmental psychology that underpins my company has been in use in retail environments for many years; Influential Interiors is the only organisation offering this for other commercial and residential spaces.
    I think it’s time to treat the places we live and work as huge influences on our behaviour, and utilise the potential for growth and success that they offer.

  6. Goga:

    Wow – great concept.

    I submitted my Dyslexic Brian

    Fingers crossed :-)

    Goga F-B

  7. Walt Kania:

    My blog post about my MOO cards. Can’t resist the things.

  8. SewTara:

    How fun is that!?
    MOO just keeps getting awesomer and awesomer.

  9. Daniele E Perretta:

    Based in RI, I have been capturing portraits, weddings and special events for over a decade at an international level. I am honored to be a choice photographer for multiple Fortune 100 companies as well :)

    This Spring Perretta Photography will be opening a new studio that will be having many talking about all across New England! Moo makes it so easy to show captivating imagery all thru their products. Thank you Moo!

  10. Craig Morgan Butelo:


    It has been quiet some time since I have spent my money with a company that actually gave me more than I bargained for.

    Building my order was easy after I contacted Tim (your tech rep) twice. He was patient with me to no end.

    Your packaging was gorgeous overkill. The boxes that the cards came in stand alone as desk top dispensers.

    Even the useless purple ribbon was classy.

    The card stock is so thick that I keep checking to make sure that it is one card that I am giving out.

    No frustration working with this company. I wish every vendor could go to your school.

    Even the Are you human? question was easier than trying to guess screwy letter arrangements.



  11. Nicole Amos:

    Where do we submit our story? I am excited about this. :)

  12. KC Wright:

    Started off just taking pictures for work at concerts,now with MOO I Do
    Weddings, Meet & Greet with rock stars, Kids photos, soon work will let me use employees to model items in the restaurant.
    The Mini cards help a lot with letting people know where to get there picture and there inexpensive. went through 100 in just a few shows.

    Great Quality, Not only does it look professional, but it is.

    Thanks MOO,

  13. Catherine Czerkawska:

    I’m an award winning novelist and playwright – taking advantage of the digital revolution – and the fact that I’m a ‘mid-list’ writer – to indie-publish my work to Kindle. (With a certain amount of success, I might add!) I use Moo for printing the fine art postcards with the wonderful cover images which I’ve commissioned from a variety of digital artists – one of the unexpected benefits of this kind of publishing. And it was an artist friend who recommended Moo. The postcards are a wonderful publicity tool.

  14. Monika Dickson:

    HI Moo,
    I am a very unique Visual and Voice Talent artist. As a naturist, you can find me these days painting on my canvas outside, only wearing a hat! What a wonderful experience to be surrounded by nature and brush some vibrant colours on my canvas! Thanks for the Luxe cards, they are great!

  15. Marga Reig:

    I’m making a radio program: Entre Olivos (Between Olives Trees) for Andalucía. We talk about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the best thing you can use for cook and thousands of things you can’t imagine, for example, care your face skin. Could be nice to have Moo Cards for Entre Olivos! @entreolivos2

  16. Vera:

    Whoo hooo, this is so cool. :)

  17. Sriram Raj:

    Does customer here means some who have purchased something from MOO or your affiliates as well?

  18. kim collins:

    A wonderful woman who took my headshots…meg belanger photography…gave me her card. I immediately grooved on the paper texture…had never seen anything like it! Put to shame the cards I had designed using vista print. meg told me that many photographers used the cards because they could have 50 different images…essentially a super cool way to show her work. my work involves using my voice…so just 1 headshot on my cards…but i absolutely love them! they just scream “SUPER COOL” and many thanks to MOO!

  19. Yann-Bor:

    Terrific products go hand in hand with terrific competitions!

    I just purchased several Luxe business cards to support my business, and boy have they made their impressions the first time around.

  20. paul mcpherson:

    When i step behind the lens I see trees bend and eyes lend light toward heavenly things. Two rings make tokens out of love filled ambition sauce binding two souls intertwined in linen cloth or old rags that wipe the bags and lift sags, stealth like a jag in the wild hunting for sustenance and what makes this thing called life shine the way it’s supposed to be seen. I, am a Shutterfreek.

  21. Keenan Payne:

    Awesome, I just got my cards the other day and can’t wait to rant and rave about them~

  22. Karine Ardault:

    I am bringing excellence in the heart of Africa where high quality work is difficult due to power cuts, water cuts and unavailability of quality or luxury materials or equipment. I am offering premium photography services to people and business with a luxury touch. Why? Because there is no reason why excellence should not thrive in such a beautiful continent. I hope that it will give me the opportunity to open in the long term a photography school in Eastern Africa.

  23. Shiny Rabbit:

    Fantastic opportunity! Who doesn’t want to gasbag about what they love and do and why they are unique?!!

    I love MOO! (sounds like a valentines card no?) :D

  24. Włodzimierz LASEK:

    Dziękuje za próbki wizytówek już poczta dostarczyła. Są ŁADNE !!!…WŁODEK

  25. Jay:

    I supply beautiful dyed wool and yarn to other creative folk all around the world. Some of my wool ends up as hair for Blythe dolls or is spun into a beautiful yarn.
    People knit fantastic socks with my yarn and keep their coffee warm with my upcycled cup cosies. Heads and hands are kept cosy with my hats and mitts. Keeping it British and supporting the Campaign for wool. Wool is simply the best!

  26. Dan H:

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for all your feedback on the competition so far. For those asking, the link to the entry form is in the blog post, but the direct link to the entry is:

    Good Luck!
    Dan @ MOO

  27. Michael Williams:

    I have the only business featuring night landscape photography that has a world record. I am a Seattle artist who specializes in the Cascade Mountains. For 23 years I have collected hundreds of images. On July 30, 2005, I photographed Mt. Rainier from Paradise at night using 60 large hand-held spotlights. From a distance of 5 miles, my group, the Northwest Light Brigade, illuminated a large swath of light. You can see it at

  28. Anya:

    THANK YOU YET AGAIN MOO!!!! My order got here a week early, and they are amazing!!!

  29. Brandi:

    Mobile Art Lounge is a collaborative project developed from a love for art and the desire to spread that love to the public. We feature emerging artists from all over the world in online exhibits that are current, unique and innovative. Each exhibit is accompanied by a lesson/activity/video etc. to promote art education. Our mission is making art accessible, and eventually we’d like to take our project on the road. Our traveling exhibit (think RV/bus meets art gallery) will deliver art to underutilized public places like parks, libraries, and schools.

  30. katie barnes | dreamlove photography:

    Hi Moo!!

    We are a (newly married!) husband and wife wedding photography team based in the woods of New Hampshire. Although we both have degrees in photojournalism, we have recently left the newspaper world to pursue documenting true love between people!

    I think we’re different because we blend traditional documentary style photography with an ethereal rustic vibe to create images that tell the story of a couple’s wedding day, with a tone that is reminiscent of the feeling and emotion between the bride and groom, and their guests.

    We’re also crazy in love ourselves… so we really feel right at home with our clients and can definitely relate to the wildly intense ride that is getting hitched!

    Oh, we also just got our first set of Moo business cards, and my are we smitten! Here’s a blog post showing our love –


    -Katie & Max

  31. Leasa Marie Frederick:

    I have MS and current symptoms are not going to allow me to return to the career I have been trained to do. I am in the process of starting my own little business and redefining what my future is. I previously ordered a free sample pack, and the process simplicity and choices available is a welcomed must for me with little money.

  32. IT Pixie:

    When will we find out about the winners? :)

  33. Dan H:

    Hi IT Pixie.

    We had over 1000 entries for this competition and it’s taken a bit of time to work through them all. We’ll be announcing the winner within the next few days.

    Dan @ MOO

  34. Lisa:

    So excited…nearly peed my pants!

  35. esther:

    who won?

  36. Sally S:

    Some one just sent the link this competition now…WOW I’m well late x

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