Your most embarrassing networking stories

5th March 2012 by Dan H

Last week on the MOO Facebook page, we asked for your most embarrassing and cringe-worthy stories from networking events. The replies ranged from the simple mistakes right through to some truly outlandish examples of errors.

We had lots of fun reading through all your stories and had a really tough time deciding who should be given a prize. We eventually settled on this entry from Ambrosia Jefferson:

It was clear that there are a few things to be aware of when networking. The top three reasons for embarrassment included:

  • Drinking a bit too much alcohol
  • Handing out the wrong business cards
  • Mistaking identities

Here’s some of our other favourite entries and if you’ve got an embarrassing story to share, leave a comment below because we’d love to hear it!

Comments (12)

  1. Luke:

    You bases is mine

  2. lou:

    gosh i’m so sorry for all of you though i just had a great laugh! :-)

  3. Angela at ModernBling:

    Brilliant! I just laughed my head off at those: great for a windy grey Monday in London! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Miki @WineGlassCharms:

    Brilliant responses……been chortling my head off!!

  5. Adeel Ayub:

    I just had a great laugh, thanks for sharing this stuff :-)

  6. Helen:

    Personally I think the one about the pregnant woman is the best. We always hear about ppl making pregnancy mistakes, but never to that extent!

  7. Katie:

    I have to ask…where do you find purple cow pants? I’d like a pair!

  8. Paul B:

    I was a personal assistant to a film producer, and we were out of town meeting film executives. Early the morning after we arrived, I woke up and rushed to the shower to make sure I could get to my producer’s room to help her prepare to make a good impression. I must’ve rushed a bit too much, because I scratched my forehead in the shower, and could not for the life of me get it to stop bleeding. Finally I had to just give in and attend the meeting with a blood streaking down my face. :(

  9. Jacklyn:

    At an interview last week, I realized I had mixed up the dates on my resume-which showed I had been out of work for a year. After some confusion, we scratched out February 2010-February 2011 to replace it February 2011-February 2012!!

  10. Larissa:

    I’m torn between feeling bad for you and laugh my head off! Love the stories :)

  11. Laura:

    Really funny!!! …. as this never happened to me personally. I guess that being part of it does not make laugh … at all :-/ or afterwards …

  12. Andrea:

    Teacher’s Embarrassing moment. 6/9
    I am a teacher and I am showing a video on outer space in my 6th grade science class. While i am having the kids watch the video I am looking up a movie for my homework for a graduate class I am taking on my iPad in the back of the classroom. When Cindy, my principal, walks in I put my Mongolia hat (it is dress up day today in school) over my iPad because I feel like I should be doing class work or teaching something better. She, being a good teacher and administrator, notices that I covered my iPad. Now I am embarrassed because i don’t want her to think I was doing something bad or looking at something I shouldn’t have. She asked about my hat and I picked it up so she could also see my iPad on the Netflix website. 
    I am applying for a new job right now and I am critical of everything I do.
    Oh I hope this doesn’t affect my job prospects. 

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