Making a great first impression with #MOOFirst

13th February 2012 by Dan H

To kick off February in the right way we asked our fantastic MOO customers on Twitter what advice they would give to make a great first impression. We were inundated with fabulous suggestions ranging from the functional, to quite frankly, the bizarre.

It’s been really hard to pick the winners for #MOOFirst but we got there in the end and here’s a selection of our favourite suggestions from the last five days!

Our hunt for the best first impression tips doesn’t end here. If you have any other suggestions on making the best first impression leave a comment for everyone to see!

Comments (9)

  1. Shawn Graham:

    Genuine interest in what the other person is saying definitely goes a long way as does having a sharp looking business card–it definitely pays to spend the time and money to come up with a polished design. Printing with moo also helps–people consistently comment on the feel and quality of my cards when I hand them out. #moomagic

  2. claudia scherzinger:

    have the courage to do something unexpected and surprise the others – then they will remember you…!

  3. Renée Marie:

    I have modified a best idea from this theme/discussion right into my tag line in my etsy shop – for better SEO I modofied “let me make your day.” to ” Allow me to make your day.” I had read that tag lines starting with letters higher up in the alphabet get better SEO.

    Thanks MOO-folks!

  4. Lauretta Minnick:

    When a handshake is required, make sure your feet are square with the person you are greeting and make eye contact. You handshake is strong but not aggressive, and just to let you know, the dead floppy fish, no energy handshake is only appropriate if the message you want to give is ” I am a dead, floppy fish, no energy kind of person!”
    Moo ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  5. Sally Mayor:

    I agree with the business cards. Mine are from Moo and everyone comments on the colours and round corners, then they normally say, ‘Oh, mine are so boring!’ Having a fun business name helps too, lots of people comment on WordNerd and hopefully remember it!

  6. Tia:

    When I was at college my tutors last words to our class was an invaluable piece of advice ‘Don’t be afraid to be yourself’ at the time it sounded silly but in time it made sense. Moo cards give you that opportunity! Thank-you moo for being you and allowing me to be me :D

  7. Philip:

    Dont say anything, just hand them the card. Still don’t say anything. Then, silently turn around and walk away…

  8. Yvonne Clarke:

    Make sure you are up to date with the very latest news.

  9. Dami:

    It’s important to know that you can’t fake yourself for a good first impression. In the future, the impression they had will change and this is bad for your public image.

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