Product Enhancement: PDF Proofs (and the curious joy of sharing)

2nd August 2011 by Martin

Second opinions. They’re important. Whether it be that suspect rash, or a new set of eyes on that Orange and Pink polka-dot onesie you were considering as potential office attire, often the voice of another can save you a whole world of pain and possible embarrassment (I know, I learned the hard way with that onesie).

With that in mind, we’ve introduced a new feature which will help you to easily get a second opinion, or even design sign-off, on your MOO Projects. Now, when you are building your cards or stickers, on the Preview checklist stage (and also in the preview pop-up in the cart and Account section), you’ll see a feature to download or email a PDF Proof.

We’ve designed this proof to give you an idea of what your order will contain, and to allow you to better proof read your design for errors. We know from experience that it’s often much easier to spot errors and typos on a printed proof. Like all printed products, you shouldn’t take this PDF as definitive proof of the exact colours that your cards or stickers will print. Designs will always look brighter on your screen than they do on paper, and similarly your printer may not print the same as ours.

And don’t worry if it takes a while for a colleague to get back to you with their thoughts. Every time you send a PDF Proof, we’ll save that order in the Unfinished Items section of your account, and you can come back at any time within 90 days to finish it off.

So go and take a look, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. As always, we also value a second opinion when we launch new things.



Product Manager & Brain @ MOO

Comments (3)

  1. Carmen:

    I think this is a wonderful idea! Actually, I need to order more business cards and I am going to create a new design. I look forward to using this feature.

  2. Annie the Tea Drinker:

    I agree with Carmen — a great idea! Thank you for adding this optional step to the checklist — I look forward to trying it during my next order.


  3. Derek Erb:

    Absolutely excellent idea!

    You have obviously thought this through and honestly looked at the situation through your clients’ eyes.


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