A Mini celebration

22nd July 2011 by Charlotte

As MOO’s ‘first-born’, MiniCards have a very special place in our hearts. And, like a proud parent, we want to show them off! So, in a little round up, here are just some of the recent great examples that have been appearing on our Flickr and Facebook pages:

MiniCards as Postcard gift tags

As Red Berry Hill design company, Nicole creates eye-catching cards and postcards which she then sells on. She uses her MOO MiniCards as tags to state on one side what’s inside the packet, and on the other side her website details – all beautifully designed to match the Postcards themselves! A really thoughtful added touch.

Mini portfolio

We’ve all read the headlines, and know the score – getting noticed in the job market is tough. The question is, how do I stand out? Well, freelance web designer and art director Lisa has got it pretty much nailed. She’s printed examples of her work onto MiniCards, with her logo on the back and joined them together with a rivet to create a mini portfolio. Also included in each mini portfolio is a card with her contact details, job titles held and on the reverse, a QR code which leads to her website when scanned – *swoon*.

MiniCards and wine (*hic*)

Jane, like Lisa, joins MiniCards together to showcase her portfolio. However, she’s got another trick up her sleeve to get the conversation started when in meetings with potential clients – drape your mini portfolio around a bottle of wine!

Saying it without pictures

We’ve noticed many photographers over the years using Printfinity to display their images on their MOO cards. Which is why we were intrigued to see photographer Miles Van Der Walle doing it differently. He’s put his logo on his MiniCards, varying only the background colour. The result is an eye-catchingly simple and clean-looking card, that makes an instant statement as to what he does.

Meeni’s Minis

Artist-maker Meeni shows her love for using vintage in her crafts by putting these beautiful and colourful vintage wallpaper prints on her MiniCards. As well as being a talented maker, our Meeni is also savvy saleswoman – the details side of these cards also includes a discount voucher for her shop.

Comments (17)

  1. Jane Connory:

    Thanks for the shout out Moo! I’m so happy with how my illustrations look on the Mini Cards…

  2. Nicole:

    Many thanks for the mention, I love the mini cards too!

  3. bristol business cards:

    These are some great designs! The photographers designs are great, they’re so stylish and different to the usual (in that industry), but my favourite has to be the portfolio! what an innovative idea, I’d hire her straight away! :D

  4. grace wieber:

    Always inspiring!
    Thanks for the newsletter too.

  5. AC:

    Swooning. I love these. I may have to place a few more printing orders so I can revel in the mini-card luv.

  6. Yolande Dennis Jewellery:

    I get lots of extra orders after craft shows – I have added photographs of my
    jewellery to the mini cards ,I give everyone who visits my stall a card .
    My card stand out from all the others with the pics .

  7. Lisa:

    I don’t know what I do without my mini moos!!! I use them like gift tags as well.. They are soooo eye catching and the size .. well it is too adorable!!!

    Many Many thanks Moo!!!

  8. Laura:

    All great ideas

  9. Bella:

    Just received my mini cards yesterday. Brilliant! They are beautifully printed and just the right size for fitting in a purse or pocket; or to be used as a bookmark. Thanks also for the great ideas in your ‘mini celebration’.

  10. Lucia:

    Got my cards today, and I am amazed at the quality. My cards are Beautiful!!

  11. Judith W. Chapple:

    Got my cards a few days ago, Wow is all I can says about the speed and the quality. My family thought I paid at least 5.00 per card. When I told them that 50 cards were only 5.99 they did not believe me.. I have a very large account with Vista Print and normally do all of my printing with them. I think you may have a new customer..

  12. Carol Reeman:

    I love my Mini Moos! I love the way they are packaged and presented. I love the variety of images which can be used and I love it that the cards are not just limited to 1 image. Spoilt for choice or I can add my own image. Plus I love the Little Moo Print Robot who is just a bit of software. What’s not to like? I love knowing there is a Moo dungeon! I think the Mini Moo’s have taken off in this area as I’ve seen alot of businesses with Mini Moo cards. It’s a Mini Moo Revolution – Viva La Revelucion! Moo! Moo! Moo! LOVE ‘EM!

  13. David Travis:

    I just got my cards and I’m delirious with joy Thank you so much for making me look like a million bucks!!

  14. Magdalen P.:

    Love, love, love Moo! Beautiful cards, fast and flawless. Inspirational! And nice to see that somebody else also is a fan of Little Moo. :) Thank you!!!

  15. SundayHHTimes:

    Always innovative and I see some of the ideas I have had for cards as well, they are great to use for promotions, coupons, openings, portfolios, the possibilities are endless, I am even think of something fun with a running story and an egg hunt type throughout the city, collect the cards, or better yet photo the cards and win something, yeah sounds right, if you use my idea you have to follow me on twitter, facebook and rad my blog every Sunday


  16. Adrian Bell:

    smashing…perfect….and oh so tasteful!!!! Love the minis….so delicious

  17. Aracely:

    I just got my minis and I am over the moon with them! I have a one of a kind card and they look so professional and sleek! I just love them!!! And moo robot too!

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