Toilet Art in MOO HQ

19th July 2011 by Paul L

MOO HQ is a great place to work, full of lovely people and as creative as creative can be.  In fact, just the other day I came across something that surprised and delighted me to the extent that I was taking more regular trips down to the office toilet!

Before I start to bring down the tone of the MOO Blog though, let me explain (and admit) something I “might” have started that turned out to be a great little story.

The story starts in a MOO toilet cubical where someone had left some Blue-Tac on the wall that I thought I’d make use of in a more creative way than just a blob on the wall and hey presto, this is what I came up with.  A house

Later on in the day I happened to discover that someone had added to my masterpiece, amazingly making it even better.

If the story ended there then I’d be happy, but it didn’t.  Someone had come along and added something else, something non Blue-Tac.

So the theme had now been set.  Blue-Tac was not the only item allowed in this flash of creativity and that’s when things really started to get interesting.

MOO art wouldn’t be complete without a MOO Sticker so I was pleasantly surprised with this addition..  Looks great hey.

Day two.  I’m sure that people where queuing just to use cubical number 1 but then again, maybe I was too involved in this.  That was until I saw this masterpiece!

It’s good to see that someone had the sensibilities to dress that poor chap.

Just after the shorts appeared, the sun came out to play..

By this point I was far too excited about this whole story but things always start to look better with the sun out and it seems that the house got some renovations, a nice garden path and postbox.

So the final part of the story ended here in my last picture..  Our super hero turned out to be a girl, flying to Taylor St Baristas (MOO’s fav coffee house) and the sun did end up with his hat on..

Sometimes creativity can be found in the strangest places.  I’ve never found out who helped build out this great series of wall art but I wanted to share with everyone as it put a smile on my face and I’m hoping it will put a smile on yours..

Comments (12)

  1. Liz Finch:

    “Now please wash your hands!” :0)

  2. Susan:

    Very cute! Must be a fun place to work!

  3. Lizzie:

    This is wonderful! I wonder if it would work anywhere else in the world…. It’s great that your colleague(s) have such a creative sense of humour. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gillian:

    Love the spontinatity (spelt wrong but you get the picture!)

  5. Joumana:

    I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my round-edge business cards! I won a set in the “what’s in the box” contest a while back, and they just arrived: lookie!
    I’ve even been saving a special box just for them :D

  6. Paul L:

    Thanks everyone..

    Was a very fun blog post to write.

    @ Lizzie – If you test this out and it works we’d love to know..

  7. Nelou:

    okay, so I completely love this… it reminds me of design school when we had to brainstorm and do bubble diagrams and all that jazz… thanks for the smile!

  8. Nila:

    You need to see the ladies loo. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  9. Bénédicte:

    LOVE IT! When did Providence become such a fun place to work?!

  10. Diana Matoso:

    Love it! I’ve been using blu tac for my stop motion films a bit like this for a while, although not in the toilette! In another hand I would like to share another project with you:
    I used to say “because you never know when it’s coming” and started to leave a pen on our toilette and wrote “tag the rolls not the walls”. It was like this, a huge success that did bright our “shit moments” :) ! Please follow the link to see the RevoLOOtion in action >

  11. justme:

    is that how you spell cubicle?

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