A cryptic clue to what’s coming soon…

15th June 2011 by Simon G

For those that follow us on Twitter or regularly read the MOO Blog you’ll know that we’re a busy bunch – releasing new and exciting features to your favourite products (like Rounded Corners on Business Cards), or enhancing the back-bone of the MOO website with upgrades to the Your Account section (like our recent Refer a Friend update). And, the end of June will be no different – we’ve got something big planned, but we can’t quite tell you about it… well, not just yet!

We’re truly excited about this new “thing”, and really can’t contain our excitement any longer, so over the next twelve days we’re going to be leaking some cryptic clues on this page. Each day we’ll release a new cryptic clue – revealing a secret message, announcing our news!

If you’d like to guess what our news is, please leave your comments on this blog post below. We’ll hold back all the comments until the news is announced, as to not spoil the guessing fun for everyone else.

UPDATE: So many of you have had fun guessing, we’ve changed our minds! We’re going to publish your guesses on a daily basis, giving you more chances to guess, and more chances to win some MOO prizes! If you correctly guess each individual word, you’ll have the chance to win a pack of 50 Business Cards or 100 MiniCards. We’ll randomly select a winner each day from all those that have submitted a correct answer. If you’re one of our lucky winners, we’ll send you an email with your prize.

And remember, the first person to correctly guess the entire sentence (all 17 words in sequence) correctly will win a £100 MOO Voucher! The winner of the £100 Voucher will be verified by Jovanna, MOO’s Graphic Designer – and creator of the cryptic illustration.

So, keep your eyes on our cryptic clue page and when you’ve figured out a word, or our entire secret message (word-for-word), make your guess below.

ANOTHER UPDATE: We have a winner! Before the final clues were announced on Friday morning, Rebecca Jones was the first person to guess the correct answer. Well done Rebecca! We don’t want to ruin everyone else’s guessing fun, so we’re going to hold back any correct answers in the comments until Friday afternoon (UK time). Oh, and remember – the daily prize winners will be receiving their prizes early next week, so keep your eyes on your inbox!

Comments (252)

  1. Alex:

    Die cut business cards!

  2. Andy Feliciotti:

    Bigger “mini” cards!? :P

  3. Alex:

    Bigger stickers!

  4. lilian:

    bigger cards? square shaped cards!

  5. Deby Cruddas:

    Rounded corners on the mini cards…more font choices, more colour choices…okay, so it’s what I’d like to see…but maybe this is ‘on the cards’? :D

  6. Ben:

    Custom size stickers?

    B + Pig – p = Big

    Anchor – anch = or

    = Big or Small stickers…

    (It’s early days, so going for a wild guess…)

  7. Gwen Blake:

    Big Format printing -ie posters etc

  8. Alex:

    Bigger coupons/discounts!

  9. alek lindus:

    square format cards finally – pretty please

  10. Fiona:

    Big postcards

  11. Mark:

    Big stickers

  12. Viv:

    Every member of the spellman family is born with a twin.

  13. Jennifer Gibson:

    Whee! This is fun!
    Could Moo be offering personalized Photographic Greeting Cards?

  14. Jo:

    address stickers !!!!

  15. Paintings by EnglishBlue:

    I think it says “X X X X new moo X X X big X X or X X X X”

    So it could be….

    We are producing a new moo shaped postcard: heart, big square, star or circle its your choice!”

  16. Faith | Ordinary Mommy Design:

    Um, I’m thinking it would be nice to be able to print tri-fold mailers! However, if you’ll be leading the industry for new larger cow-sized toilet paper, well, that would be cool too.

  17. Karen:


  18. Adam:

    Digital business cards? It’s BIG news and gets rid of PAPER. And has ANCHOR tags to your website, email, or phone number.

  19. Tana:

    Introducing X X New Moo X X X Big X X Or X X X X. Hmmm, Introducing awesomely rad New Moo products that are either Big greeting cards or Small greeting cards, you choose. :)

  20. Chris:

    Looks like a new paper type, based on the clues.

  21. Stephanie:

    The words are Introducing / new / Moo / big / or. As to what it pertains to, I hope you guys are going to offer posters. I need a good poster printer!

  22. Cristina:

    INTRODUCING newest addition of NEW PAPER MOO developed for the BIG life events OR invitations for smaller events ??

  23. Bram:

    New MOO..
    Big.. Or..

  24. Jessica:

    You’re going to insert or intern a T-ducing racket device on a big Moo new paper ??!!! I hope it makes sense to you (cause it didn’t to me !)
    What iz it ? What iz it ?!!

  25. Victor Li:

    the first cryptic clue word is I think is introducing,
    Also I think that the new business cards is something to do with a item that is mentioned in one of their earlier blogs. A new type of business cards, like moo-d cards like those mood rings. I might be wrong but it’s worth a try!

  26. Ryan Richards:

    introducing new moo big or…. ……

  27. Jody:

    Create your own banner……with a little help from Moo friends!

  28. Meg:

    introducing ….. new paper moo ….. big… or……… (that’s all so far!)

  29. Sufian Hassan:

    To Celebrate Moo’s Birth day. They will be Announcing two new items Larger Round stickers and also Label stickers. :) Thats is my guess 0_o

  30. Ben:

    Introducing ______ ______ and new paper Moo _____ now _____ big _____ _____ or _____ _____ _____ _____

  31. artmyth:

    so far ive got this:
    introducing pong ——– —– -and- new paper.
    moo —- no flake — big — — or———- — ———– —

    But I think the product will be some kinf of foil printing on cards or stickers

  32. Bram:

    introducing –
    - and new MOO
    - now -
    big – - or
    - – -

  33. ruth:

    Introducing trading
    cards and new moo
    pricing now available
    Big trade size or
    Get yours here.

  34. Karen:

    INTRODUCING postage stamps AND NEW MOO postcards NOW in BIG square format OR customizable narrow sizes too.

  35. doodlegirl:

    Introducing __ ___ and new moo _____ now ___ big ___ __ or _____ __ ___ ____

  36. Nibus:

    Introducing MOO TEABAGS and new Moo CEO CHRISTOPHER bigGINS AND/or NEW CFO BRIAN BLESSED. What a giveaway!

  37. Becka:

    Introducing ___ ____ and new MOO ___ now in big _____ _____ or somewhere ____ the ____.

    I’m hoping it’s new shapes or big stickers – soon or somewhere in the near future

  38. movezerb:

    Introducing __ ____ and new moo _____ now in big ___ ____ or somewhere __ the ______

  39. Tamara Solomon:

    (My guesses are in lowercase)

    INTRODUCING ___ ____ AND NEW MOO stickers NOW IN BIG or small OR SOMEWHERE in THE middle


  40. pravin:

    Introducing ___ ___ and new Moo ___ now in big ___ ___ or somewhere ___ the ___

  41. Keith:

    Introducing ____ _____ and new Moo ____ now in big _____ _____ or somewhere ____ the ____

  42. Jason Scott Photography:

    Introducing __ __ and new moo __ now in big __ __ or somewhere __ the __.

  43. Joris:

    Introducing – - and new moo – - now in big – - or somewhere – the -

  44. Luke:

    INTRODUCING ______ ______ AND NEW MOO _____ NOW IN BIG ______ _____ OR SOMEWHERE _____ THE _____

  45. Eveline:

    Introducing ….

    …. And New moo
    …. now ….
    Big … … … or
    … the …

  46. John:

    Introducing big stickers and new moo magnets now in big moo queue or somewhere in the future

  47. John:

    Introducing round stickers and new moo magnets now in big moo queue or somewhere in the future

  48. Muriel:

    Introducing bigger stickers and address labels.

  49. Jen:

    So far: Introducing ______ ______________ and new Moo _____________ now in big _________ __________ or somewhere ______ the __________

    lol im obsessed with cracking this code!

  50. Ian:

    introducing —- —– and new MOO —– now in big —- — or somewhere —- the ——

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