Refer a Friend and earn yourself some MOO Money!

14th June 2011 by Martin

Here at MOO, we’ve always been aware that one of the most important aspects in keeping the good ship MOO sailing high on the seven seas of, erm, Print, is you, our lovely users.

You never fail to be unflinching supporters of what we do, and (being the social media addicts we are) we know what an amazing job you do of spreading the MOO love to your friends, colleagues and business contacts.

Well, we feel that all this effort deserves some reward! So, today we are launching a brand-new Refer a Friend programme. This allows you to earn lots of lovely MOO Money when you send your friends our way, which can then be redeemed for discounts on your purchases at MOO.

So, how does it work? It’s pretty simple!

The first time you buy something from us, we’ll give you your own unique MOO referral URL. You’ll be able to access it in your account, plus your URL will also be printed onto passalong cards and included in Business Card and MiniCard orders – so you can hand them out in person too.

You can copy this unique URL into emails and blog posts, or share it on Facebook or Twitter directly from your account page. Anyone who clicks on your URL and then goes on to buy something from us for the first time, gets 10% off their order and will earn you MOO Money in the way of points. This MOO Money is then stored in your account, and can be converted into money off your next order. Pretty easy eh? You get 7500 points per referral and just three referrals is enough for a free pack of 50 Classic Business Cards. We believe it’s a great way to reward you for all your hard work in spreading the word about what we do.

We know you may have lots of questions about the scheme, so we’ve set up a set of FAQs that will answer the key points. If you can’t find out what you need, please let our friendly customer service people know and they’ll sleuth around until they have the answers.

As always, we’d love to hear your comments in the section below.

Thanks (and we really mean it),


MOO Product Manager

Comments (19)

  1. louise:

    this sounds great and i’d like to take part.
    i have bought things from moo in the past as well. do i have to buy something now to get the url?

  2. jac connelly:

    Hi I’ve already recommended two friends, who have their new moo cards, Lorraine from Joliverre glass and Valerie Tough. Can i still collect the points?
    jac connelly

  3. Martin:

    Hey Louise.

    If you’ve bought from us before you should have your URL already. Just go here: and login, and you should see your URL. If not, just let us know!

  4. Martin:

    Hello Jac.

    I’m afraid that any referrals made before we launched the programme aren’t applicable towards earning you MOO Money. It’s just impossible for us to know who referred who as we had no way of tracking it back then.

    However, any new people you send to us, so long as they use your URL, will earn you points!

    Product Manager @ MOO

  5. mel:

    here you go

  6. Ed Penano:

    MOO is fantastic! Do you offer banners or images for people to post on our sites?

  7. lyn:

    brilliant – wish you’d done it a few years back, would have had ALOT of freebies by now.. ;)

  8. Rebecca:

    oooo….I’m gonna make a Moo button for my blog! Love you guys…

  9. G:

    I would love to add this to my blog as well… do you have a banner we can use? Or can we create one that states 10% off your first purchase… I’m sure my clients will like this. Thanks!!

  10. Jamie:

    Wow, this is great. thanks!

  11. Martin:

    Hello G,

    While we don’t have any banners or other creative that you can use, I’m sure it’s fine if you created something that you wanted for your blog or site.

    Remember though, that for you to get points for the referral, you MUST send people to your page. That’s the only way we can track that it was you who sent them! Simply sharing the promocode will not generate you the referral bonus.

    Hope that helps!

    MOO Product Manager

  12. Tysha:

    My cards are amazing! everyone asked me where I got them from the quality is amazing. Im referring people left and right. everyone will know MOO. and I will be back too!

  13. Dan:

    This is awesome! We’ve added this to our blog! thanks guys!

  14. Leah Brighouse:

    Hi Moo, do you print high quality headed paper to match new shiny business cards? Kind regards, Leah

  15. schwanson:

    This is a great opportunity for us to make a few bucks while promoting an awesome product. I am adding a link now.
    Thanks for offering this!

  16. Zik:

    We love moo sooooo mooooch!

  17. Steve:

    Sounds great! Will be adding this into our new blog –

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