A warm MOO welcome to about.me

7th June 2011 by Andrea

Every so often a tech startup comes along that’s just way too cool for school – in a good way of course! Our new partner, the funky West Coast based about.me is like that person in your life that takes one look at your messy room, and in fifteen minutes, has tidied your desk, filed all your papers and done your taxes without even breaking a sweat. You can see why we’d want to become partners with that person!

So what do they do that’s so cool? Well, for one thing, they allow you to create a profile page that collates all your online profiles – like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, plus any other work you’re involved in – into one seriously slick online identity. Personal or professional – it doesn’t really matter, the result is the same. An awesome-looking page that allows contacts to view everything you’re doing in one location.

So how does MOO fit in? Well, we love great design, and we love it when you can integrate your design with your online profile, so your visual brand flows throughout your online and offline presence. Through about.me and the MOO API, your about.me profile, unique URL and QR code are added to your Business Cards, enabling users to easily find all of your online information simply by scanning your QR code on your MOO Business Card.

You can still upload a different image on every card, and add to or edit your contact information, but now, new contacts receiving your (presumably gorgeous) MOO card will be able to understand exactly who you are even more easily.

MOO Founder, Richard Moross, says, “At MOO we believe in presenting yourself to the best of your ability, both in the real world through the creation of great business cards, but also online. This was a natural fit for our company, as well as our customers and we’re pleased to be working with such a creative trail blazer.”

Tony Conrad, co-Founder of about.me, adds “We’re driven to help people take back control of their online identity and we can’t wait to see the creative and passionate pages and business cards people come up with.”

Check out about.me today if you haven’t already built yourself your very own profile page! Still need convincing? Have a look below to see how Sam put about.me and MOO to work!

Moo Cards

Comments (9)

  1. Steve:

    This would be great IF the about.me pages were optimised for mobiles, but they’re not. This is the most frequent complaint from people scanning QR codes and should really be addressed before people are put off using them altogether.

  2. Harriet Rich:

    Ooh, very exciting! Will look into about.me… also, love the floded effect on Sam’s cards.

  3. Paula:

    I agree with Steve. The fact that the about.me site is not mobile-optimized is the one thing holding me back from using them as my qr code destination. I think it diminishes your perceived professionalism when using a qr code to point to a non-mobile optimized site.

  4. Stephen:

    I would love to use the about.me and moo cards together, UNFORTUNATELY, the profile page is dark blue on black, and the link to have the cards made with the QR code does not work! No info on how to actually format the data on the profile page so it includes the LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook accounts, etc. They need more info for the users.

  5. Kristen:

    Agreed. mobile optimization is a must

  6. Daniela:

    Just thought I’d sharing my first business card design. It’s a goo.gl short link to my tumblr which is kinda like my about.me without the face and frequent re-blogs. I’m an entry-level design student. Let me know what you think. Thanks moo!


  7. Michael K:

    i like the concept. i’m sure it will be even better, once the mobile-optimization problem gets fixed. I already ordered mine and now i can’t wait till i get my batch! :)

  8. Amy S. Chan:

    Another vote for mobile optimization. Instead of using the about.me QR code that moo automatically generated, I created a bit.ly link (automatically creates a QR code) to point to amyschan.com/bcard/ which I can redirect to anything I want at anytime. You can use this method in some interesting ways.

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