Getting Down 2 Bizness: Part 2

17th May 2011 by Rebeka

Looks like that first question was a bit tricky, but you guys are good. The answer from yesterday is MOO-designed Business Card pack, Cute Little Noses.

Congrats to winner, Julia Wells, for guessing correctly.

Congratulations also to everyone who has taken part so far. Even the incorrect answers were good. And as we promised, this week will be chock full of daily distractions and contests, so without further ado, here’s poem #2:

There once was a lass who repaired things
For doctors and lawyers and ev’n kings!
‘Cause when they’d do it themselves,
They’d just break doors and shelves.
You might say she’s the wind ‘neath our wings.

If you think you know the answer, here’s what you can win:

A pack of 200 Business Cards or 400 MiniCards (we’ll let you choose) plus a free holder. The winner will be randomly selected from those who answered the question correctly.

To enter:

Post your guesses in the comment section below. The closing date is Tuesday 17 May 11.59pm PST and we’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck!

Comments (30)

  1. Gaby Rodriguez:

    KITE Architects

  2. Jonathan:

    Tools of the Trade

  3. Becka:

    I think it’s the DIY Style Business card!

  4. Keith Stanley:

    My guess is Cockney Rhyming Slang!

  5. Erin C.:


  6. Mario Lurig:

    If we’re still on a business card hunt, I’m going to go with KITE Architects.

  7. randi:

    honestly. are we supposed to search thru the online cards or what? who has time for that? honestly. clues should be things we can answer while we work our real jobs, lil google search here or there…….guess i’m out. (sad face)

  8. Sue C. Brown:

    Is the answer Cutlery Cutouts Business Cards by Jovanna Mendes de Souza

  9. Sue C. Brown:

    Is the answer Wood Cut Elegance by Monika Koziol

  10. John Cason:

    Could it be that Kings and doctors could not do anything themself?

    DIY Style –

  11. Cheryl:

    Happy teeth :-)

  12. Justin Walker:

    I suppose I’ll take a guess.

    Jovanna Mendes de Souza

  13. Ellen Stafford:

    I’m gonna go with Natasha Newton’s “Winter Birds” card set. *fingers crossed*

  14. Ricky Moorhouse:

    Get me to the ball?

  15. Valerie:

    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the answer but I can’t find it! I’m going to keep looking, but I’m running out of places to look. Has anyone else found it yet?

  16. Francy:

    I haven’t found it either Valerie! This one sure is a toughy!

  17. Cristina:

    A secretary…lol best that I could come up with.

  18. Nikkie:

    Technical Plumber

  19. Valerie:

    How about Rosie the Riveter? (Not on the Moo site, but I still can’t find the answer.)

  20. Lisa Kretchman:

    Is it “Intersections”?

  21. Francy:

    KITE architects is the only one i could think of

  22. Karen:

    Nature’s Delight double-sided business cards

  23. Kathy:

    Yeah, I’m having a hard time too. The Idea Explosion is kind of close, with females and tools. Or I would say the DIY Style, if it came in a more girly color. The Nature’s Delight could be seen too, with the kinda wind looking image….but yeah, nothing specifically that called to me as a DIY feminine business card set.

  24. Lisa Kretchman:

    confused about this one – I thought the clue said a “lass” DIY person, but the winning card had a man’s name. :-( <——sad face again

    • Rebeka:

      Hi Lisa- Thanks for the feedback. The card did have a man’s name but the pack was designed by our graphic designer, Monika.

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