Getting Down 2 Bizness: Part 1

16th May 2011 by Rebeka

We promised a daily distraction and a chance to win lots of loot from MOO. Well our good friend Corvus (of Cryptic Quiz fame!) is back with more cryptic clues and poems to help us celebrate US Small Business Week.

Throughout the week (May 16-20) we’ll be sharing riddles and poems here, on the blog. Cryptic clues are hidden in every rhyme, to help you answer each poem. There’ll be one riddle each working day – and a prize for one person who answers the question correctly.

So without further ado, here’s Corvus with instructions:

You’ve a great head for business, of this we are certain.
You look to MOO to present the best of both sides,
And on the mysteries we’re hiding you’ll pull back the curtain.

You’ll find there’s a theme to our rhyming;
A method to our madness as we’re,
Scheming and designing a clue-wall for climbing.

So settle yourselves down, it won’t be that hard
The answers we’re seeking can’t be that far,
You’ll find them all writ large on a ____.

Mysterious isn’t he? Well here’s a hint: We’re taking you on a Business Card scavenger hunt. And here’s the clue:

Getting Down 2 Bizness: Part 1

There are things we cannot endorse.
Like examining the teeth of a horse
(Which has been recently gifted, of course.)

But we promise no end of delight
Shifting your gaze higher a mite
Where the cuteness is sure to delight.

Do you know the answer? Here’s what can you win…

You can win a pack of 200 Business Cards or 400 MiniCards (we’ll let you choose) plus a free holder. Daily winners will be randomly selected from those who answered the question correctly.

To enter:

-Post your guesses in the comment section below. We’ll publish all the comments tomorrow or that would be too easy!

-The closing date is Monday 16 May 11.59pm PST and we’ll announce the winner on the blog tomorrow.

Let the guessing games begin! And don’t forget to watch this space–we’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow!

Comments (24)

  1. Sue Nielsen:

    Typographic moustaches?

  2. Becka:

    My guess is the Happy Teeth business cards!

  3. Megan Harney:

    So settle yourselves down, it won’t be that hard
    The answers we’re seeking can’t be that far,
    You’ll find them all writ large on a:



  4. Dana Laymon:

    card! I hope that’s what it is :)

  5. Naimah:

    Minicard or Business Card

  6. Mel DuPont:

    Is it the A Coxe Photography business card with the baby on it?

  7. Scott McDermott:

    Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet

  8. tommy pesavento:

    “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

  9. Kaylee:

    Card/ Business card?

  10. Cheryl:

    Cute little noses

  11. Becks Davis:

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  12. Ellen Stafford:

    The only thing I can think of for this riddle is to look for a horse’s eyes and face on a MOO business card. I went to MOO’s flickr pool and searched for “horse,” and came up with these gorgeous paintings from

    I’m going with the top middle card, with the detail of a horse’s head, as the answer. It’s gorgeous!

  13. Terry Hardwick:

    Answer – Card.

    Also, I received my business card not to too long ago, and they look great. Thanks for the Working so hard on the quality.

  14. Lisa Kretchman:

    Awww…I bet it’s Cute Little Noses! Too bad I missed the post yesterday! :-( <—– sad me.

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