The Key(ring) to the Cottage

28th April 2011 by Charlotte

Well, that was a deliciously hot weekend in the UK, wasn’t it? For once it almost makes you feel smug you didn’t decide to leave the country over the Easter weekend!

And if you’re not going abroad, all you really need is a lovely country cottage to relax in with friends or family. This is why our ears pricked up when we recently came across Sarah, owner of Devon based Sherborne Cottages, via our Facebook page. Sarah makes these adorable and effective MiniCard holder keyrings for her clients to get across a variety of messages, offers and useful information.

“I love using my MiniCards in lots of different ways” Sarah explains “Some of them have the code to access the building that two of the apartments are in (so that guests always have the number with them in case they forget)”.

Sherborne Cottages

Sarah packs the keyrings with MiniCards and encourages guests to hand them out – and because they’re made by MOO, naturally there’s something different on each one.

“Some of the cards have the WiFi password for that property, some of them are just general contact details ofr the company and several of them are for guests to give out to their family and friends (or anyone they might meet on holiday while the key ring is in their possession!) that offer a referral discount.

Sherborne Cottages

“It always makes me happy when new guests contact us to say that they heard about is from a guest who was already staying and gave them a card – it proves that MiniCard marketing works!”

Sarah Bromfield is the owner of Sherborne Cottages – and if you fancy a lovely West Country break, she’s offering MOO customers a 15% discount until June 30th (just quote MOO OFFER)

Comments (6)

  1. Lyndon Dolman:

    hey i love your mini cards, I’m an Englishman living I’n Canada and love good quality products, thank you Moo!
    I have a request, i would like to be able to buy clear keyrings to place and seal my mini cards to give for a gift to my customers and as i am a home renovator i could have my finished work printed on the Mini cards so it would be nice to be able give them with the work i have done for them on a keyring for them to show off there new bathroom or home to their friends! Moo can you make this happen?

  2. Charlotte:

    Hi @Lyndon, glad to hear you’re happy with MOO!
    That sounds like it would be a really nice gift for your customers, thanks for letting us know about it. We’d don’t make this sort of product at the moment, but we do refer suggestions on to the product team. So, if there are enough like-minded people out there asking for the same, your idea could very well become a reality :)

  3. Jenna:

    What a clever idea! This is one that needs to be copied by others!

  4. Steve:

    Great idea from your client, but was it really a good idea for Moo to publish the address and entry code of your client’s property?

  5. Nat@ dear little house:

    That is a really clever idea! I carry my mini cards on my keyring and I find that really handy too, it seems to be the most unexpected places that you want to pull some cards out and pass them around!

  6. Sarah Bromfield:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your concern but don’t worry – the address shown is our Office address and nothing to do with the Entry Code.
    Glad you like them!!
    Sherborne Cottages & Apartments

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