We’re going to the Webbys

26th April 2011 by Andrea

For anyone who doesn’t spend their days with their faces buried somewhere inside the Internet’s many caverns of wonder and delight, the Webby Awards may not be something that you’re familiar with.

Vote for us! So allow us to explain: The Webbys are like the Oscars of the Internet – which means they’re kinda fancy, they let the world know that your peers think you’re good at your job – and everyone who gets nominated *really* wants to win (but has, of course, perfected the art of being a gracious loser if they don’t!). We’re particularly excited about the People’s Voice Awards – because it’s voted for by you (and is therefore obviously the most important!).

And that’s why we need your help! If you’d like to see MOO win an award, we’d be so grateful if you’d vote for us. It’s really quick and easy too; all you need to do is head to The People’s Voice and sign up . And we’ve got a little surprise MOO thank you for you if we win!

Just like us, our favourite fellow nominees place a huge emphasis on community contributions. So have a look! We think they’re ace.


This is one for our dedicated crafters – we know there are a few of you! Readymade is just brilliant for pure, unadulterated inspiration from people who love projects and how-to’s as much as we do.

Awkward Family Photos

This site taps into our penchant for nostalgia and creates a community out of our love of embarrassing family moments – not to mention that their photos are absolutely classic!

Behance Network

This one’s for the designers – Behance is a sleek and smart platform for posting and promoting your work. It’s also great for employers to browse, and for designers to meet like minded individuals to collaborate with. They also make some incredibly smart, and endlessly useful Action Method notebooks (which we happen to sell via our UK store).

The Johnny Cash Project

The very definition of a cool art project, this site encourages artists and Johnny Cash lovers to submit portraits of the man himself to be included in a huge community art project – a new video for haunting Cash classic “Ain’t no Grave”.


Ever wanted to publish a magazine to promote a one-off event or business opportunity? MagCloud is a cool online printer (yes’ there are others!) who’ve made it ridiculously easy to make your own, and even sell it via their site.


Shhh, this is officially one of the web’s best-kept secrets! CrowdRise have harnessed philanthropy, crowdsourcing and social networking into one innovative online fundraising horse. Crucially, it’s not just about doing good – it’s about making fundraising fun.


Ted.com has a great tagline – ideas worth spreading. They host talks and lectures on anything from neuroscience to political activism to comedy – and the calibre of speakers is beyond impressive. If you’re ever feeling low on inspiration, just drop by, listen – and learn.

So you see, there are loads of great companies nominated – but that isn’t to say that we wouldn’t love it if you voted for us! We’ll keep you posted on how we get on…

P.S. We’ve noticed you’re having a little trouble finding us – so thanks for persevering! Click through to The People’s Voice section of the Webby site (it’s on the top left – it’s a speech bubble that goes green when you you hover your mouse over it), and click on “Websites” – you’ll find MOO.COM in the “Retail” section.

Comments (63)

  1. Patsy Bush:

    Hi Moo
    I voted for you because:
    1. Your products are very high quality
    2. You respond promptly to my queries
    3. You fixed a problem I had with my cards for free even though it was partly my fault they were wrong
    Thanks heaps

  2. Francisco Otávio:

    Votei com muita alegria. Vocês merecem ganhar o prêmio.

  3. naomi:

    Just voted! You guys are Brillant! Keep up the good – no great – work.

  4. Nicole:

    Cast my vote—Good Luck!

  5. Veronica:

    Voted! I never take the time to vote for anything. You guys are a class act. Love ya, keep up the good work!

  6. Mariola:

    Just voted! Good luck!

  7. binkaminka:

    Voted! Good luck MOO team!

  8. Helene:

    I voted for you! Absolutely love your mini cards! Good luck! Hope you win!

  9. ilona rubin:

    Hope you win , I voted for you .
    llllllloooovvvveee your cards !

  10. dale:

    I voted the other day also… had a heck of a time finding you moo, but I love your cards so I hung in there. thanks

  11. Bruce C. Duval:

    Thanks Moo from the smallest town in Texas. Your cards arrived today and they are wonderful. Many thanks! Bruce

  12. Guy Tetzner:

    The mini cards are great and the web site has equally creative energy. Slick!

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