‘What’s in the box’ winners revealed

20th April 2011 by Charlotte

The time has come to announce the winners to the ‘What’s in the box’ competition, make sense of the clue we gave you and actually reveal what we’ve been hiding in there. Firstly though, can we just say that we have been bowled over by your efforts and your comedic genius!

So, here goes, inside the box is a *drumroll*… die cutter! (Bear with me). This frankly awesome machine neatly rounds the corners of your Business Cards, leaving you with MOO’s brand new product:

Rounded Corner Business Cards

Big congratulations are in order for our winner Noamie, who guessed ‘A keg fridge that doubles as a diecutter?’ and has won £100 / $160 to spend at MOO.

However, we couldn’t stop at one – there were simply too many great responses! So we have chosen 5 runners up who will each receive a free pack of Rounded Corner Business Cards:

Bri: ‘You finally found Waldo.’

Joumana: ‘A giraffe in need of an urgent and prolonged neck massage.’

Asor: ‘Lady Gaga’

Kevin Z: ‘Well it’s pretty obvious. It is either the new printer that prints the MOO-D Ink cards or a home for the cute little kitty that used to live on the support page. Im going for a new kitty home. =)’

Miko: it’s the MooTardis! ;-)

If you would like to know more about our new cards, let our Product Manager Martin take it away or simply go right ahead and check them out for yourselves.

Comments (13)

  1. Asor:

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHH… I won something ! Thanks Moo, you are great! Working on my business cards already. Love the rounded corners by the way!

    Ps: I cannot stand Lady Gaga, but I have to guess I owe her one too!

  2. Caroline Telfer:

    I used to cut the corners round too!!! Good move MOO!

  3. Vro:

    Well done to all the winners! I love the idea of rounded corners. I will surely get then on my next order

  4. Miko:

    thanks Moo!!! So excited to try out the rounded corners cards. perfect timing as I’ve been contemplating ordering mini cards anyway!

  5. CD:

    Feeling a bit put out as I made the Tardis suggestion on the 8th and the person who one repeated it on the 18th. Boo hoo (Moo hoo).

  6. CD:

    Oops, spelling mistake, meant to say ‘won’.

  7. D.S.Johnson:

    Sharp corners tend to get dog-earred. These new rounded edges will be much less likely to get dog-earred. Love the rounded edges!

  8. Joumana:

    OHMYGOD I’m a runner-up! Never expected that! Thank you, I was just reading the newsletter and thinking I should come up with a design just to try these out.

  9. Jan Rossi:

    I knew it! Rounded corners were so over-due at Moo.I will start designing mine right away. Curvy is cool! Thanks moo!

  10. CD:

    Ok, bit freaked now cause after I showed my friend the time stamps Miko’s comment jumped to the 8th, within the competition deadline and no longer after the mention on the Moosletter, but still 3hrs after mine. Sorry to gripe, I didn’t expect to win, but I also didn’t expect to lose in an unfair way, not with MOO.

  11. Melissa:

    Of course I just placed an order yesterday…BUT now I have extra motivation to give out all those and reorder ROUNDED CORNERS!! Clever idea! Leave it to MOO…

  12. Naomi:

    What I’d like to know is if it really does double as a keg fridge? That would be impressive!

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