Clue alert: ‘I Get around…’

15th April 2011 by Charlotte

We knew you were a creative bunch, but imaginative too it seems! Last week we showed you a picture of the box our top secret new arrival came in and asked you to guess what was inside. So far we have had some brilliant suggestions, ranging from ‘Pee-Wee Herman’s breakfast making contraption’ to ‘MOO Tardis’ to ‘the seven deadly sins’ – we’ve heard it all!

As it seems like you’re really enjoying this competition (and so are we!) and because summer is just around the corner, we thought we’d spice it up a little for the final days by giving you a clue from the Beach Boys…

Any closer yet? Feeling confident? If so, let us know and post it as a comment here.

If you come up with either the correct answer or simply our favourite answer, you will win £100 / $165 to spend at MOO. The closing date is Sunday 17 April 11.59pm PT and we’ll announce the winner on the blog in the week beginning Monday 18 April. On your marks, get set – GO!

Comments (38)

  1. Caroline Telfer:

    You get around? I think it is airline tickets so that you can come and visit all of the MOO fans around the world!

  2. Annamarie:

    Ahhh is it a cute lil baby :D I say this because of the Beach Boys Song and the opening credits of ‘Look Who’s Talking’

  3. birchriver:

    was hoping for a bit of sand to wiggle my toes in and dream of a trip to the beach

  4. StaceyW:

    A MAHOOOOOSIVE beach ball!!

  5. Cindy:

    I know what it is…it’s a transportation device to get your “around” your building/office. Like a segway (sp?).

  6. Barb Levisay:

    A round die cutting machine to make round moo cards.

  7. Lena Jones:

    I think that it is a robotic helper!

  8. Wilson:

    a lil’ california sun & sandy beach

  9. Lisa:

    Hmm.. A big wooden box, and the Beach Boys’ I get Around… It’s a Hoveround!! Or a spiffy new desk chair with built in massager that reclines.

  10. Susan:

    Could it be, a round cow? Moo

  11. Matt Carracino:

    why its a stack of Moo MiniCards of course

  12. KristinaB.:

    The Beach Boys are in the box! :)
    Or some classic mini moo cruiser cars, yeah….

  13. amy m:

    A jet pack for cow aviation!

  14. Jade:

    What gets around?? Maybe the Moo community bicycle??

  15. Gena:

    Ok maybe it’s the wonderful new round business cards and mini cards!

  16. Joe Clay:

    OK, you get around, huh? I got this. It’s a miniature unicorn with a saddle woven from brushed elven hair. Next.

  17. Suzanne:

    I think it is a robot like R2D2 who will tell you jokes every day so you are all happy mooareanos!

  18. Susan:

    It is filled with round business card holders because you are going to offer round cards soon.

  19. S.R. Dickie:

    After the Beach Boys clue:
    …hmmm…a little black book?…a Monkey…a Go-Go cage so you can dance/workout during your lunch break?

  20. Darlene Harris:

    It is an award you recieved for “getting around” the glove with your product. The most shipped product around the world.

  21. Angela Thomas:

    Is it a portable printing press? Oh! My! Print-on-demand and on-location services from MOO? Could it be??? And, could it be that SMALL?


  22. Kim Boyd:

    It’s round window decals so our businesses can “get around” town on peoples cars.

  23. Marjorie Dawson:

    I would say its a scooter of some kind, like a Segway motorised thingy scootery one – right?.

  24. Laura:

    business cards with a cell phone bar code for free Beach Boy’s music?

  25. CD:

    Is the box the ‘ place where the kids are hip’? In which case it doubly confirms my Tardis theory otherwise how would they fit in.

    Really enjoyed watching the vid, looks like the origins of ‘Dad Dancing’ may have started here, when the Dad’s were the hip kids . Simpler times.

  26. Stephanie:

    It’s a round die printing machine to print round things???

  27. Maré:

    Something to move the products around in, like a trolley?

  28. Rhonda CORBY:

    Is it a Segway so you guys can buzz around (“I get around”) the print shop and warehouse to get all our orders out in time….?

  29. pennie:

    since it’s your top secret and will make everybody happy, I guess it’s the machine that put the sound into our cards so now it’s a talking needs to put on eyeglasses to read it.

  30. Cori K.:

    A small toy car, ready perhaps for cruising to places where the kids are hip?

  31. leni:

    my best guess according to my estimated size, height and clue interpretation says it’s a segue to get around town on. but i like to think that maybe there is really a dj hiding in there with his turntables; talk about a party in a box!

  32. Brenda G.:

    I think it’s a vacation to somewhere with a beach & warm sunshine!

  33. Mario Brandao:

    An Easter Bunny on stripes would be nice at the MOO office! :)

  34. Pearl:

    A box of ocean, flash frozen to freeze dried foam?

  35. StaceyW:

    a new MOOsic band (gettit)

  36. png:

    Is it a moounicycle?

  37. fudgeh0g:

    is it the beach boys’ half sized drum kit?? or perhaps their dress sense?

  38. LongLeafSoaps:

    Yep, it’s a round die cutter….

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