What’s in the Box? – A MOO Competition!

6th April 2011 by Charlotte

A few days ago, we received a top secret special something that made everyone at MOO HQ very, very happy – and we hope it’s going to make you all equally happy (as soon as we’re allowed to reveal what it is). When we posted a picture on Twitter, you made us laugh so much with your impromptu guesses (yes, “Wardrobe to Narnia” and “Time Machine”, we’re talking to you) that we thought we’d have a little fun. So, over the next few weeks, we’re running a competition called “What’s in the box?”

MOO Arrival

We’re looking for the most fun and fabulous guesses you can come up with – and since we know you’re an uber-creative community, don’t be afraid to (ahem) think outside the box (Oh dear. That was terrible, wasn’t it? That’s what happens when you try to box clever…)

To enter:

-Post your guesses in the comment section below (though if you do want to put your “answer on a postcard”, you’ll get brownie points if you made it at MOO!). If you don’t see your comment immediately, it’s just because we do have to check that they are nice and clean first – remember your mother could be reading this!

-The closing date is Sunday 17 April 11.59pm PT and we’ll announce the winner on the blog in the week beginning Monday 18 April

-The final decision will be made by Lisa, our very own VP of Marketing and Product

What’s the prize, we hear you shout? Glad you asked! The person who comes up with our favourite guess will win themselves £100 / $165 to spend with MOO.

Let the guessing games begin!

Comments (590)

  1. Jo:

    Umm…His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh?

  2. sdeweerd:

    A leprechaun for a product photoshoot because he will be on the same scale as the mini cards?

  3. Nick:

    A new bike for David Langer mis-delivered?

  4. James:

    A new Moo mascot, fresh from Japan it’s an automated autonomous walking cow man thing. You will make it deliver hot drinks and food around the office and if you give it’s belly a squeeze it will release a little Moooo from it’s mouth. After much abuse and mistreatment from the Moo team, it will then break free and set out to find it’s real mother in the rolling fields of the Yorkshire Dales.

  5. Lydia:

    Prototype Ad-ape. An orangutan wearing a moo-printed t-shirt.
    He will cheerfully lope behind you advertising your site/product.
    The lack of air-holes in the box concerns me, Moo.

  6. Anna Jane Searle:

    I think it is a Robot that does all the cleaning and makes you cups of tea and coffee, even sandwiches and panini’s. Just like the robots in ‘Batteries not included’ :)

  7. Jackie Waters:

    chocolate moo stickers , a money spinner if ever there was one

  8. Anna Batog:

    I think the spring finally arrived! Although it was mislabeled and arrived in London instead of Denmark! I hope you unpack it soon! :-)

  9. susa:

    Machine to make 3D tattoos, imagine bald head and someone makes 3D afro on it…

  10. Ruth:

    Hmm. You’ve got me thinking. What could be as top secret and special as you say – yet you’re willing to leave it in the box for 2 weeks? My guess is a giant Easter egg – covered with your all time favourite Moo designs, and filled with enough mini eggs for all your dedicated customers?!

  11. Barb:

    A Moo Costume for the new Mascot ???

  12. Steve:

    Its a laser, originally meant for etching funky metal business cards, but since arriving at the office plans have changed and the new plan is to try and take over the world – mawwhahahahaaaa

  13. katie:

    Jelly, lemon flavoured jelly
    one big slab of jelly

  14. roy:

    I reckon its a Royal wedding Sticker machine that produces stickers and cards in the shape of William and Kate

  15. Dan Bullock:

    *muffle muffle*

    It’s me….let me out! Or just feed me cake…I can work for cake.

  16. Sam Yates:

    Another box, but smaller…ok I see where this is going…
    Is it a large wooden doll, followed by a series of smaller ones inside.

  17. John:

    Well you have little Moo and Big Moo so obviously this has to be


  18. Jo:

    A MOO-tasT (TM) printer manufactured especially and exclusively by Mr Willy Wonka, capable of producing flavoured inks such as fizz-wacking espresso, monstrous bilberry and spotted dick. Comes with 2 x trained oompa-loompas and comprehensive tasT-o-matic taste swatches (mind the chicken gizzard flavour, maybe save that one for the French intern).

  19. Cesca:

    A MOO app for our iphones wrapped in beautiful paper created from the many lovely patterns available from moo….God, do you see how desperate I am for a £100 quid!!

  20. Han:

    Solid Snake! High five for the geeks at Moo HQ! No? Just me. That’s cool.

    It’s probably Lady Gaga; she’s going to be reborn as a minicard and deliver her next performace through the post.

  21. xenia:

    A giant cat!

  22. Dave Clayton:

    The 1973 World Hide and Seek Champion ?

  23. Jason Hunt:

    An original Space Invaders machine?

  24. Vi:

    Hhhhhm i’m pretty sure there is styrofoam in this box and maybe a bit of omg bubbles paper \o/
    Ok wait is that a cutting engine ? A big machine that can cut awesome crazy corners or cut out stuff from a card ? Oh no I know it is a new printer or maybe it is a huge coffee machine… Oh I got it : a cutting-printer-coffee-making machine ! Who does dare to say there is no more crazy invention in our lil world ?

    This wood box teased me so much I’m wondering if it is by anyway related to screenprinting… Damn that would be crazy ! Talking about crazy I think this whole story made me a bit excited and ignite my creative mind . Yay new moo cards projects are running in my head.

  25. Bernice Anderson:

    it’s an inc-moo-bator with lots of little baby moos ready to be dispatched – the moo family is expanding!

  26. Emma:

    aunty Joan………where are the breathing holes?

  27. Andy Piper:

    A clone of Richard Moross. Or, a cryogenics chamber to preserve his genius.

  28. Yashoda:

    The “Cut the rope” game with the cute little monster who just wants candy…

  29. Suzanne:

    I think that you got a big box full of pelican whispers… that’s what I think… ^_^ x

  30. CD:

    A Tardis, the only way to expand your print facilities without paying extortionate costs on premises. Oh the lengths you’ll go to to keep prices affordable for us. We thank you!

  31. Shirley:

    They’re the new staff uniforms. In two weeks all Moo employees will be required to dress like heifers and bulls.

  32. Pete M:

    It’s just got to be one of those arty model MOO cows that have been dotted around cities over the last few years. I’ve seen some in Liverpool and Madrid.

  33. Kay:

    I guess its not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, nor an icecream from Moomaid (milk from Sid Vicious and Daisy), that would have melted, (other icecreams are available) so it must be jam packed full of mini fluffy Moo’s to send to kids in Japan.

  34. Tadej:

    It’s the hardware of Little MOO – the piece of software that manages our orders. :) ))))

  35. JD Knight:

    I think eastern Pennsylvania was finally over all the cold weather and sent Punxsutawney Phil to you all. After all, that little muskrat lied to them when he predicted an early spring.

  36. Tadej:

    It’s a “telecopier” – based on the teleporter it doesn’t only transfer things between distances but copies/reproduces them in 3D. Being an exact replica to the original. So MOO will be producing & reproducing everything (from cards to frames) with this telecopier. Best of all? A couple of seconds after the order, everything will appear on our desk in front of the keyboard. Eleminating the classical delivery completely. While product fading-in on your desk, you will hear the sound “Delivered to you by MOO.” :) )))

  37. Alexandre L'Eveille:

    A parallel universe where designers and their creative minions are venerated as gods. It’s camouflaged on the outside so that demando commandos (“Make the logo bigger!” Change that red to blue!” Make the logo colors match my office décor!”) can’t get in, only the nice clients would participate in a positive way can get visit.

  38. Louise:

    Looks like it could be the new Office Beer Fridge to me!

  39. Lindsay Temple:

    Hmmmmmmmm . . . . . . Well looking at the box very carefully it’s quite flat and seems to be the right dimensions for a GIANT Moo mini card . . . . . . Perhaps it is a Giant Magnetic Moo mini card to stick on the front of your refrigerator .. . . . . . magnetic Moo mini cards hmmmmm.

  40. Nila:

    Gigacards. Sure to make a lasting impression at ANY networking event!

  41. Joe:

    Michigan J. Frog?

  42. bluehook:

    It’s a machine that can enhance Moo cards by embossing, laminating, printing glitter, fairy dust and holograms, oh and maybe a scratch and sniff that can be customised to match the business. Nothing fancy really.

  43. Tim Wright:

    A slightly smaller box, and inside that a smaller box again. And so on until there is a box half the size of normal invisibility again. (courtesy Mr O’Brian)

  44. Nelly:

    a mini cow?

  45. Jenny Oakley:

    I think it is an amazing ‘newmoo’ machine for creating ‘unmoosual’
    additional items to the moo range. These might be :

    moo cash cows – mini rubber cows with bendy legs that can be printed with company logo
    moo zak business cards – moosical cards that play a tune when truned over
    moo teasers – little chocolate sweets with honeycomb centres and printed with logos

    Run out of silly ideas now – have fun !


  46. Nelly:

    ok, since the box seems to be large enough, how about upgrading the mini cow to a medium cow?

  47. Miya:

    It’s obviously Jimmy Hoffa, with the missing 18 minutes of the Watergate Tapes and DB Cooper’s money.

  48. Elizabeth:

    I kno, I kno… it’s a rainbow zebra striped clown car for little moo to drive around the country and visit customers to see how they are using their moo products… Wait a minute I didn’t kno little moo could drive! o_0

  49. kieran:

    is it me?
    its dark and cold where i am.

    turn the heating on

  50. cat burglar:

    it was a cat, but now it’s a big box of nothing …

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