What’s in the Box? – A MOO Competition!

6th April 2011 by Charlotte

A few days ago, we received a top secret special something that made everyone at MOO HQ very, very happy – and we hope it’s going to make you all equally happy (as soon as we’re allowed to reveal what it is). When we posted a picture on Twitter, you made us laugh so much with your impromptu guesses (yes, “Wardrobe to Narnia” and “Time Machine”, we’re talking to you) that we thought we’d have a little fun. So, over the next few weeks, we’re running a competition called “What’s in the box?”

MOO Arrival

We’re looking for the most fun and fabulous guesses you can come up with – and since we know you’re an uber-creative community, don’t be afraid to (ahem) think outside the box (Oh dear. That was terrible, wasn’t it? That’s what happens when you try to box clever…)

To enter:

-Post your guesses in the comment section below (though if you do want to put your “answer on a postcard”, you’ll get brownie points if you made it at MOO!). If you don’t see your comment immediately, it’s just because we do have to check that they are nice and clean first – remember your mother could be reading this!

-The closing date is Sunday 17 April 11.59pm PT and we’ll announce the winner on the blog in the week beginning Monday 18 April

-The final decision will be made by Lisa, our very own VP of Marketing and Product

What’s the prize, we hear you shout? Glad you asked! The person who comes up with our favourite guess will win themselves £100 / $165 to spend with MOO.

Let the guessing games begin!

Comments (590)

  1. Janaid:

    The Easter bunny!

  2. Cyan:

    Prince William and Catherine’s royal wedding invitation!

  3. Merna:

    Round Moo cards!

  4. Karen:

    It’s the REAL MOOd card making machine… the April Fool’s joke wasn’t entirely a hoax.

  5. nick smith:

    Indiana jones lost ark!

  6. Deadlyred:

    It has to be a Round Moo card printer complete with ready to print cards.

  7. Mark Timmins:

    I think This is all bull! you really have a cowardy calf intern and this is their office…….Hee heee

  8. Claudia:

    In the box there is the new MOO surfboard prototype. On sale as of 1 April 2012. I pre-order mine with a picture of Luxray, the Pokemon with x-ray vision who helped me “guess” what’s in the box.

  9. j3nnee:

    I’m thinking in the vein of that old ghost story: And in that dark dark closet was a dark dark shelf. And on that dark dark shelf… was a dark dark box. And in that dark dark box… there was a GHOST! ;)

  10. Kelly:

    It’s either the biggest jelly bean ever or a crate of spiders. I know which one I want!

  11. Rach:

    A new portable MooBooth!! … out and about … You can drop by with your data key, or pop in to take some “passport snaps” and get creative!! A “Street Art – Moobooth”!!!

  12. james:

    I think it is a huge ice cream cone. definitely.

  13. Adam:

    I think it could be a MOO surf board to hit the waves with this summer OR maybe a MOO vending machine that dispenses a select range of your most popular MOO designed products.

  14. Jamie:

    I bet it’s a new printer from “Pimp my Printer” that you guys ride around on like rodeo cowboys while it shoots out orders.

  15. Kathleen Whelan:

    My idea of what the box contains is:

    A face of a cow’s face in black and white with a large speech bubble coming out of the mouth with the word MOO!

  16. Tim:

    Moo’s new mascot, Molly the Cow.

  17. Mia Adams:

    Doctor who, and when he comes out of the box he says “hi can i
    please order some of your buisness cards? i mean with all this
    travelling and introducing myself it gets really annoying having
    to explain my name out all the time and wear i live”.

  18. Rob Reynolds:

    It’s the 3B machine (Bovine Business Builder)!

  19. Nourbese:

    One of santa’s little helpers that got laid off in the recession and decided to look for work abroad

  20. infigamus:

    I don’t mean to be sheepish but it has to be a ram punch or die cutter to round corner cards!

  21. Lxs:

    A tree of best-of moo-cards! using a 3d-printer to create a non-organic tree of wonderful designs…….

  22. Kia:

    Some alternate version of the Tardis.

  23. Steffi Goddard:

    There is definitely a 2/4” 62 07 in that box – it says so on the outside.

  24. Nic Brain:

    It’s a giant tablet PC. Designing on a PC has become mundane & obvious. Instead you thought it would be more fun to have a giant digital canvas. This way you can design with your body. You can crawl on it, throw your hands around and create amazing works like MOO-D.

    With this you are going to invite designers to come and try there luck on Tablet MOO aka, T-MOO. You’ll subsequently put an aerial camera above the tablet and record each and every designer crawling around like a baby to create the amazing artwork all us customers like to buy.

    I for one can’t wait to watch the videos & buy the works! Well done Moo on such a innovative idea :)

  25. Catherine Kanvik:

    David Letterman is inside, writing the top ten reasons to use Moo. He is ready to spring out at any given time to entertain.

  26. Angela Ellis:

    Nothing now.. you unpacked it already..

  27. Andy:

    A Superlambanana ?

  28. Hungrywolf:

    Spaghetti, Boxes, and boxes of Spaghetti. Different shapes, Horse, kitties, skeletal bones. Different Collars Rainbow, Black, and Orange Spaghetti, Veggie Sauce. (fresh veggies wont last till sunday the 17th.)

  29. Lionel:

    Without doubt, this is more water to cool down the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plan. We all need that.

  30. Geoff Fletcher:

    Dr Who’s new Tardis. It always blends into it’s surroundings!

  31. le brishoual helene:

    a door to the “printed world”, everyone goes through the same door, but each of us has his own universe made of colors and good taste, fun and happiness…
    the best is when our spaces meet!

    have a good trip, and share, please :)

  32. Shelly:

    It is a moo printer that prints fast equipped with design templates, colour choices…ect.

  33. Hope Nelson:

    Everything is in the box, you (moo.com) are in the box and I am in the box.

  34. Michael Cramer:

    Dorian Gray’s portrait sized business card… Cheers, m.

  35. rhys walsh:

    The internet?

  36. elizabeth rowe:

    diecutter for cutting round corners on business cards so we can all think outside the square. :)

  37. Städtetrips:

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