What’s in the Box? – A MOO Competition!

6th April 2011 by Charlotte

A few days ago, we received a top secret special something that made everyone at MOO HQ very, very happy – and we hope it’s going to make you all equally happy (as soon as we’re allowed to reveal what it is). When we posted a picture on Twitter, you made us laugh so much with your impromptu guesses (yes, “Wardrobe to Narnia” and “Time Machine”, we’re talking to you) that we thought we’d have a little fun. So, over the next few weeks, we’re running a competition called “What’s in the box?”

MOO Arrival

We’re looking for the most fun and fabulous guesses you can come up with – and since we know you’re an uber-creative community, don’t be afraid to (ahem) think outside the box (Oh dear. That was terrible, wasn’t it? That’s what happens when you try to box clever…)

To enter:

-Post your guesses in the comment section below (though if you do want to put your “answer on a postcard”, you’ll get brownie points if you made it at MOO!). If you don’t see your comment immediately, it’s just because we do have to check that they are nice and clean first – remember your mother could be reading this!

-The closing date is Sunday 17 April 11.59pm PT and we’ll announce the winner on the blog in the week beginning Monday 18 April

-The final decision will be made by Lisa, our very own VP of Marketing and Product

What’s the prize, we hear you shout? Glad you asked! The person who comes up with our favourite guess will win themselves £100 / $165 to spend with MOO.

Let the guessing games begin!

Comments (590)

  1. Lorretta Mendoza:

    How about a Mini Cooper all decked out in Moo Cards to run about town touting the great things you can do with MOO Cards?

  2. Holly:

    …alternatively, giant magnetized cards/poster stock to print for instant advertising on cars. (“I get arooooooouuuund…” BTW, never noticed before that one of the Beach Boys had such a giant head. Irrelevant, but interesting.)

  3. Carol Beth:

    It’s a giant ink drop striped like a beach ball with all your funky colors.

  4. Josefina:

    Heeeeeeyy!! Get me out!!!! oxigen is runnin´out and it´s ME in the box!!!!!

  5. Lorretta Mendoza:

    Definitely something……ROUND! And because the box
    is made out of wood it has to be something really heavy
    and fagile. I KNOW!!!! It’s “the Major Award…..
    Just like the one in A Christmas Story.” A LEG LAMP!

  6. Lorretta Mendoza:

    Okay if it’s not the Leg Lamp… could it be the
    Weapon of Mass Destruction that Stewie Griffin has been
    working on all this time?

  7. DEBBY Miller:

    Is it a “State of the art, luxury leather swivel chair” for whizzing ‘around’ the office at top speed to sort out the millions of orders for your fantastic MOO products in double quick time??? xx

  8. Judi Weers:

    It has to be a type of segway, so you can herd all those Moo cows and get around the office easier.

  9. Pauline:

    a die cutting machine? ‘I get a-round’ edges for cards?

  10. Denise:

    You’ve got the Beach Boys in there? WOW! I hope you got some air holes for them to breathe! Oh, and you might want to feed them if you’re not going to open the silly thing yet! :o )

  11. Vicky C:

    a new moo printer

  12. Denise:

    A Segway? (sp?) One of those 2-wheelie type contraptions?

    Or, perhaps a die cutter to create round business cards???

  13. Diana:

    A very large Cadbury chocolate Easter egg

  14. Katrina:

    A little ray of sunshine (all the way from Australia)

  15. cindy:

    the moo mascot!

  16. cindy:

    moo guitar

  17. cindy:

    candy-striped (like what the beach boys are wearing), electric bike!

  18. Catriona King:

    I think there is sand from 1962 in that box!……….

  19. Lesley:

    It’s a black and white patterned Segway for running boxes of Moo cards up and down the corridors of Moo HQ

  20. dave:

    Moo due…from being stored in the morning cold climate…LOzl

  21. Monica Miles:

    50 billion tears from people with regular-sized business cards.

  22. Michelle:

    I think it’s a shiny new Segway!

  23. cat burglar:

    a beach ball.

  24. ODDimagination:

    It’s the Chick-fil-a cows coming to visit MOO so they can print more advertising that says “eat mor chiken”. (Remember, cows can’t spell.)

  25. axel:

    A lot of creativity!

  26. Amanda Strama:

    David Hasselhoff and Paula Abdul…they had
    dissapeared from that David Copperfield show…
    Good thing for him they turned up.

  27. Paul Nguyen:

    A small vanity cabinet except one drawer contains a spectrum-complete set of 1000 different colored crayons, one drawer contains a matching set of premium markers, another drawer contains an equally impressive color graphite, pastel, and charcoal pencils, and the last drawer contains crisp and clean sheets of cardstock. Now I kind of want a cabinet like that…

  28. Lynn Oxford:

    Scratch and Sniff machine

  29. Darlene Samuel:

    A tax auditor!

  30. Mike:

    Is it the lost matter that scientists have been looking for all this time?

  31. Nat@ dear little house:

    Medium-MOO? In addition to being bigger than little MOO but smaller then big MOO he has psychic powers and can predict the order that customers want to place? (Pun fully intended.)

  32. Jess:

    It’s a new server! It will help you “get around” faster on the internet, and process orders faster.

  33. Sharon:

    The flying car they promised us back in the 50s

  34. Kirra:

    Prank gift – Cow Poo!

  35. erica sailors:

    my guess is a scooter,

  36. Katrin:

    Ai Weiwei

  37. Ivan:

    An animatronic dancing cow, straight from the labs in Japan. Can fire MiniCards directly into people’s hands from udders.

  38. bonjovi6635:

    Road Printer?, no

    3D Printer? T-shirt Printer?
    Bag, Shoes, Mobile… Printer?

    Whatever, It’s a Printer, a “MOOney” Printer :P

  39. SolyCali:

    My guess is that u guys are getting into pens and mugs(Mooray!)
    and need to print “a round” these, so this is the new printer!

  40. MiniBambini:

    It is printer for uber cute round mini moo’s!!!

  41. Laura:

    Is it a moo machine to make some moo products…like stickers that I can put my contact details on and stick them everywhere, or is it just a boring new door that you guys are excited about but I’m not!

  42. Christine V.:

    Hmmm…it looks sort of like the monolith from 2001! I don’t suppose there’s any chance it’s the matching engraved stone that explains what on earth (or off earth, I suppose) that monolith is all about? Yeah, probably not. I just hope for your sake it’s not Hal…

  43. Leigh:

    It’s a MooMobile…maybe it’s a MooSegway !

  44. Betsy Guthrie:

    Schrodinger’s Cat!

  45. Betsy Guthrie:

    Dark Matter? Don’t open it!!!

  46. Matt:

    Schrodinger’s cat, of course.

  47. Carla:

    Candy stripped shirts for the entire Moo staff!! That would be awesome. Or perhaps a new wheelie chair so someone can “get around” the office quicker.

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