What’s in the Box? – A MOO Competition!

6th April 2011 by Charlotte

A few days ago, we received a top secret special something that made everyone at MOO HQ very, very happy – and we hope it’s going to make you all equally happy (as soon as we’re allowed to reveal what it is). When we posted a picture on Twitter, you made us laugh so much with your impromptu guesses (yes, “Wardrobe to Narnia” and “Time Machine”, we’re talking to you) that we thought we’d have a little fun. So, over the next few weeks, we’re running a competition called “What’s in the box?”

MOO Arrival

We’re looking for the most fun and fabulous guesses you can come up with – and since we know you’re an uber-creative community, don’t be afraid to (ahem) think outside the box (Oh dear. That was terrible, wasn’t it? That’s what happens when you try to box clever…)

To enter:

-Post your guesses in the comment section below (though if you do want to put your “answer on a postcard”, you’ll get brownie points if you made it at MOO!). If you don’t see your comment immediately, it’s just because we do have to check that they are nice and clean first – remember your mother could be reading this!

-The closing date is Sunday 17 April 11.59pm PT and we’ll announce the winner on the blog in the week beginning Monday 18 April

-The final decision will be made by Lisa, our very own VP of Marketing and Product

What’s the prize, we hear you shout? Glad you asked! The person who comes up with our favourite guess will win themselves £100 / $165 to spend with MOO.

Let the guessing games begin!

Comments (590)

  1. Elly Parker:

    A new machine called Baby Moo to go along with Little Moo and Big Moo! He’ll be printing the MOO-D ink onto cards! ;-)

  2. Steve James:

    It’s a coffin for outdated printing equipment and ideas.

  3. dylan555:

    It’s the first ever set of Giant MiniCards.

  4. Ewan Spence:

    What’s in the big brown box? Why, the very same big brown box – except this one is addressed to Philip K Dick.

  5. Kathy:

    Huge Poster sized mini moo frames – big enough to make a ginormous wall decoration full of your fabulous cards!

  6. angela reyero:

    it’s a new printer??

    naahh too obvious.. a bed!! XDD

  7. Lorraine:

    Austerity measures forcing even the most successful businesses to downsize and cut costs….welcome to our new office!

  8. SKellyHart:

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s head is a little too small, so I am going to guess… the rest of Gwyneth Paltrow!

  9. Kevin Z:

    Well it’s pretty obvious. It is either the new printer that prints the MOO-D Ink cards or a home for the cute little kitty that used to live on the support page. Im going for a new kitty home. =)

  10. Marian:

    Perhaps the box contains a rainbow. There’s got to be some magical source for the beautiful print colors Moo uses.

    And of course, there’s a pot of gold with it, for the next generation of Moo printing! Gold embossing!

  11. Rory:

    Taking a guess at the dimensions, I’ll go with 2 metres tall, by 1 metre wide, by half a metre deep. A pile of ten Moo Mini Cards is about 5mm high, 70mm wide and 28mm deep.

    Working with these dimensions, you could fit roughly 980,000 mini cards in that box. If you got a few Moo staff members to gently push and squeeze you could get that number up to 1,000,000 mini cards in a box.

    So that’s my answer – 1 Million Moo Mini Cards. Why you would do that is beyond me, but I’ve contacted a representative from the Guinness Book of Records and they’re on standby.

  12. Marian:

    Then again, there could be a fox locked in the box. A fox wearing socks with clocks.

    A clock sock wearing fox who makes cards with wood blocks on colored paper stock or even nice, flat rocks.

  13. Marjorie Dawson:

    Well, of course, it’s obvious. It’s a new 3D printer. So we can make Moo business cards in the most technologically fast forward way you could dream of!

  14. Leesa Williams:

    It’s a clone army so orders can get processed even quicker, mental notes downloaded immediately and make coffee and treats appear through telepathic communication with the happy and willing worker clones :) . Hang on! This is my fantasy!!

  15. Pei Jhu:

    Moo vending machine. haha

  16. Laura:

    It’s Micro Moo, a new Print Robot that will serve tea and offer foot massages to Little Moo and Big Moo.

  17. Dave:

    Schrödinger’s cat, of course.

  18. chris:

    Charlie Sheen? winning answer!!?!

  19. Sofia:

    In that oh so amazing box there certainly a brand new Moo product:

    Giant post cards! Wee!! Fun!!!

    Can’t wait to get mine! :P

  20. annie:

    the answer gotta be “JACK” :)

  21. bee:

    It’s a new printer making glitter on cards :)

  22. StaceyW:

    Lurking in that box is a giant, desperate easter bunny monster, made up of all the other discarded, boring business cards that are out there. The bunny has travelled to Moo HQ, as it wants to be adopted and transformed into a happy, fabulous moo bunny made up of moo products!!

  23. Jamie I:

    Is it a series of incrementally smaller boxes, until the final box which contains a monkey (wearing a hat) with very delicate and arty hands who will be responsible for hand-drawing and painting the best designs for new moo cards?

  24. Carla:

    Hmmm…I think it’s a robot cow that will be the new mascot, painted orange and white and really anxious to get out of that box since he’s probably tilted up the wrong way. He will help around the office by eating (shredding) things and licking stamps. And just being cute to make the staffies smile.

  25. Shane:

    It’s a box full of Pinocchio’s business cards. Like him, they are made of wood, dull, boring and lifeless…. the box has come to Geppetto “moo” to be transformed and given life!

  26. Adam:

    a tiny office for ants. congratulations on branching out to the insect world!

  27. Jordan:

    While perfectly plausible suppositions abound, I’m respecting the boxes privacy.

  28. hj:

    grilled cheese sandwiches. many many many grilled cheese sandwiches. for everyone. and every new Moo customer will also get one delivered to them with their first order. two sammies if you make a referral to a friend. whoop!

  29. Brian:

    I believe a Willie Wonka-esque ice-cream machine is lurking inside the box, ready to deliver MOO-licious, ice creamey goodness on demand to industrious MOO-vee stars (who make people like me marvel at how hapless we were before MOO burst onto the scene).

  30. Richard:

    Sooooo Natch … ’tis mistreated Australian Jarrah!

  31. Saskia van Hilten:

    It’s a 3d hollogram machine! So that we can stuff 3d holograms in to our moo cards and show the holograms to every one! WOW!!

  32. David Pryor:

    Is it a cat, a container of poison and a radioactive source. The cat of course is both alive and dead.

  33. bettina kingma:

    its a box full of farm animals your branching out.

  34. Stephanie:

    I think its a heard of mini moo cows who individually make mini moo cards, in individual mini moo boxes, who befriend every mini moo card orderer!!!

  35. Leigh:

    I think it’s a thing that’s used for doing stuff.

  36. Deborah McGwin:

    I have to admit, I wish I WAS in the box. I am so impressed with my first purchase of moo cards… esp the mini cards with the unlimited images on the backside, I am just dying to jump into that box and ship myself there so I can see first hand how cool your little print shop really is. I absolutely LOVE the paper stock and the high end quality of these at such affordable prices make my photography and design business look incredibly impressive and professional and i think everyone is filled envy. : ) When I open the box to share my cards its like eye candy… and people want more than one cuz they are soo fun! yay!~ so yes, i am on my way…look out moo people.

  37. BigParrot:

    It’s a General Utility Non-theorizing Printing Control Robot á la Lost in space

  38. Andy:

    A4/A3 prints boxes A4/A3 Card envelopes

    A wish list rather than a guess

  39. Gena:

    It’s gotta be Lindsay Lohan….hiding from the judge, let her out on the courthouse steps please.

  40. pat:

    It’s a Slushie machine

  41. Darryl:

    Alex is in the box.

    Marty, Melman and Gloria would have different size boxes.

  42. Cath Marshall:

    A family of refugees

  43. Maré:

    The gnome and his desk and paints, that paints the mini cards at night when everyone is asleep.

  44. Matt:

    A small shaved dwarf, a crate of beer, a football and a frisbee. The perfect ingredients for a summer party!

  45. Rachel:

    This box has been carefully positioned so as to obscure the air holes bored into the top and sides of it. Recently received via international courier, it contains Moo’s official new mascot: an Australian wombat. Like moo cards, the wombat is a versatile creature that in addition to livening up the office, can stand in as an ottoman in a pinch!

  46. Andrew Benbow:

    According to Google you have a Dallas night club in there called the Curtain Club (214 6207) or possibly a small Louis XIV style antique fireplace in Verde Antico white veined green marble with a moulded serpentine shelf and scrolled, panelled jambs (6207 print)

    Personally, I think it’s an Allure 6207 Strapless Print Dress

  47. boutazir:

    It’s a gorilla that you decided to hire to speed up the process of printing on the little moo machine.

  48. HippyHillary:

    I don’t know what’s in the box, but it keeps saying “Bugrit. Millenium hand and Shrimp!”

  49. HippyHillary:

    A life-sized model of Katherine Hepburn made of cheesecake

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