A Business Card Breakthrough!

1st April 2011 by Simon G

It’s luckily not very often we have to share bad news on the blog. However, we felt we should let you all know that there was a break in at MOO HQ this week. Your orders are safe and no damage was done to our printing and packing equipment. It seems the people responsible knew exactly what they were looking for: our new product and technology – currently in development, and due to launch later this year.

Early this morning one of our customer service agents received an anonymous email containing a video which shows three people entering the MOO office, discovering and taking items from our research labs. These individuals are now attempting to blackmail MOO before our scheduled product release. So, in order to beat the blackmailers to it we’re announcing the product today and sharing their video footage with you.

Introducing: MOO-D Cards and MOO-D Ink

Following months of research and development, using a combination of thermochromatic chemistry and our own Printfinity technology, MOO are happy to announce MOO-D Ink and MOO-D Cards.

MOO-D Cards

So, how does it work?

Available in the four CMYK colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – MOO-D ElectroInk works just like the ink we use to print your existing cards with one additional benefit – mood detection technology!

Through a complex chemical process, we’ve been able to trap liquid thermochromatic crystals in the MOO-D Ink to provide your cards with mood detection functionality. The crystal-infused ink, similar to the crystals found in mood rings, is responsive to the emotions or feelings of the person holding the card.

When meeting new people for the first time it can sometimes be tricky to know what makes them ‘tick. As a designer you’ll now be able to tell if a client is ‘warm’ to your idea. When networking you’ll quickly be able to see if your new contact is going to be a dream or a nightmare to work with. The ways you can use MOO-D technology to help you get the edge in your industry are endless!

As we hadn’t planned on announcing this product until later this year, we don’t have packaging or fully tested products to offer you just yet. However, thanks to the intruders sharing their video with us, we’re actually able to show you MOO-D Ink in action:

Comments (858)

  1. Forget Me Not Cards:

    I love how the “burglars” talk, put their finger prints all over the place and half-show their face. lol They are TRUE hardened criminals who def. know what they are doing!! Great video for April fools. Creative thinking, I love it!

  2. Lottie:

    Love it love it love it ! Ingenious!

  3. Lisa E:

    Isn’t it interesting how many new products are announced on the first day of April? Someone should do a study on that. ;)

    Well done.

  4. Anne Anderson:

    I sooooooo wish that Moo-D ink existed!!

  5. Brian:

    Thank god there isn’t actually a gang of corporate spies (led by a sinister Canadian mastermind) roaming the streets of London! Good one guys!

  6. Scharlie:

    wow! Want it! You are soooooo clever……………….

  7. Harriet Rich:

    I ACTUALLY fell for it, until I felt a niggling doubt when they were putting their fingerprints everywhere… Hmm!!! Well done ;)

  8. Philip Arthur:

    Looks a little too well shot to be real, and why would thieves in this day and age not use gloves, and talk so much while the camera is rolling. I’ll chalk this one up to a good April Fools by Moo.

  9. Karlo:

    We have been Moo’d :D

    But i secretly hope its real…

  10. One Vision Photography:

    Very Good I like the film (is it real???) that is the big question!!!

  11. Catherine Reinhard:

    Seems like it’s a pretty good April Fool’s joke but it’s kind of a bummer that it’s not an actual product – I got excited for a second and then I realized that it was April 1st…

    The “Blackmail” angle was a little over the top but still, well done guys. Happy April Fool’s Day!

  12. Definition Creative:

    wouldn’t it be awesome though? I’d love to know the amount of billable hours they wasted into this April fools leg pulling.

  13. Claire:

    Thermochromic ink is real, that’s been around for years! I used to work with paper technology and have a business card that uses it – so this could well be a real product that Moo are introducing.


  14. Joelle:

    A great way to launch the product!!! I can’t wait to place the FIRST order of MOOOO’D cards!! Sign me up!!

  15. Cassandra:

    I really hope this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Those look really cool. :P

  16. Brandon:

    if this is a joke i will kill somebody…

  17. Susan:

    Super clever! I neeeeeed these cards…

  18. Carolyn:

    Love it! Wish I still had my mood ring!

  19. BHB Kidstyle:

    Great marketing management! I wish I could think of something like this!
    I suppose I better order some cards. Might help me thinking….

  20. faheema:

    i love love love this! please make it available!


  21. Nicci:

    Sign me up I’ll take 100… damn I just realized it’s April Fools Day. Booo.

  22. Lifescientist:

    so … was the moderator holding all the one’s that gave away the prank until some set time?

  23. Melissa:

    A great way to celebrate April 1st! Thanks for the fun! Just another reason I LOVE MOO!

  24. LJ:

    If you guys aren’t actually seriously considering offering a thermochromatic ink, you really should be.

    My first thought upon reading the email was: I hope this isn’t a joke. I really hope Moo is introducing thermochromatics.

  25. Aubrey:

    Brilliant prank! But, umm…PLEASE make this now, lol. No really…now.

  26. nikki:

    I’ve been moo’d. :( Great joke… But I want the mood cards now, lol.

  27. Anna:

    Love it! Too funny! And I love Moo Cards!

    Anna from Motherly Law, loyal Moo Customer!

  28. sooze:

    I was born on april 1st, and I fell for it until the penny dropped late last night! Fantastic.

  29. Justin:

    I was excited then I read all the comments… Then I realized it wasn’t coming out at all and that it was all made up…. But I believe it will be out someday and I am going to put this comment on the front of my mood card . Bitchezzzz

  30. keneka:

    please please please make mini moo-d cards cos these look awesome

  31. Gretty:

    Amazing hahaha. I wish this really did exist! Work on it MOO

  32. Jason Edwards:

    Joking aside, if you did find a coating that did this I’d order by the truck load!

  33. bonjovi6635:

    wow! that’s an awesome breakthrough.

  34. dj misbehaviour:

    very nice

  35. Emilie:

    Wow, I’m impressed guys! Who is the mad professor who did crazy science? I think this year was the best one.

  36. LaurieY:

    I realized right away this was a joke… but the more I thought about it the more I want some of those cards! The colors kind of go with my new logo and it would set myself apart from the other business cards people get!

  37. Nick Meers:

    oh moo!
    I am astonished that you censored my comment – the 10th person to see it right at the start – now I am seriously upset with you guys for not publishing my comment – why not?

    Of all the amusing people and great marketeers online, I’m awestruck at your censorship – freedom of speech quite important, no way to treat a loyal customer, etc etc

    • Simon G:

      @Nick – We didn’t publish all the comments straight away – we couldn’t let those who’d guessed it was an April Fools ruin the surprise for everyone else!

  38. sentimentum:

    Thanks Moo,
    Love it ~ super idea, super April fool.

  39. Belinda:

    I have to own up it was me!!!!!
    I thought it was a new energy drink….
    My kids hugged me this morning as it’s mothers day…. I change colour every time they squeeze me, do you have the antidote…. My husband thinks I’m a silly Moo…

  40. Nikki:

    Genius! I would really like some of these though :o /

  41. gillian:

    while i realised it was an april fool before i watched the video, after seeing what the cards do, i said, awesome, i wish these were real!!!
    make it happen!!!!

  42. surreyweddingphotography:

    Yep my post was cut too – boo you spoil sports! lol

    A nice idea though with the spoof video – so tell us, is the product also a spoof too then I take it or is that something that you will be running out in the near future?

  43. Becki:

    Excellent publicity these burglars can drum up ain’t it?
    Very good, very well done, I doff my cap to you.

  44. Bill A.:

    LOVE this! When will it be available?
    Thanks also for the fun movie – smart;)

  45. Becky:

    DOH! totally fell for it :)
    Very clever moo

  46. Demian:

    If you make them I’ll buy them

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