A Business Card Breakthrough!

1st April 2011 by Simon G

It’s luckily not very often we have to share bad news on the blog. However, we felt we should let you all know that there was a break in at MOO HQ this week. Your orders are safe and no damage was done to our printing and packing equipment. It seems the people responsible knew exactly what they were looking for: our new product and technology – currently in development, and due to launch later this year.

Early this morning one of our customer service agents received an anonymous email containing a video which shows three people entering the MOO office, discovering and taking items from our research labs. These individuals are now attempting to blackmail MOO before our scheduled product release. So, in order to beat the blackmailers to it we’re announcing the product today and sharing their video footage with you.

Introducing: MOO-D Cards and MOO-D Ink

Following months of research and development, using a combination of thermochromatic chemistry and our own Printfinity technology, MOO are happy to announce MOO-D Ink and MOO-D Cards.

MOO-D Cards

So, how does it work?

Available in the four CMYK colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – MOO-D ElectroInk works just like the ink we use to print your existing cards with one additional benefit – mood detection technology!

Through a complex chemical process, we’ve been able to trap liquid thermochromatic crystals in the MOO-D Ink to provide your cards with mood detection functionality. The crystal-infused ink, similar to the crystals found in mood rings, is responsive to the emotions or feelings of the person holding the card.

When meeting new people for the first time it can sometimes be tricky to know what makes them ‘tick. As a designer you’ll now be able to tell if a client is ‘warm’ to your idea. When networking you’ll quickly be able to see if your new contact is going to be a dream or a nightmare to work with. The ways you can use MOO-D technology to help you get the edge in your industry are endless!

As we hadn’t planned on announcing this product until later this year, we don’t have packaging or fully tested products to offer you just yet. However, thanks to the intruders sharing their video with us, we’re actually able to show you MOO-D Ink in action:

Comments (858)

  1. Steve:

    I love how the criminals took the time to color-grade and add fake tape static. Obvious prank is obvious.

  2. Jeff R:

    Ahhhhh!!! I’d really want this product … but can you ever really trust a product launch on April 1st? I think the Moo crew are pulling an April Fools joke on us all.

  3. Loretta:

    Great April Fool’s marketing! I love your style, MOO. Was getting ready to design some new business cards and am going with you for sure now. Thanks for the laugh (kudos to you).

  4. Brenda:

    April Fools!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

  5. Maggie:

    Happy April Fools Day

  6. Aaron:

    Cannot wait to use these new Moo-D cards for our clients. We are always looking for new ideas and new products. This one is absolutely Awesome!

  7. Jennifer P.:


  8. Lappy:

    No one seems to have uttered the words APRIL FOOL’S…

  9. Sam:

    April Fools!

  10. Ruth:

    April fools?!
    Would be cool though!

  11. Cydney:

    Love me some Moo, but these comments are cracking me up. April Fools, perhaps?

  12. Stone:

    Hahaha April Fools by chance…

  13. Andre:

    April fools!

  14. Jen:

    April Fools ?? lol

  15. Teresa:

    Today I feel I’m in an April Fools Moo-D!!!

  16. Jan:

    It’s April 1st…this is a joke right??
    Can’t take anyone seriously today! :)

  17. jen:

    april fools?

  18. David Gétaz:

    Hum the 1st of April…

  19. Chris Bator:

    Best one I’ve seen today! I would order cards using this technology asap….

  20. Larry:

    I love it…you guys rock! :)

  21. Nathalie:

    Nice April’s Fools joke guys (on the break-in) :o )

    I like the new product, very exciting!

  22. Anne:

    Happy April’s fool to you too! Nice product and interesting “thiefs” they leave finger prints everywhere and show their faces to the camera- Good PR stunt though :)

  23. matt:

    april fools joke?

  24. Brooke:

    Apparently some people are forgetting what day it is… ;)

    Very cool, and your marketing is impeccable!

  25. Pinny:

    Erm….April fools perhaps guys?!

  26. Marcy:

    This is the best ever! LOL!
    You DO make really great basic business cards; I love mine.

  27. Lulu:

    Nice one, MOO… ;)

  28. MAP:

    Seriously? You guys all fell for this APRIL the 1st JOKE?????

  29. Ian Ivey - Virginia Wedding Photography:

    Very smart marketing — You’ve entertained me, so I’ll reward you with an order. :D

  30. donna:

    this is an awesome product!! what a clever, creative way to get this information out there, to fake a ‘break-in” fantastic!

  31. Cindy:

    looks a bit like a staged pr stunt

  32. MT:

    April Fools, right?

  33. Regina Marie:

    Ok! These are SOOOO cool! Yup! I’ll take’em.

  34. St3f:

    Great Idea, would really like to order some, but looking at the current date, I can’t believe it’s true… ;) April’s fool ;) But one of the best I read today ;)

  35. Luis:

    Is this an April Fool’s joke? That seriously doesn’t look like a break in, but if the product is real, I like it.

  36. Matthew:

    When is this coming out!?!?! I want it now!!

  37. David:

    The Moo-d card looks amazing but its been “released” on April Fools Day!

  38. Mike Sweeney:

    Fool-tastic.. awesome

  39. Rach:

    These cards look amazing,what a great idea! Although,the “video break-in” thing smells a little like a publicity stunt(and even it it is,its still a brilliant idea!)

  40. Murakami Photography:

    Yet another reason to use moo cards, it would be really cool to have a black and white picture as the under print and the moo-d (R) process applied over to top, great video, hopefully they just got away with a few of the sample cards and not the science behind the process!

  41. Lou Russo:

    Very well done! Oh if only… Happy April Fools!

  42. tina:

    i smell april fools

  43. Amber Flowers:

    OMG that is the coolest April fools joke I’ve seen all day! Original and creative. Moo-d ink would be totally awesome! I’ve loved mood technology since I was a kid. I’m not alone. This would be another top seller! ;)

  44. Hillary:

    Too funny! I’m embarrassed to say, you really had me going for awhile! I guess I’m a fool in love with MOO!

  45. Samantha Irelan Photography:

    Seriously cool!! Can they be ordered with images on one side and are they available now? I was just getting ready to re-order.

  46. Rae:

    You got me! Great product…and marketing.

  47. MoyJoy:

    first thought… this is really bad marketing
    second though… this has to be for april fools

    third thought… sigh. i wish this was real.

  48. Nikki:

    Okay, I’m confused everyone seems to love this. Isn’t this an April Fools Joke?

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