A Business Card Breakthrough!

1st April 2011 by Simon G

It’s luckily not very often we have to share bad news on the blog. However, we felt we should let you all know that there was a break in at MOO HQ this week. Your orders are safe and no damage was done to our printing and packing equipment. It seems the people responsible knew exactly what they were looking for: our new product and technology – currently in development, and due to launch later this year.

Early this morning one of our customer service agents received an anonymous email containing a video which shows three people entering the MOO office, discovering and taking items from our research labs. These individuals are now attempting to blackmail MOO before our scheduled product release. So, in order to beat the blackmailers to it we’re announcing the product today and sharing their video footage with you.

Introducing: MOO-D Cards and MOO-D Ink

Following months of research and development, using a combination of thermochromatic chemistry and our own Printfinity technology, MOO are happy to announce MOO-D Ink and MOO-D Cards.

MOO-D Cards

So, how does it work?

Available in the four CMYK colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – MOO-D ElectroInk works just like the ink we use to print your existing cards with one additional benefit – mood detection technology!

Through a complex chemical process, we’ve been able to trap liquid thermochromatic crystals in the MOO-D Ink to provide your cards with mood detection functionality. The crystal-infused ink, similar to the crystals found in mood rings, is responsive to the emotions or feelings of the person holding the card.

When meeting new people for the first time it can sometimes be tricky to know what makes them ‘tick. As a designer you’ll now be able to tell if a client is ‘warm’ to your idea. When networking you’ll quickly be able to see if your new contact is going to be a dream or a nightmare to work with. The ways you can use MOO-D technology to help you get the edge in your industry are endless!

As we hadn’t planned on announcing this product until later this year, we don’t have packaging or fully tested products to offer you just yet. However, thanks to the intruders sharing their video with us, we’re actually able to show you MOO-D Ink in action:

Comments (858)

  1. Liss:

    Great april fools day joke – love it!!

  2. Risingson:

    This is a breakthrough indeed! I’m glad you find the ways to stay at the top. Brilliant!

  3. Johnny:

    Is there any chance of making a business card of spaghetti?

  4. Annemiek:

    you nearly got me there! happy Aprils fool-day :-)

  5. Liezel:

    nice april fools joke guys :)

  6. Imogen:

    This is simply amazing! i cant wait to order some. Well done guys!!! xo

  7. digby:

    Something isn’t right but I can’t put my finger on it.

  8. A. P. Rilfools:

    Say my name.

  9. Claire Garrett:

    ahaha – almost had me!!

  10. Emma P:

    Very good. Up there with spaghetti trees and gorillas with iPads :-)

  11. Mark Harvey:

    April Fool! :)

  12. Simon Kelly:

    There’s a big part of me is really hoping this isn’t an April Fools thing – because if that’s real It’s truly lovely!

    Go on… tell me it’s real – I dare you!

  13. Tim Brown:

    Absolutely brilliant or a great April fools!

    Good work!

  14. Ldom:

    Pretty funny April’s fools, but who knows maybe this techno will exist one day!

  15. Todd:

    nice one!

  16. Aaron:

    Sweet. Just like Hypercolor TShirts that used to be so popular. When can I put in my order? I’ve gotta be the first kid on my block with these rad new cards. Taking orders from 2nd April I hope!

  17. Mandee:

    Wow! This is so great. I want to use for one of my new clients for sure. Moo is awesome. ;)

  18. Esther:

    What a cool product launch, that’s so fun, and p.s. is it, or is it not april fools day :)
    Nice one moo, you’ve a’moo’ssed us no end.. That’s serious lengths to go to for a prank.
    Keep making great products..!!

  19. Gülperi Parlak:

    Genius!!! That is sooooo coooool man :) :)

  20. Yannis:

    Great Idea! When will we able to order that product?

    I thought that I could use this card as a way to gauge on how much to charge my clients! Could earn thousands with this! Please tell me when it will be available!

  21. Jean Luc Picard:

    Nice April fool – loved the idea, seems exactly like one of these new products you see around these days. Almost took it for real.

  22. Dale:

    Happy April Fools Moo! ;) love the video. And the Moo-d ink technology. Don’t over moo it!

  23. Sandra:

    Damn, totally fell for it. Until I remembered the date. XD;

  24. Nikki Waterlow:

    Excellent Job. (wink, wink).
    It’s going to be one of those days today, hey?? :)

  25. Robyn Dixon:

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  26. April f:

    You need to see my Af-spraypaper – it’s amazing :)

  27. Gretta:

    Great product and a massive talking point when networking! Will give everyone an edge in the Moo family and enable us to keep ahead of the herd!

  28. Susan Wallis:

    And Happy April Fools’ Day to you, too!

  29. Pt:

    Ha! Love it! You clever people!

  30. Philip:

    You guys! Moo-D?!

    Can I order some for delivery a year today;-)

  31. Monika:

    I hope those cards were true!
    Happy April Fool’s day to you as well guys! :D

  32. Jon:

    Lol! Those burglars are complete fools :)

  33. gcaw:

    I’m no April Fool…! Nice try though :o )

    (and for goodness’ sake, start working on these Moo-D cards now… I want, I want, I want!

  34. julochka:

    well done guys. you rock. happy april fool’s! :-)

  35. Phil:

    This video looks way to fake.
    Love the product however.

  36. Jerome Pearce:

    Hmmmm. I smell a marketing campaign. A very good one at that…

  37. John Cleary:

    Nice one….you guys should ACTUALLY do this!

  38. Florian Berger:

    Great Stuff that you Produced their.

  39. Neotrix:

    Hehe, April April :-)

  40. Aki:

    Happy Aprils’s fool day everyone… ; )

  41. Andy:

    Very good Moo :) Happy April Fools! x

  42. Christopher Murphy:

    Breakthrough stuff indeed and congratulations on a fantastic and exciting new product with huge potential. We’re bracing ourselves for the onslaught – today specifically – of all this newly discovered technology. We live in exciting times indeed.

    On an unrelated note, I mentioned your various Moo products – cards, stickers… but sadly not MOO-D Ink – to all of our final year students, studying at the Art College in Belfast, yesterday. Hopefully they send a few orders your way.

  43. Linda:

    brilliant. And to catch the culprits in action is genius. Thank you for taking the time to cheer me up.

  44. Valentina:

    Hahahahahah… Super nice April’s Fool! MOO, you are always the best, I LOVE YOU!

  45. Naomi Fry:

    What’s the date today???

  46. Richard Mackney:

    Nice. Liquid thermochromatic crystals! can’t wait to order some of these ;)

  47. Haha.:

    Couldn’t you come up with something better than that? You’ve only had a year since the last April Fool’s day to think something up…

  48. Ian Thomas:

    Broken in by a marketing agency lol. Looks good though x

  49. Mary:

    APRIL FOOL???!!!!!!!!

  50. smhudd:


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