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The Key(ring) to the Cottage

April 2011, by Charlotte | 6 Comments – latest by Sarah Bromfield

Well, that was a deliciously hot weekend in the UK, wasn’t it? For once it almost makes you feel smug you didn’t decide to leave the country over the Easter weekend!

And if you’re not going abroad, all you really need is a lovely country cottage to relax in with friends or family. This is why our ears pricked up when we recently came across Sarah, owner of Devon based Sherborne Cottages, via our Facebook page. Sarah makes these adorable and effective MiniCard holder keyrings for her clients to get across a variety of messages, offers and useful information.

“I love using my MiniCards in lots of different ways” Sarah explains “Some …Continue reading this article…

We’re going to the Webbys

April 2011, by Andrea | 63 Comments – latest by Guy Tetzner

For anyone who doesn’t spend their days with their faces buried somewhere inside the Internet’s many caverns of wonder and delight, the Webby Awards may not be something that you’re familiar with.

Vote for us! So allow us to explain: The Webbys are like the Oscars of the Internet – which means they’re kinda fancy, they let the world know that your peers think you’re good at your job – and everyone who gets nominated *really* wants to win (but has, of course, perfected the art of being a gracious loser if they don’t!). We’re particularly excited about the People’s Voice Awards …Continue reading this article…

Welcome to MOO Hack Day!

April 2011, by Nicky | 7 Comments – latest by Lisa

For anyone who doesn’t know, a hack day is where people with ideas get together to make cool stuff – some are freeform, some are themed around government, music or society. Ours, of course was MOO-related!

We decided to ease ourselves into it by just inviting the MOO Crew this time round, but keep checking back here for more details on days that will be open to everyone – we’ve been hearing how keen some of you are to work on our API and we want to get together with you too, so stay tuned.

First off was an amazing presentation on the powers of HTML5 from Hannah – an inspiring start to the day, which turned out to …Continue reading this article…

Cutting Corners: New MOO Business Card alert!

April 2011, by Martin | 18 Comments – latest by meagan shea'

Rounded Corner Business Cards

The sun has finally decided to show its shining face here at our London HQ, and as a consequence we’re all feeling distinctly chirpy. However, this is not the only thing putting a smile on our faces as we’re also announcing a new and exciting product. After lots and lots of you emailing, tweeting and generally grabbing us at events and begging, we’re launching Rounded Corner Business Cards!

I bet you’d like to know more eh? Well, far be it for me to deny you: as of today, you will see a new page dedicated to telling you more about the new Rounded Corner product, and from there (or …Continue reading this article…

‘What’s in the box’ winners revealed

April 2011, by Charlotte | 13 Comments – latest by Naomi

The time has come to announce the winners to the ‘What’s in the box’ competition, make sense of the clue we gave you and actually reveal what we’ve been hiding in there. Firstly though, can we just say that we have been bowled over by your efforts and your comedic genius!

So, here goes, inside the box is a *drumroll*… die cutter! (Bear with me). This frankly awesome machine neatly rounds the corners of your Business Cards, leaving you with MOO’s brand new product:

Rounded Corner Business Cards

Big congratulations are in order for our winner Noamie, who guessed ‘A keg fridge that doubles as a diecutter?’ and has won £100 / $160 to spend at MOO.

However, we couldn’t stop …Continue reading this article…

Top Illustrators’ cards

April 2011, by Charlotte | Add a comment

Illustrators are a wonderfully creative section of the design family – their work encompasses the best blend of design and fine art, and we love seeing it on our cards and stickers. This week, we’re dedicating a round-up blog to celebrate some of the most eye-catching illustrations and uses of MOO products we’ve found nestled within the MOO Flickr Pool. Enjoy!

Stephen May has created a lovely bunch of Easter-themed promotional postcards. What an eggsellent (sorry!), timely way to remind his clients to commission him again.

mini moo | mouse 2

We’re not normally keen on mice at MOO HQ – but we love these little guys by illustrator Shelley Weeks. She’s kept them eyeless so she can use her …Continue reading this article…

Clue alert: ‘I Get around…’

April 2011, by Charlotte | 38 Comments – latest by LongLeafSoaps

We knew you were a creative bunch, but imaginative too it seems! Last week we showed you a picture of the box our top secret new arrival came in and asked you to guess what was inside. So far we have had some brilliant suggestions, ranging from ‘Pee-Wee Herman’s breakfast making contraption’ to ‘MOO Tardis’ to ‘the seven deadly sins’ – we’ve heard it all!

As it seems like you’re really enjoying this competition (and so are we!) and because summer is just around the corner, we thought we’d spice it up a little for the final days by giving you a clue from the Beach Boys…

Any closer yet? Feeling confident? If …Continue reading this article…

It’s the MOO Spring Sale!

April 2011, by Charlotte | 2 Comments – latest by Tana

Well it’s that time again. Everyone’s spring cleaning, which at MOO HQ means
one thing – Spring Sale!

From April 8th to April 11th (11.59pm PT), we’re giving you 25% off ALL printed products. Just make your order as normal, and the discount will be added to your cart automatically at checkout.

So go ahead – stock up on your favourite MOO print products while the spring discount applies. And just in case you’re not a math genius (we always have a calculator handy for that very reason), go to our cost calculator to get a breakdown of what 25% off actually looks like:

Don’t forget, the sale ends at 11.59pm PT on April 11th, so get your orders in asap if …Continue reading this article…

What’s in the Box? – A MOO Competition!

April 2011, by Charlotte | 590 Comments – latest by Städtetrips

A few days ago, we received a top secret special something that made everyone at MOO HQ very, very happy – and we hope it’s going to make you all equally happy (as soon as we’re allowed to reveal what it is). When we posted a picture on Twitter, you made us laugh so much with your impromptu guesses (yes, “Wardrobe to Narnia” and “Time Machine”, we’re talking to you) that we thought we’d have a little fun. So, over the next few weeks, we’re running a competition called “What’s in the box?”

MOO Arrival

We’re looking for the most fun and fabulous guesses you can come up with – and since we know you’re an uber-creative …Continue reading this article…

We have a confession to make…

April 2011, by Simon G | 8 Comments – latest by Saani

Wow! We’re overwhelmed with the response we received to our product announcement on 1st April, but we have something to confess… MOO-D Ink and MOO-D Cards (along with the “break-in” at MOO HQ) were part of our April Fools. MOO-D Cards are still a glimmer in our Product Designer’s eye, but never say never…

Not liking to disappoint, you can get the MOO-D Card effect (no joke!) with one of our brand new Business Card designs – Hazy Days. This design, part of our latest Business Card design collection, has the same psychedelic colours and patterns as the MOO-D Cards with the benefit of being real!

A Business Card Breakthrough!

April 2011, by Simon G | 858 Comments – latest by Clyde Bess

It’s luckily not very often we have to share bad news on the blog. However, we felt we should let you all know that there was a break in at MOO HQ this week. Your orders are safe and no damage was done to our printing and packing equipment. It seems the people responsible knew exactly what they were looking for: our new product and technology – currently in development, and due to launch later this year.

Early this morning one of our customer service agents received an anonymous email containing a video which shows three people entering the MOO office, discovering and taking items from our research labs. These individuals are now attempting to blackmail MOO before our scheduled product …Continue reading this article…

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