Amazing MiniCards

22nd March 2011 by Charlotte

Just when we think there aren’t any more new things you could possibly do with your MiniCards, you go and prove us wrong! We love it when we discover new ways to self-market using MiniCards – and these are two of our new favourites.

Meet the Feebles

Independent French designers, Anaël Moreau and Gaëtan Guerlais aka The Feebles, are a formidable team. By day, they work in advertising, but by night, they are drowning in creative enterprises. Fine arts, drawing, art design, street art, photography; it seems there’s no medium they can’t turn their talented hands to – including video! This awesome shoot was created using stop-motion techniques, starring the humble MiniCard.

the Feebles x Moo x Friends & Family from the Feebles on Vimeo.

The duo created the video to share their work with their family and friends, reasoning that while MiniCards are a great way to showcase your artwork, video is the perfect medium to spread the word.

On your bike

Cyclists and bike lovers will get a kick out of this absolutely adorable MiniCard idea. Becks, a London based blogger, is crazy about bikes, and writes a blog called I Like Your Bike. She cycles around the city, and takes photos of the coolest looking bikes she finds, and posts them on her blog for her fellow cyclists
to enjoy.

Becks decided it was a shame that the bike owners didn’t know about her appreciation, so she designed MiniCards using Textomatic. She leaves an ‘I like your bike’ MiniCard (with her blog url on the back) on the bike, so the proud owner can look them up when they get home.

She even printed her MiniCrds in a range of colours so she can match the card to the paintwork of the bike. Becks says ” The other day, someone who got one of my cards visited the blog and left me a message. Her smile made me smile all

How cute is that?

Comments (12)

  1. Wristbandit:

    I love these little cards. I use them as hang tags for the jewelry I make. They have all my information and I just add the price(in pencil so it can be erased).Everyone comments on them.

  2. Christie:

    They are such a fun idea, I can wait to create my own. I love that bike blog too, what a good idea!

  3. SewTara:

    I love the mini moos. I use them as price tags, thank you notes when I ship purchases and just plain business cards. *Everyone* always comments on how neat they are and notices how they feel.
    Moo rocks!

  4. Cecilia:

    I LOVE these little cards! Very unique, especially when marketing yourself is so taxing as it is. I ordered the set with a giant KEY on the back and since my business is in pure health, I tell people this is the key to their health every time I hand out my card. THEY LOVE IT!!! and I love it!

  5. matt:

    ‘I like your Bike’ Blog doesn’t exist as I’ve just googled it…
    Good marketing campaign…
    Shame that you had to lie about it!

  6. David Gay:

    I love using my mini cards as an escalator pitch in initial meetings…I created 6 cards using printivity and each has a tee shirt message …works great at exhibitions when looking for new business opportunities…thank you what a great idea

  7. Doug:

    A fellow Art League member introduced me to your mini cards–she took a photo of one her art works and each card was a different section of her painting–for me I make many things out of wood and could in one pack exhibit many of them –also use them for hangtags

  8. Jace:

    Wen are using MiniCards as Prom tickets this year at my high school (my idea!). Also, my band uses these to promote around town. They are the greatest little things! I love how aesthetically pleasing their dimensions are, and they’re perfect for having an image and a concise message that intrigues people and makes them curious.

  9. Helen:

    Just got delivery of my mini cards ! they are sooo cute and look great ! Thank you ! love the packaging, loved the experience, & a consistent brand experience all the way to delivery … well done Moo Croo !

  10. Charlotte Moore:

    I got my mini cards because I am changing my name legally back to my maiden name and needed something that I could give to other people that wouldn’t look business-y, but just had my new name, telephone number and e-mail. I am very pleased with the cards I received from you, was impressed at all the options,and plan later to order some with my own art on them. Thanks!

  11. Adib:

    Mini moos is nice! Thanks.

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