Top Ten Photographers’ Business Cards

19th January 2011 by Andrea

There’s nothing we love more at MOO than a round up of beautiful photos on Business Cards and MiniCards! So we’ve put together our current ten favourites for your viewing pleasure.

Cosplay photography moo cards

Costume play is huge in America, a type of performance art roleplay for grown ups! We think these MiniCards capture its creativity perfectly.
All rights reserved by jonathan mcintosh

me by moo

We love love LOVE these vibrant vintage-style fifties inspired beach shots by Barbara Geraci!
All rights reserved by ßärßärä 

Moo Business Cards

Food blogger and photographer Yannick Chauvet uses classic black and white shots, and delicious looking photos of food on his Business Cards! We’re hungry just looking…
All rights reserved by Yannick Chauvet

Moo Biz Cards

Not only do these Business Cards show off John Kyle’s stunning photography skills, they’re just as impressive on the flipside, showcasing a distinctive logo that’s sure to impress potential clients.
All rights reserved by johnkyle.

My first Moo cards

Fred Levy takes gorgeous photos of puppies and other animals – with the odd adorable baby thrown in for extra cuteness!
All rights reserved by phaird

New Business Cards

We were instantly impressed with Maria Kallin’s delicate rendering of nature’s finest work – and we love that her logo sits directly on top of the images. It’s unobtrusive, but direct.
All rights reserved by Maria Kallin


Winner of our Inspiration blog competition in October 2010, lifestyle photographer Clint Davis never ceases to amaze us with his creative approach to photography and presentation.
All rights reserved by Clint Davis


New York based wedding photographer Omar Carter made the move from amateur to professional snapper when a friend enlisted his services for an engagement shoot – and looking at his MiniCards, it’s not hard to see why.
All rights reserved by Omar Carter Photography


Michelle McMahon’s vibrant style is perfectly presented on her MiniCards – they’re great individually, and as you can see, they pack a bright visual punch when they’re side by side.
All rights reserved by michy66

And finally…..

moo cards arrived :D

These cards are memorable without any added extras. But the fact they’re printed on MOO green paper makes them extra-environmentally friendly too – what’s not to like?
All rights reserved by ab*world

Thanks MOOsters – keep up the good work. We love seeing photos of your cards, so keep uploading them to the MOO Flickr pool and Facebook group!

Comments (31)

  1. Julie Cole:

    O M G ……they are all amazing. I can’t compete with this! Makes me want to hang up my lens and shut the shop! Thanks moo! Awesome pics.

  2. JD:

    I’m hurt that you didn’t post my card

  3. Lisa:

    Julie, please don’t stop. We’d love to see your cards. Please drop a photo on our Flickr or Facebook page.

  4. Lisa:


    We’d love to see your cards too. Please let us know where we can see them.

  5. Kyle Barcelos:

    I love the cards you posted, I just got my first set of cards and Love them and everyone asks where i got them done and of course i say MOO…

  6. Gene:

    I love my new cards. I’ve had meni cards for a year and this is my first batch of standard.

  7. Lola:

    I would love to see my cards here, too. Just like the “big kids”. ;0)


  8. Moi:

    Fred Levy’s card with goats on a cable spool is marvelous! It perfectly encapsulates the essence of goatness.
    The dog cards are splendid, as well.
    Talent. Plus moo.

  9. Guy Kesteven:

    I get a ‘Wow’ response from my mini cards every time I hand one over. I’m a bike tester not a photographer but the cropped letterbox shots I use from my lens wingman Russell Burton encapsulate all the varied aspects of what my work involves perfectly.

  10. Steve:

    Cool cards.

    I have used Moo twice now for my photography cards as I can design the front AND back to how I want it.

  11. Mikael Theander:

    Next round maybe you could make a roundup of non-pros ;-)

  12. Jules:

    Love Moo cards! You guys make me look good.

  13. Tony Henstock:

    Hey I’m Hurt Too

  14. Ricardo Esteves:

    Do you have a solution for composite cards (like model agences) for photographers?
    Thank you

  15. Duncan Wardlow:

    I converted to Moo mini cards last year (If they are still in the system I’m happy to share) and everyone loves the card quality and print colours. I’m sure lots of friends are now using Moo. I would recommend the quality to everyone.

  16. Cindy Telisak:

    Very, very inspiring. Look for another order from me soon – as soon as my new website designer gets finished, and I can coordinate everything. <3

  17. Barbara Geraci:

    my mini cards in moo’s top ten??
    I love love LOVE u!

  18. Erada:

    Awesome cards guys! Good choice selection! I’ll have to submit mine for sure. Never give up! And don’t over-think it. Photography, at the end of the day, is supposed to be fun!

  19. Kim Collister:

    Your cards are amazing. I don’t know what I am waiting for, I am off to order mine tonight.


  20. Brent:

    I love the quality of the cards, but the people at our company can’t deal with the “non-standard” business card size. Do you have any plans to offer the more traditional US size of 2 x 3.5″?

  21. martin:

    If MOO was a woman I would marry her … Love the cards

  22. Komal, dallas wedding photographer:

    These are so cool! I can’t wait to make mine!!! :) I’m so glad I visited your booth at Imaging USA, San Antonio.

  23. Clint Davis:

    Oh wow I just noticed Moo featured my cards! No wonder where all those hits were coming from! Thanks! And thanks again for the incredible service and quality. I spread the good word of moo all the time (plus it’s a very easy url to remember)

  24. Rebeka:

    @Lola: Send us a link! We’d love to see them :)

    @Guy Kesteven: We’d love to see yours too!

    @Mikael Theander: Great idea, we’ll add it to the list

    @Ricardo Esteves: I think the best bet would be our Business Cards, MiniCards or Postcards. Sadly, we don’t print anything larger than 4×6″ at the moment.

    @Duncan Wardlow: Thanks! We’ll take a look :)

    @Brent: We’ve thought about US-sized Business Cards quite a bit, it’s one of the most requested things. I’ll pass the suggestion onto to our Product Team.

    Thanks @Clint Davis! We love your self-promo idea!

  25. Omar Carter:

    Whoa I didnt even know I made this list. THATS SO COOL. THANK YOU MOO.

  26. Carmen:

    Thanks for posting. All the photos, websites and cards are inspirational.

  27. Gareth:

    These are cool – they rely on a great image rather than gimmicks, which is perfect for digital business cards too.

  28. Jared:

    Moo is perfect for photographers, designers, and others that have a lot of work to put on display. Great concept!

  29. Ajai Mathew:

    i watch every time this, bcz i love these
    amazing cards………

  30. wedding photographer virginia beach:

    First of all, I strongly suggest doing a ‘First Look’ before your
    wedding. Make sure your photographer understands exactly want you want, with reference
    to examples, either from his portfolio or from
    magazines. However, you are on a budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend for a professional wedding photographer.

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