BETA release of the MOO Card Gallery

23rd December 2010 by Emilie

A special team at MOO HQ has been working on a top secret project over the past year, and the time has come to share it with the world! We’re anxious to get your feedback, so we can start making it even better.

If you’ve previously created Business Cards with MOO, you can now create your own personal Card Gallery on Perhaps (in the post turkey daze), you’ll could find a moment to give the MOO Card Gallery a try?

So, what is the MOO Cards Gallery?

We’ve created a new online tool, to help you show off your business or artwork in a new interactive way — for free of course. In a nutshell:

1. It’s your personal page on that showcases your most recent pack of MOO Business Cards.  Think of it as an online version of your cards.

2. A visitor to your page can shuffle through your cards, admiring each one individually, flip them over, zoom in on images and more…

3. The page gives you a chance to promote your business or work, link to your website and give prospective clients an easy way to reach you. In two words – more exposure.

4. You can search The Gallery either by location or profession (or both) making it a great place for potential clients  to find your
work/business/blog (or all 3, depending on what you do).

Anything else? Yes, there’s a few more things.

The MOO Card Gallery

1. You can easily link directly to your own Card Gallery from Facebook or Twitter.

2. Put a mini version of your Card Gallery on your website or blog, through an interactive MOO widget (left).

3. Quickly create an elegant email signature featuring a few of your latest business cards from MOO.


Think of this as version 0.5. As it’s Beta, there’s still a few issues we’re working on. One of the first improvements we plan to make is the gallery speed. We’re also looking at the animation of the cards. We’d also like to know what you think could be better so please share your feedback with us here.

Want to get started? You can either watch this short screencast that walks you through the process, OR just jump right in following these simple steps:

1. Go to the MOO Card Gallery.

2. Sign in using your MOO login details.

3. Follow instructions to create your own page, choose how to display your cards and the information you want to share.
Please note that your Business Cards must have been made using our uploader. Business Cards created using MOO Ready Made Designs won’t work.

4. Finally, tell people about your Card Gallery! Import your interactive widget on to your blog, update your Facebook status, post the link on Twitter or create your very own personal email signature.

Need help? Check out these FAQs.

Comments (6)

  1. Jane Hasty:

    Am I right you cannot create a gallery with mini cards? Only with full size cards?

  2. Iris:

    This is really cool. Now I have to figure out if the widget will fit on my website :) – Thanks for creating this.

  3. Jessica Cernat:

    Moo is the most awesome place to make business cards or wedding promo cards for your clients!! I love them!!!

  4. Charlotte:

    Sounds good. Hope it skips the doubles in the pack.
    Would be even better if clients could order images as greeting cards from the gallery!

  5. Craig Volpe:

    What happened to the MOO card gallery? I was using it for my email signature, but a while ago it stopped working and now I can’t find the card gallery page…

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