A difficult day for MOO

4th November 2010 by Simon L

It’s not often that the MOO Tech team write an entry for the blog, but the past 36 hours have been rather “interesting” for us, and we wanted to let you know why.

Our site has been under a sustained DDOS attack since 8.30pm (UTC) on Monday.

For the non-technical folks among you this means that someone has been trying to take moo.com off the air by sending huge amounts of internet traffic at our servers. If you’re interested in the details of a DDOS you can read all about it here. To help give you an indication of the scale of the attack, we’ve received somewhere in the order of one hundred million nefarious requests in the last 24 hours!

Whilst the attackers might have more than 15,000 machines at their disposal, we only have one Mike (our Systems Admin superstar). For now it would seem that we’re winning in our effort to keep moo.com online so you can place your orders, but we’re not counting our chickens just yet…

If you’re currently on the site and making some stickers or cards, we’d recommend you make use of our ‘Save‘ feature. This will ensure that at each step of creating your cards, your images and details of your order will be saved.

We don’t know how long the attack will last, but you can rest assured we’re working tirelessly to keep the site on the air, and at no point has the security of your payments been breached.

There’s not too much more we can tell you at this time, but we wanted to let you know that we’re doing everything we can to resolve this as quickly as humanly possible!

Please follow us on Twitter for further updates.

Comments (30)

  1. kathy:

    Why in the world do people do this??? I’m pretty computer savy and would never ever consider infiltrating any computer ever! I hate that people just because they “can”, “do”! Moo, I will always be a very loyal customer and no glitch will ever keep me away!!!

  2. zen:

    Crazy! Good Luck Mike! Any idea who is attacking? It could be the cows wanting their domain back :D

  3. Elizabeth:

    I tried to order my christmas card twice yesterday.
    I could enter the number of my creditcard, but each
    time it came back on the line fill in your name.
    I hope I have NOT ordered yet, otherwise I end up with
    50 instead of 25 cards.

    Please acknowledge. I will order in a few days my 25
    christmas cards, when moo is back on line again.

  4. Rebeka:

    @Elizabeth- Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Have you contacted Customer Service? Email them at moosupport@moo.com They can look into this for you.

  5. Ruth:

    I can’t understand why anyone would find joy in taking your site down. I do hope it is up again soon. I just made some minicards and am having trouble previewing them before ordering. I’m happy to wait a day or so till you get this sorted. Good luck.

  6. Regina:

    At least now I know the reason for the difficulties and sluggishness I experienced. I uploaded around 30 images for business cards, which took some time, and tried several times to place my order, also entering in my payment information. Every time I tried to proceed to the next step, I received an error/timeout message.

    I am now using the “Save” feature every couple of minutes just to be safe!

  7. Lazza:

    The worst thing of this kind of attack is that you can’t just ban by IP address, because a small request such as a ping generates traffic anyway… :-(

  8. John Dugdale:

    I have the same problem as Elizabeth – I was putting in an order for business cards.
    I tried to email support but my email kept timing out.
    I also hope the order didn’t process multiple times.

  9. Julie:

    Hang in there, and thanks for posting this! Sending good thoughts your way :)

  10. Andrea:

    Grrrrrr! That makes me so mad! What is the point of doing this to people who are just trying to get on and run a business! Maybe you have a competitor who is very jealous of your great products and services and want to remove the threat! My new stickers and mini cards have just arrived this morning, and they are great! thanks so much. even if you loose the fight with this for a while you will not loose any of your loyal customers who LOVE MOO!

  11. Fiona Eng:

    Has the issue been resolved? I have not been able to log on to the UK site since yesterday. I need to place an urgent order. Please help!

  12. Sarah:


    Any news on whether this is fixed yet? Great if we could have an update. Good luck.


  13. Mary Chapman:

    My Daughter owns a website, she had this happen to her. it was traced back out of the country, but the person who actually started it was right in her state! She finally got it resolved, but it too a while. so Sorry this is happening to you too.

  14. ingetje tadros:

    I am having sooo much problems i have 4 items in my cart and i cant pay (this is the 3rd time i use Moo and never had a problem before) now i also cant email/contact Moo as the contact page it self seems to be ‘stuck’ to
    Can anybody from Moo pls look into my accou nt , i have 4 items which i’m tryiyng to pay but i cant get through,
    pls contact ,e and advice, Thanks

  15. Marjorie Dawson:

    Good grief!! Are you guys OK!?!?!?!?!?! This is just a nightmare for you.

    Good Luck I hope the attack stops SOON.

  16. Robin:

    Sorry to hear it, Moo! We love your services and your spunky, fun site. Fear not, your customers will stick with you thick ‘n’ thin!

  17. Mackenzie:

    Is this still going on? Wondering if it’s why the PDFs I’m uploading for my details side keep having detail-less server errors.

  18. Wobbles:

    Are the problems still going on? Am trying to create postcards and getting very slow service, with previews unavailable, so cannot complete the project.

  19. Lisa Smith:

    I did manage to put one order through at the weekend, but then attempted to upload some more images for a second order. I had to leave my project for a short while, so saved my project as asked. However, when I returned and looked for my unfinished work, the site said I didn’t have any unfinished projects. Could this be down to the problems you are having ?

  20. Lorrie Everitt:

    I’ve been trying to order business cards for a buck and doe but unable to complete the order because I am a new customer and it will not allow me to set up an account (or change the province for shipping to Canada). I have a feeling that I will lose everything I’ve loaded because I don’t have an account and if this goes on for days I will have to pay for extra shipping to get these in time. HELP!!!

  21. Rebeka:

    Hi all-

    Thanks for all the well wishes! We now have everything under control and the site should be working properly. If you have any questions regarding an order and need any additional details about problems you’re experiencing, please email Customer Service at moosupport@moo.com

  22. Wobbles:

    Another night, another attempt to finish a project is frustrated by the lack of previews. This is more Web 0.2 than Web 2.0.

  23. Ernesto:

    Perhaps it’s VistaPrint guys upset with how cool Moo is… (joking)

  24. Sverre:

    Why would someone bomb you, moo. It’s the nicest company I know of online! I should order something from you soon for x-mas.

  25. Lisa:

    Thanks to all of you for your support. Everything now seems to be under control.

  26. Melissa:

    Is the attack over now? Any idea about the perps?

  27. Jean:

    Just saw this post. Was trying to order a bunch of business cards and was dealing with the slow service and no-response all night long. Still have things to finish today.

    Is this still a problem?

  28. Daniel:

    F**k the hackers. Mike, you’re doing a great job.

  29. Robin:

    I am still having trouble with sign into today 14th Nov. Still got in though but only after refreshing and jumping back to the home page. Have you thought of hosting with a 3rd party, saves a lot of bother with DOS attacks if you can make it the responsibility of the hosting provider… :)

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