It’s such a rush, just being with you…

3rd November 2010 by Martin

Here at MOO HQ, we take pride in the little things just as much as we do when launching a fancy new website, or a kooky new product. We know that a small improvement in the way we do something can have a big impact on the way you use our site, and we’re always looking for those little things. To coin a phrase from our favourite curly haired rocker (Brian May, don’t tell anyone) “everything we do, is driven by you”.

With that in mind, we launched a new treat for you today, especially those of you who always leave things to the last minute. This mysterious thing is called Rush Printing, and will allow you to get printed MOO products faster than ever before.

In a nutshell, what Rush Printing does is to reduce our printing and packing times from 4 days down to 2 days. When combined with our Express Shipping option, it means that potentially you could have your MOO products in your very own hands in only 4 days. Pretty nifty, I’m sure you’ll agree. Never again will you wake up in a cold sweat just a few days before an event, realising that you forgot to order your MOO cards!

Rush Printing

For now, we are just trialling this service. As such, you’ll only see this option if you order our Classic Business Cards or MiniCards. It is an extra cost option (starting at £7), and you’ll be able to choose it on the Shipping Options page in the checkout process if you qualify for it. Check our new FAQs section for full details of pricing and availability, or just pop our Customer Service team a message and they’ll be happy to help.

Comments (15)

  1. Jane Stuart Puttnam:


    i’d like to email over some of the bits i did for my wedding via Moo. Who can i send them too as not got an email addy for you?



  2. Pete:

    How about using Shutl to deliver same/next day?

  3. nmarti:

    Just ordered the past friday a 50 MOO cards pack, and it arrived to Spain the next monday via DHL! Great super fast service!

  4. Scott:

    This is long overdue, good work!

  5. nina kck:

    well, in fact, it’s not really 4 days…..
    i command it the 5th, and i potentialy will receive it the 12th.

  6. Elliot:

    Top Stuff Moo! I’m sure the avid event-goer will appreciate this one even more.

  7. Ian Hall:

    I think this is a great idea… there has been the odd occasion where I have come close to running out of cards, and I think the extra cost provides value for money, on a faster service… Keep up the great work Moo!

  8. David Urquhart:

    Rush option sounds good, but will it work to Australia where I am? I am waiting for my order dispatched on 15 October to arrive, now working day #16.

  9. Martin:

    @David Urquhart

    The rush printing option is only for Printing and Packing. Therefore, you can order it no matter where you live. For the quickest possible turnaround to you, it’s important that you also choose the fastest shipping method as well.

    On the Shipping Options page in the checkout, you should see it clearly marked.

  10. Steve:

    Don’t know whether the rush order is just the normal order disguised -
    When i first ordered cards 12 months ago, they were printed and despatched a few days. The last order took 10 days to get to despatch. Maybe Moo should work on maintaining the high level of service in their standard order process.

  11. Elektra Grey:

    Yay! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks Moo, you guys are awesome.

  12. Lisa:

    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for your comments and I’m really sorry to hear about your recent order. It definitely should not normally take 10 days for printing. Our standard promise is 4 business days (for all products except stickers). Did you contact customer service about the order? If you haven’t I would recommend you do that now. We do everything we can to meet our promise and our quality standards within the 4 days. We know how much our customers depend on the timing we provide and want to be sure you are happy with your order.

    Lisa from the MOO Crew

  13. Dana:

    Hi there,

    I just got the business cards I ordered, they are lovely!
    Thank you so much!


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