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All I want for Christmas is cards (and I want them now!)

November 2010, by Martin | 2 Comments – latest by Christmas Time

With London enveloped in a rather unseasonable blanket of snow (and our Rhode Island office laughing at our inability to cope) MOO Towers is beginning to resemble a Brutalist version of a winter wonderland. And with this white loveliness, we’ve found our minds wandering away from the normal worries of the week to the excitement to come – Parties, Mince Pies, Sherry and the tinkle of sleigh bells across the sky. Did we also mention Sherry?

But as excited as we are, we mustn’t forget to remind you to place your orders for the Holidays soon, so that we can be sure to get them to you in time. Below you’ll see our order cut-off dates for our various shipping options. …Continue reading this article…

And the winner is…

November 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

We had so much fun working on The Business Card Project but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. We finished redesigning in October and then soon launched the People’s Choice contest, to help select the best redesign. And after three grueling weeks of competition, we have finally a winner!

Drumroll please…

The winner of The Business Card Project People’s Choice Award is: LoveYourLarder

Congrats to the LoveYourLarder team who received an astounding 611 votes totaling an average star rating of 3.6. As the People’s Choice winner, they scored a full year’s supply of Business Cards from MOO and a shiny new iPad–a prize valued …Continue reading this article…

Something to put on your holiday shopping list

November 2010, by Tara | 1 Comment – latest by green leather purse

With the holidays right around the corner, here at MOO HQ we’re thinking about presents for our family and friends. If you’re anything like us, there’s always someone who is impossible to buy for and you scramble around for hours to get them something they’ll love. With that in mind, we pooled our collaborative minds and came up with one of our favourite things (cue the “Sound of Music”) that would make a perfect holiday present. Because we’d like to think of you all out there as part of the MOO family we thought we would share this idea with you too!

The Rhodia Webnotebook

Rhodia notebooks have …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s hidden agenda

November 2010, by Paul T | 1 Comment – latest by Angela Howard

At MOO, we don’t just love to print – we love to design too. And from the accessories that complement your cards, to the packaging that protects them, we like to add a little MOO magic to every single aspect of our business.

Which is why we thought a blog about the fun, hidden elements we’ve included in your MOO products was a good idea – after all, there’s no sense in creating multi-tasking packaging if nobody knows how to use it!

Make a stand

The Mosaic Frame is one of our best-selling accessories for your MOO MiniCards. It displays your cards landscape or portrait when hung on a wall, and …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s non-excellent adventure

November 2010, by Simon L | 6 Comments – latest by Mike Ashton

As you might be aware experienced some technical challenges this month in the form of a DDoS attack. When we blogged about it about it last week we were still fighting the attack on a few fronts. When I say we were fighting the attack, what I really mean is that Mike (our super sysadmin) was doing what he does best – keeping the site up and running… pretty much single-handedly. Many of you asked us on Twitter and Facebook ‘how?’ and ‘why?’, so we thought who better to answer than Mike:

It was while watching 8 Out of 10 Cats the other day that an earnest Jimmy Carr informed me that the Internet was invented …Continue reading this article…

Stuck on MOO

November 2010, by Andrea | Add a comment

Well it’s been a month since we launched MOO StickerBooks in the US, and the Flickr sticker fans lurking not-so-furtively among you have been busy! We knew America had talent, but we’re beyond impressed with your cool ideas. It’s always a bit nerve wracking launching into a new market but if your love for stickers on Flickr is anything to go by, we won’t get unstuck any time soon!

This gorgeous StickerBook is by Japan-based photographer Yoshiko, who kept it simple, putting her delicately sketched wildlife photography onto our StickerBooks, then packaging them up beautifully and distributing them sheet per sheet. Brilliant!

Old MOO …Continue reading this article…

Festive new Ready Mades… and a discount!

November 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

It’s November and we’re already feeling festive here at MOO HQ. Nothing says holiday cheer like a bright and beautiful card celebrating all that’s great about the season. So why not spread the cheer with festive Greeting Cards?

We know that finding that perfect holiday image can be tricky and that’s why we’ve added some new designs to our Holiday Card Ready Made Gallery. Our personal favorites? These designs from our designer Snow. She’s been hard at work designing some new Ready Mades that we hope you like.

See these beautiful designs (and hundreds more!) in our Ready Made Gallery. We’ve got something for every taste and style. So …Continue reading this article…

A difficult day for MOO

November 2010, by Simon L | 30 Comments – latest by Robin

It’s not often that the MOO Tech team write an entry for the blog, but the past 36 hours have been rather “interesting” for us, and we wanted to let you know why.

Our site has been under a sustained DDOS attack since 8.30pm (UTC) on Monday.

For the non-technical folks among you this means that someone has been trying to take off the air by sending huge amounts of internet traffic at our servers. If you’re interested in the details of a DDOS you can read all about it here. To help give you an indication of the scale of the attack, we’ve received somewhere in the order of one hundred million nefarious requests in the …Continue reading this article…

It’s such a rush, just being with you…

November 2010, by Martin | 15 Comments – latest by Dana

Here at MOO HQ, we take pride in the little things just as much as we do when launching a fancy new website, or a kooky new product. We know that a small improvement in the way we do something can have a big impact on the way you use our site, and we’re always looking for those little things. To coin a phrase from our favourite curly haired rocker (Brian May, don’t tell anyone) “everything we do, is driven by you”.

With that in mind, we launched a new treat for you today, especially those of you who always leave things to the last minute. This mysterious thing is called Rush Printing, and will allow you to get …Continue reading this article…

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