Fan-omatic, PokerCase, Butterfly, FanBoy, BizBox, Bat-Wing …

19th October 2010 by Lisa

Wondering what it all means? Well, these are just a few* of the names the MOO Crew came up with when brainstorming for our newest Business Card holder. We wanted the perfect name that best described what this unique holder could do.

It was created by our amazing product designer – Paul Thorogood. We asked him to create something that would help show off Printfinity. And, he did just that. He created a holder that allows you to display and dispense different cards – all at the same time. That means that you can show off multiple designs in one motion. See what we mean?

You can understand why we felt we needed a very special name to match this very special holder. So, after days and days of brainstorming and a whole host of candidates we finally landed on a name that describes it perfectly. Yup, it’s the ShowCase, and it’s available now.

While we think the ShowCase name gives you a sense of what it can do, ultimately, the best way to explain it, is to see it in action…

And, now here’s the vitals (as you’ve been asking for them in the comments):

  • holds between 15-20 MOO-sized cards
  • also fits standard credit cards
  • it measures 64mm x 105mm or 2.5 ‘ x 4.15′
  • made from recyclable plastic

    * And, for the curious out there, here’s the complete list of names the MOO Crew generated (at least the ones we felt we could share here)

    MOO Flush Holder
    My Deck
    My Flare Lady
    Pirouette Machine
    Pocket Ejecta
    Pocket Pal
    Roto Distributor
    Spread or Dead
    The Centrefold
    The Deck
    The Folio
    The Full House
    The Networker
    Tryst Twist

    So, what do you think? Did we pick the best name?

  • Comments (30)

    1. Heather:

      Pocket Ejecta… wow! Yes, I think you picked the right name! Although that would be a great conversation piece ;)

    2. Les Marvill:

      Good name. Innovative styling. Good choice.

    3. Rochelle:

      I like Glen, but ShowCase would’ve been my second choice ;)

      Nicely done, moo!

    4. Will:

      “Hey! So, do you want to see my Pocket Ejecta?” – could have been a good ice breaker :) .

      Seriously though I think you picked the best name. I might even have to get one when I finally get round to printing my own cards.

    5. Rajaram S:

      If this is the list that you felt you could share
      here, can’t imagine how the rest would have been :-)
      Anyway, Congrats on another new “cool” product. Better
      order one b4 it runs out of stock. I dont have a business
      running, but i would buy it just for the “coolness” factor.
      Btw, The Moo frames are still the highlight of my
      living room.

    6. Samantha Jones:

      Great idea! Cool name! But how many cards does it hold? It doesn’t seem to tell us anywhere in this article or did I miss it?

    7. James Lawson-Smith:

      Why no Guinness in the Guinness glass, lol

    8. Karen Chamblin:

      I love my MOO cards so much I have not given any
      away yet, I just keep looking at them. I am an
      artist and each card has a different painting
      pictured. I am in the process of ordering more
      cards after I set up my website.

    9. Alan:

      It seems rather a chunky device for mere business cards… or is the person modelling it a hobbit?

    10. Matt Callanan:

      Ace! I didn’t realise it was brand new. I ordered my 1st set of business cards a few days ago for my new business and it looked like a cool to way to display them.

      Down with boring business cards!

    11. Lisa:

      Good Point! I totally forgot to mention that it holds 15 MOO-sized Business Cards.

    12. W P:

      They look great! I noticed a slip on the product page, though. In the second paragraph of the “More Information about” box with the little movie where it says:

      “Flip open the lid to slide out a single card, or fan the holder out – showcasing the range your cards (and your design or photography)…”

      There is an “of” missing! It should read

      “showcasing the range OF your cards”

      My new cards arrived a few days ago and I’m very tempted to do just that!

      W P

    13. Lisa:

      Interestingly, I have heard Erin (our model) call herself a hobbit, but in fact she is not. However, she is only 5’1″.

      Probably what would be more useful is to give you the actual dimensions of the holder and then you can decide if it is the right size for you. It measures 64mm x 105mm or 2.5 ‘ x 4.15′

      Perhaps, the ShowCase may not be up your alley, but we do have a number of other types of holders from which to choose. You can find them all here.


    14. Lisa:

      Hi WP

      Thanks for the catch. I’ll get that changed today!


    15. Symon:

      Personally I would’ve called it the FAP-FAF (Flick and Push – Flick and Fan), although that is difficult to say and could be taken the wrong way ;)

    16. edwin:

      That’s is brilliant if it comes free with cards order. Not so clever if you have to buy it. But then you’re the ones who got me used to really nice free stuff in the first place.

    17. Shelley Noble:

      I love Moo. Deeply.

      The design is excellent. Kudos to Paul.

      But I CRINGE that it’s made of PLASTIC yet again! I’m sure the material was chosen for it’s strength and low cost, etc. But honestly I find it increasingly repellent to spec it in fabrication, especially for non-life-saving products.

      I would be advocating this product heavily if it were rather in recycled metal or something else more clever and less of a contribution to a serious problem.

    18. bisquiat:

      Does it only open to the right or does it accommodate left handers, as well?

      • Rebeka:

        Hey bisquiat-

        As the resident lefty here in MOO’s US HQ, I think it works better for us! Finally, something that I can actually use properly :) But shhhh, don’t tell the righties!

    19. Jeny:

      Where’s the mini show case??? (hint hint)

    20. Lisa:

      Hi Bisquiat,

      That’s a very good question. Unfortunately, it does only open to the right. I’ll pass on your feedback to Paul as we look at the next version of the holder.

    21. Lisa:

      Hi Jeny,
      Have you seen the MOO MiniCard holder in action?

      Or are you looking for the special fan-action? If yes, I’ll pass that suggestion on to Paul now. (he’s definitely going to be busy now)

    22. Lisa:

      Hi Shelly,

      The whole team really appreciates honest and open feedback so thank you for sharing your views. As you probably know the suggestions we receive from customers help us make our products better. It also means that often we will introduce a variety of choices because our customers want different things.

      Stay tuned as we are working on additional holders and we hope that one of these will fit just right.

    23. Lisa:

      Clearly, our camera man was asleep on the job. Perhaps, too much Guiness had already been consumed and they had to *fake* it with a weaker substitute.

      I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this.

    24. Vedrana:

      I love the idea. I’ve been wanting something like that for my mini cards ever since I first got them, so that people can see them at a glance and pick one without having to go through the whole bunch. Get to work, MOO crew, and make us a mini Pocket Ejecta! :) ))

    25. Rosie Rowe:

      Love it! Another triumph for Moo! I am such a mini-card-case show-off, even though I love my arty cards! Now I may have to buy more and bigger so I can get me a case like that – Fap-faf appeals to me too! Just sayin’!!

    26. Ryan:

      The showcase is really simple and an ordinary name, but is also professional at the same time! There were a few good ones on the list, but I think I would like the see the unmentionable names that you left off of the list ;)


    27. Tracey Gianakas:

      I love it!!! Love the name too. Although Spinfinity is also nice! You had a few good names on there…Photo-moo-mania…sweet! The showcase really sums it though!

    28. Anonymous:

      Moo always comes with some exciting business card holder and these unique business card holders are designed so elegantly that i could not stop myself to comment on here.. These showcase designs are fantastic.. Keep up the nice work.

    29. Jason:

      Can the moo fit credit cards as well?? because my friend has been looking at this for awhile and he wants to buy two one for business and one for his credit cards??

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