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Life as a MOO tech intern…

August 2010, by Denise | Add a comment

It’s a sad day at MOO HQ today, as we say goodbye to Will, our intern who’s been working with the Dev team. He joined us for two months while on a summer break from Cambridge University – and we’ve kept him busy since the second he set foot through the door! A perfect member of the MOO crew, Will fit right in with everyone, working on new parts of the site, and experimenting with the API. We wish him well as he heads off back to university, and thought we’d let him take centre stage one last time while he tells you what he’s been up to…


Having just spent two months working at the offices in …Continue reading this article…

Handwritten business cards

August 2010, by Rebeka | 1 Comment – latest by James Darling

If you haven’t already guessed, Business Cards are quite a big deal over here at MOO HQ. We know the importance of always having Business Cards with you, since you never know who’ll meet. But what about those times when you get back from an event or conference, and you just can’t remember who that person was or why you have their Business Card? Sometimes you quickly jot down notes in the margins, often resulting in blank stares as you try to decode your squished, messy handwriting.

We know the feeling. And then we spotted these stunning cards from Claudia K Opticians.

Claudia K Opticians is a high-end optometry shop based in …Continue reading this article…

Answers to the MOO Quiz (part II)

August 2010, by Paul L | Add a comment

What would a Tuesday be without the answers to MOO’s latest Quiz, part II?

We were really thrilled by the wonderful responses to the second “New MOO” quiz. Thanks to all the MOOsters who took part! We thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your answers and are quietly sure that we spotted some budding comedians in the comments.

We’ll be emailing the 50 winners shortly, so make sure to check your emails to see if you’ve won a pack of Business Cards or a pack of MiniCards – (you choose)!

Without further ado, here are the answers:

1. Back in 2008 we held a world-wide egg hunt.What nationality were our MOO Easter Eggs?

They were …Continue reading this article…

Creative (text-based) cards

August 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

Like the idea of ‘Printfinity‘ but don’t have different photos or images for your Business Cards? No problem! There’s still plenty of ways to get creative using only text. We’ve seen loads of text-based Business Cards, like BatchBlue’s use of Twitter quotes from happy customers or Equinox Photography’s fortune cookie MiniCards, that certainly stand out from the crowd. Words can have just as much impact as images, and can often be great conversation starters. Here are some examples of ways you can get creative with your cards by using only text.

Customer Quotes

These cards were designed for e3Strategies by The Business Card Project. e3Strategies provides consulting services for adult learning initiatives, including leadership …Continue reading this article…

A quiz to celebrate the new MOO (part II)

August 2010, by Emilie | 151 Comments – latest by Przeprowadzka

Welcome back to our MOO scavenger hunt.

We hope you enjoyed the first round of questions. If you’re reading about our competition for the first time, we hope you’ll enjoy the 2nd series!

There’s lots more to discover on the new MOO site, like the Inspiration Gallery and our Expert tips section. To make the tour even more exciting, we’ve added a few quiz questions, to keep you on your toes… And some prizes too!

How does it work?
Just reply to the 3 following questions before Midnight on Sunday 22nd August.
1. Back in 2008 we held a world-wide egg hunt. What nationality were our MOO Easter Eggs?

2. Our recycled paper is called ‘MOO Green’. It’s made of 100% post consumer waste …Continue reading this article…

Answers to the MOO Quiz (part I)

August 2010, by Emilie | Add a comment

Wow. More than 300 MOOsters took part in our MOO Quiz!

Thank you all, we enjoyed reading your answers – some of which made us really smile… We’ll email the 50 winners shortly with their prize, a pack of Business Cards or MiniCards.

Without further ado, here are the answers:

1. Which MOO Executive gentleman secretly sports a curly moustache?
Richard Moross
You can see it when you roll your mouse over his photo, on the Executive Team page.

2. Which paper aficionado is also known as MOO’s Product Designer?
Paul Thorogood
He’s named on screen in the paper videos

3. What well known 80’s haircut does MOO’s Head of Customer Services promise, but only occasionally deliver?.
A mullet
This appears when you mouse over his …Continue reading this article…

A quiz to celebrate the new MOO!

August 2010, by Emilie | 328 Comments – latest by Bob

Have you noticed something different about MOO?

Yup, it’s not just your Business Cards we’re making over, we’ve redesigned our site, too! If you’ve only just popped by, don’t panic, there’s a video and a blog post that explains it all.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not explore the site for yourself? While you’re at it, see if you can bring back the answers of our little MOO quiz:

A quiz! How does it work?

Just reply to the 3 following questions before Midnight on Sunday 15th August.

1. Which MOO Executive gentleman secretly sports a curly moustache?

2. Which paper aficionado is also known as MOO’s Product Designer?

3. What well known 80′s haircut does MOO’s Head of Customer Services …Continue reading this article…

Woo! It’s the new MOO…

August 2010, by Martin | 9 Comments – latest by JodiB

Those of you familiar with MOO will have noticed some pretty major changes to our site over the past day or so. Yes, we’ve redesigned the site!

As we’ve been hinting at for the past few months, we’ve been preparing some changes to the site, and this is the first of a series of upgrades we will be making over the next couple of months. Let’s look at what’s changed and why…

So what’s new? A new homepage for one thing! Hopefully you’ll agree that it provides a fresh and clean outlook on the various MOO products, as well presenting useful and relevant information into new ways you can use your Business Cards, MiniCards and more! There’s links to …Continue reading this article…

Stuck in a (business card) design rut?

August 2010, by Rebeka | 3 Comments – latest by Denise

We received such a positive response from our MOO Ideas Book, that we launched The Business Card Project to help inspire small businesses with a business card design inspiration gallery of their own. Since we launched the project back in June, we’ve tackled hundreds of redesigns spanning a range of industries from healthcare to consulting and entertainment to retail. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s really no excuse for boring business cards. And as they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’, so here we go!

Mobile Libations, a cocktail catering company in San Francisco, benefited from a $500-share of our $250,000 design investment. We took their wonderful collection of cocktail shots and turned their black & …Continue reading this article…

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