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20th July 2010 by Fiona

Coming up with a business name is just the first step in marketing yourself to the big wild world. Taking that name and positively associating it with a strong brand can mean the difference between commercial success and mediocrity. When we spotted photographer Corina Nielsen‘s MiniCards and complimentary Stickers we suspected we’d found someone who knew a thing or two about branding – and we weren’t wrong! Consistently themed – on a sensible budget -and with an expert eye for design, it was obvious the ‘Corina Nielsen brand’ was one we could learn from. So we got in touch…

Specialising in family/children’s photography, but trained in design, Corina explained why branding is so important in supporting a business:

“I truly believe that branding yourself helps you take your business to the next level. Once I started to utilize my business and marketing sets, my bookings increased immediately! Clients – and potential clients – were not only able to see I was serious about my business, they were also able to see lots of samples of my work and get valuable information about my studio all in one cohesive display .

If you can’t create materials on your own, investing in a designer is one of the best things you can do for your business to help it grow. I’d love to help other photographers build their brand the same way I have, and see their business take off!”

A statement that has proved true‚ Corina’s just about to combine her passion for camera craft with her knowledge of branding by opening up an online store offering design and photography tools and marketing sets to support freelance photographers like herself.

“Because digital scrapbooking still holds a special place in my heart, I decided to combine those designs with professional photography tools. I sell digital scrapbooking kits, papers, and elements, as well as photography storyboards, announcements/cards, albums, and templates. However, my main focus is on brand building and helping photographers define who they are in this competitive market.”

So what made her diversify into an online business?

“Actually, when I first started designing, I co-owned an online store for digital scrapbookers, but decided to sell it earlier this year so that my partner and I could focus more on our own photography businesses. After a couple of months, I began to miss designing and figured that I could combine my love of photography with my love of design!”

Talking of which – Corina’s chance meeting with MOO has led to a partnership that’s set to blossom. We asked how she heard about us:

“Completely by accident, actually! I happened to be blog hopping and stumbled upon Paperie Boutique, an amazing site for photographers with tons of packaging ideas and great information! It was here I heard about MOO.”

Now that she’s found us, she’s keen to make the most of our various products to help market her own business

“I use my MiniCards and Stickers everywhere, but mainly on my packaging. I hang MiniCards on my gift bags and put them on my boxes as well. The stickers I use to finish off my client orders, normally to enclose the tissue paper. Since I use the same images as I do on my business sets, they feel like an extension of my branding.”

So how have they gone down with clients?

“I hand my MiniCards out all of the time! I actually started carrying these cards around with me instead of my regular business cards and they have been a huge hit. When I pull out my little MOO box to hand someone a card, they are able to see the different designs I have and ALWAYS comment on how cute they are and where I got them.”

Good luck with your new project, Corina!
Feeling inspired? Make some MiniCards or Stickers of your own!

Comments (8)

  1. bee:

    These ones are truly beautiful! And you combined scrapbooking and photography perfectly.

  2. Adori Graphics:

    I just love Corina’s work and have used it in a lot of my own design projects. She is truly one very gifted designer!

  3. Tania Cavenecia Torres Jewelry:

    Love these cards! Wonderful colors and design .

  4. Lindsey (aja modchik):

    I recently discovered Corina too! What serendipity to see she is featured on MOOs latest newsletter. I love EVERYTHING she does!

  5. Katia:

    That’s really well thought!
    I find it interesting how she creates so different designs & illustrations that still go so well together!

  6. TimPhotography:

    My photography tends to be more corporate – so far I’ve bought the uploader business cards based on my own design and branding. But inspired by Corina’s article here, I’m going to buy some minicards and stickers to match, and try them out in the business world to make my delivered products stand out. Thanks!

  7. Laurie:

    These cards were beautiful! We also use moo cards with pictures of our different sports art. It’s a simple way to stand out among the crowd.

  8. KatyS:

    Yup, everyone always comments on the minicards at my markets! Think I’ve probably converted a few. ;)

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