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7th June 2010 by James

Over the next few months you’ll be noticing a few more changes on, but we couldn’t wait to release this brand new feature! We’ve recently updated with Photo Enhancement and an excellent Save function… and now the Your Account section has received the MOO magic touch.

So, what’s new?

Apart from a cleaner look and feel the account section has been redesigned to introduce a range of new features that we hope you’ll find handy. We’ve given you a brief preview below…

The first improvement we’ve made are these easy to see previews of your ordered products. You told us it was a pain sorting through designs in your order history, and we think we’ve made this easier for you – now you can quickly see what you previously ordered and simply edit or reorder them.

The next major improvement is in managing your orders. You can now sort your order history by most recent or oldest order first, rename your orders to help you identify which order is which, as well as the individual items within an order. For those of you ordering multiple packs of cards for multiple clients, this will make life a lot easier!

Lastly we’ve tried to make it clearer when you’ll be receiving your orders. Next to each of your orders you’ll now notice a little status bar that lets you know if your order has been printed, when it is dispatched from MOO, and even when we estimate you’ll receive it.

So, when can I see these changes?

The new accounts section is live now, so why not log in and take a look! Please let us know what you think in the comments below, or by contacting our customer service team.

See the new account features in action…

Comments (18)

  1. melanie:

    love it!

    One more thing I’d like to see in there though, is details of any pre-pay we’ve purchased, and when it expires :)

  2. Peter:

    Great improvements. Keep it up.

  3. Iain:


    I am available for voice over work ;)

  4. Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy:

    This is perfect timing – I logged in a few days ago and wanted just to make a small edit and re-order something, but couldn’t…but now I can! :)

    Just a suggestion, I would add the text on the right side (under Actions): “Click on individual item links to edit & reorder” – this isn’t clear how to start your re-order :)

  5. Donna Pruiett:

    I love the clear plastic biz cards with a photo or my info on them, do you have those available?

  6. James:

    @Donna – Thanks for your question, but we don’t currently sell plastic Business Cards on Sorry!

  7. James:

    @ Sara – Thanks for the feedback, we are looking to make reordering as clear as possible, so will look for ways to address that.

  8. James:

    @melanie – Thanks for the feedback, currently you’re prepay amount and expiry date only appears when you add products to your shopping cart.

  9. Reed:

    I love everything MOO is offering. The packaging it comes in is excellent. My only concern is their branding which on each box they send me. I’m retailing many of the items and also marking things up. My customer can simply see the branding on the box ( and order directly from them.

  10. Denise:

    @Reed – in that case, stay tuned! We are working on this issue right now, and should have a solution for you very soon.

  11. Christine:

    I wasn’t sure about submitting my latest order for greetings cards as it kept coming up as “Christmas” cards and I wasn’t sure if my cards were going to end up with some sort of Christmas symbol on them. Why does the greetings card page change to “Christmas” cards… it’s confusing.

  12. James:

    @Christine – Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into that and see if we can make it clearer what you are ordering.

  13. James:

    Thanks for all the valuable feedback everyone, just letting you know where are listening, we have just added a reorder option on the order history page and are currently working through a list of improvements.

  14. theresak:

    Those new features make it much easier to use! I’m looking at getting a new set of Moo Business cards but can’t decide on the design yet.

  15. Sonja:

    Is there any ways I can use designs that I have uploaded for one product, say mini cards, for a different product, say stickers or business cards, without having to import the images again? Also, I want to reorder some of my mini cards, but not every design that I ordered last time – I want more or some and less of others, as I use them to make greetings cards (they look really good on a large expanse of white linen card) and it depends which design I sell more of. However, when I have less than 100 different chosen images, I can’t choose how many I want of each image, as the computer automatically duplicates the first ones in the list. For example, if I select 40 of the images from a previous order, I am told that I will get 3 each of the first 20 and 2 each of the remaining 20, but I may prefer 5 copies of the one that is 15th in the list. Can you help?

  16. Martin:

    Hello Sonja,

    Sadly, images that you’ve used on one product, if you want to re-use them to make a different product, is not something that we can do on MOO right now. It’s something we are looking at for the future but for now I’m afraid you will need to re-upload your images for a different product.

    When it comes to re-ordering the same product, you can edit which photos you want to use (for example, taking out or adding in new photos). What you cannot do however, is choose the exact quantity of each image you want. Our system currently automatically calculates how many of each image you will get.

    Again, this is another issue which may well change in the future, but for now I’m sad to be the bringer of bad news for you!

    Please let us know if you have any other questions though.


  17. Bostongaljm:

    Will also double the request to be able to tell you how many of each item we want in our packs. Your product is relatively expensive, and as customers we should be able to dictate how our pack comes out.

    Can you clarify what the CC icon stands for when adding to a postcard back? I’m used to seeing a copyright logo option, but the cc is not clear?


  18. Denise:

    Hi @ Bostongaljm, the CC icon is for creative commons:

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