Help: what should we call MOO paper?

11th May 2010 by Denise

We’re having a bit of a… remix behind the scenes at MOO, as you might’ve noticed. We’ll be showing you more exciting things in due time, but for now, we could use your help.

At the moment, MOO Business Cards are available in two different paper stocks. There’s ‘MOO Classic’ and ‘MOO Green’.

Now, ‘MOO Green’ as a name is fine. It’s 100% recycled, produced using wind-power, and very high quality paper. ‘MOO Green’ kind of sums that up….

But ‘MOO Classic’? Well, that’s where the problem lies. It’s called Classic, because it’s the same stock we used for our MiniCards – for us, it sort of is a classic.

But ‘Classic’ implies… a textured stock perhaps, something a little more old fashioned. Maybe you’d think it was an off white – rather than the bright white it is, maybe you’d think it wouldn’t print photos so well…

There’s also the fact that our standard, ‘Classic’ paper is thicker than the standard used by many other printing companies. We just have ‘premium paper’ – we don’t really like the bendy stuff that gets all messed up before you’ve even handed it over.

So, help!

We need a new name for our ‘Classic’ paper. Something that describes the feel, and the quality.
(If you need more details, its 16pt/350gsm, matte laminated, sustainably sourced and Elemental Chlorine Free.)

Answers in the comments – and the best one wins a box of Classic (grr) Business Cards or MiniCards.


We’ve all been blown away by your comments and suggestions here on the MOO Blog, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for your weird, wonderful and down right creative ideas!

The team here at MOO will be reading your paper name ideas over the weekend and the winner will be announced on Monday 17th May. Keep your eyes peeled…

Comments (101)

  1. Angela Davies:

    Low fat Moo
    Polished Moo
    Native Moo
    Fresh Moo
    Whole Moo

  2. Patrick Gant:

    Signature stock
    Green stock

  3. Gil Salk:


  4. Megan:

    PriMoo or Primoo

  5. robert easby:

    True Moo or 100% Moo

  6. jeanette easby:

    Just Moo, Trust Moo, True Moo, 100% Moo

  7. smt:

    Moo Snow
    Moo Milk
    Moo Maripan
    Coconut Moo
    Vanilla Moo
    Moo Rice
    Moo Sugar
    Moo Frost

  8. Desmond Lim:

    MOO Premium
    MOO Grade

  9. Lazza:

    My suggestions:
    1. MOO Plain
    2. MOO Bright
    3. MOO Matte (or what about the Italian “Latte”? LOL)

  10. John Heine:

    Moo Modern

  11. Simon:


  12. Andy K:

    Moo Stock White
    Moo Milk White
    Moo EClorFree White
    Moo EClorFree Premium

  13. David:

    MOO Grade and LaMOOnated sounds awesome :D

    I could be boring and suggest ‘Original’… LOL

  14. Tammy:

    Moo Light
    Moo Right

  15. Ashley Watson:

    How about ‘Moospaper’ or Full Fat Moo Paper?

  16. Arlene:

    Moo Modern

  17. Sally:

    Ooh, wicked brief!
    Got a bit carried away…

    Suggesting feel & quality…

    MOO Swank (or Swanky)

    MOO Perb (or Superb ;)

    MOO Posh

    MOO Lux (or Luxe)

    MOO Deluxe

    MOO Divine

    MOO Plush

    MOO Toff

    MOO Gorgeous (or Gorge)

    Suggesting superiority…

    MOO Super (or SuperMOO)

    MOO Killer

    MOO A1

    MOO Genius

    MOOstro (or Maestro)

    MOO Champ (or Champion)

    MOO Demon

    MOO Elite

    MOO Finest (or Fine)

    MOO Select

    Suggesting ‘Classic’ or original…

    MOO Famous

    MOO Autograph

    MOO Signature

    MOO Original

    MOO Pure

    MOO Master

    MOO Kosher

    MOO Faithful

    MOO Trusty

    MOO Trademark

    MOO The First

    MOO Senior

    Suggesting brightness / clarity…

    MOO Shine

    MOO Beam

    MOO Brilliant

    MOO Vivid

  18. Danielfh:

    Moom Card

    “The Moother of all business cards”

  19. Ana Taylor:

    Moo Strong?

    (I thought it should be something that doesn’t need much explaining about WHAT it is – so something referring to its caracteristics…)

  20. Samantha Vincent:

    Suggestions for Moo Classic) —
    1. MOOgnificent (Magnificent Moo)
    2. Moo’riginal (Moo Original)
    3. Moo Matte
    3. The one and only Moo
    4. Moo Stock
    5. Moo-industry
    6. Moo Pretty (Pretty Moo)
    7. Moo Classy (Classy Moo)
    8. Moo Delish
    9. Moo Paper
    10. Moo Print
    11. Moo White
    12. Moo Devine

  21. Stephanie:

    I like Signature Moo (with a little hoof print emblem)

  22. Will Roney:

    How about ‘Freisian’ as a bovine link?

  23. Chelsea Breeze:

    Moo Retro
    The Original Moo

  24. Cameron Guillou:

    MOO Professional

    The quality of the paper is extremely high quality. You will have people thinking that you spent a ton of money on the cards, but what they don’t know is that they are not expensive at all!

  25. Gammon:

    Moo Moo

  26. Lauren Lynn:

    Udderly Moo
    Moo Supreme
    Moo Dream

  27. David:

    Moo Swish

  28. David:

    Moo Suave

  29. Lindsay Schlesser:

    Mint Moo
    Moo Treat
    Moo Gem
    Smart Cards
    Moo Smart

  30. Emma:

    How about any of these suckers…
    Moo Classy
    Moo Pristine
    Moo Simply Awesome
    Moo Simple but Awesome

  31. Graeme C:

    True MOO

  32. Antonietta:

    1. MooVe!
    2. MooRe!
    3. ReMooLution
    4. MooRainbow
    5. NiceToMoo
    6. Moo MeetUp
    7. MooInMyPocket
    8. PowerMoo
    9. GoodMooRning

  33. Petrina Reyes:

    Moo Savvy
    Moo Dexterity
    Moo Factor
    Moo Mighty Class
    Moo Spirit
    Moo Mastery
    Moo Ingenuity

  34. Natalie Kelsey:

    MOO Premium. :D Says it all.

  35. Lesley Gordon-Mountian:

    1. Moo Ultra
    2. Moo Xtra or Moo Xtra Touch
    3. Moo Wow

    For what it is worth absolutely everyone I give my cards to delivers is wowed by the quality of the stock and originality of the cards.

  36. Yannis Larios:

    Moo Heavo (ala heavy-stock and refreshing as a mochito!)

  37. Mário Brandão:

    Moo Blue – it’s symple, obvious and sounds good :)

  38. Guen:

    Moo Premium
    The Moo Original
    Moo Primo
    The Moo Standard
    Moo Original Stock

  39. Melody Tangonan:

    Absolutely Moo

  40. Tammy Durant:

    MoOriginal (MOO Original)

    Moo Signature


    MOO True

  41. rob:

    Moo cashmere
    “kobe” (like the premium steak)
    Gallery Satin
    (you could also pronounce it Sat-teen and make it sound foreign, like Rodeo drive in LA.)

  42. Sandra Harris:

    So many great suggestions…

    Simply the Best Moo

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