Help: what should we call MOO paper?

11th May 2010 by Denise

We’re having a bit of a… remix behind the scenes at MOO, as you might’ve noticed. We’ll be showing you more exciting things in due time, but for now, we could use your help.

At the moment, MOO Business Cards are available in two different paper stocks. There’s ‘MOO Classic’ and ‘MOO Green’.

Now, ‘MOO Green’ as a name is fine. It’s 100% recycled, produced using wind-power, and very high quality paper. ‘MOO Green’ kind of sums that up….

But ‘MOO Classic’? Well, that’s where the problem lies. It’s called Classic, because it’s the same stock we used for our MiniCards – for us, it sort of is a classic.

But ‘Classic’ implies… a textured stock perhaps, something a little more old fashioned. Maybe you’d think it was an off white – rather than the bright white it is, maybe you’d think it wouldn’t print photos so well…

There’s also the fact that our standard, ‘Classic’ paper is thicker than the standard used by many other printing companies. We just have ‘premium paper’ – we don’t really like the bendy stuff that gets all messed up before you’ve even handed it over.

So, help!

We need a new name for our ‘Classic’ paper. Something that describes the feel, and the quality.
(If you need more details, its 16pt/350gsm, matte laminated, sustainably sourced and Elemental Chlorine Free.)

Answers in the comments – and the best one wins a box of Classic (grr) Business Cards or MiniCards.


We’ve all been blown away by your comments and suggestions here on the MOO Blog, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for your weird, wonderful and down right creative ideas!

The team here at MOO will be reading your paper name ideas over the weekend and the winner will be announced on Monday 17th May. Keep your eyes peeled…

Comments (101)

  1. Gareth:

    Its got to be Mooriginal hasn’t it?

  2. Garrett Coakley:

    “Moo Smooooooth”.

    With that amount of o’s or the pronunciation will be all wrong. *:)

  3. Rafie:

    Moo Bold – It’s classic, it’s bold!

  4. Dave Briggs:

    Hmmm, how about one of these…

    MOO Prime
    MOO Select
    MOO Super
    MOO White
    MOO Bright
    MOO Caliber
    MOO Choice
    MOO Original

  5. Sarah:

    Call it sMOOth – it relays the lovely texture and its sheer simplicity!

  6. Han:

    How about “Moo Retro”?

    Okay it was better than “Moo White”

  7. Ian:

    “Moo Gold™”

    We’re going for a reassuring, tea and a biscuit, slippers on, buttermints, log fire, free carriage clock when you join, ‘back in my day’ feel here. The ™ is very important.

  8. Kat Durrant:

    “numero moo-no”, “Milk”, “cream of the crop”, or my favourite so far “full fat”.

  9. Mark Stickley:

    MOO Clean


    MOO Pristine

    Both describe the cards well and- Hey! They rhyme with the other option, MOO Green!

  10. oneredsock:

    Drat. I was all set to think up something cool and original and win myself a set of cards but I think Gareth has it. Mooriginal.

  11. hannahk:

    smooth moo

  12. Joy Haynes:

    What about “sMOOth like Butter” paper? Or MOOtiful paper? I think you guys are great!

    Joy Haynes
    Nashville, TN

  13. Clare:

    Moo Pure – purely classic, the original, pure in enviromental credentials, pure white…

    Moo Cool – cool colour, cool as in ‘great’…

    Moo White – goes with Moo Green

    Moo Bright – as in bright white, bright ideas…

  14. Will:

    How about ‘Moo Professional’ or ‘Moo Business’?

  15. Camille Asseraf:

    I think MOOriginal pretty much nails it…

  16. joda:

    I don’t think I can top what you already have, here.. how about Moo Sleek?

  17. Gail:

    Moo Luxe

  18. Keith:

    Gareth’s Mooriginal is pretty cool.

    My ideas are -

    Moo Regular
    Moo 350
    Moo Ultimate
    Moo One
    Moo Essential
    Moo Zenith
    Moo Perfect

  19. Nicola:

    Moo Crisp
    Moo Simple
    Moo Timeless
    Moo Finest
    Moo Fine
    Moo Flawless
    Moo Prime
    Moo Fresh

    Hopefully i’ll be hearing from you soon ;-)

  20. Laura:

    Moo Rave
    Moo Pure
    Moo Utterstock ;)

  21. Natalie:

    Moo Modern
    Moo Special
    Moo Matte
    Moo Polished
    Moo Refined
    Moo Satin

  22. Sérgio Matias:

    Moo Proof – Resistant, perfect for bringing in your wallet or Proof like collection coins (“Collection Cards”)

    Keep the good work

  23. Marti:

    Udderly MOO
    I’ll second sMOOth
    MOO Prime
    MOO Divine Bovine

  24. Lisa Kretchman:

    How about:

    Moo Smart
    Moo Luster
    Moo Polished

  25. Emma:

    I would call is MOO Stock. It’s your own variant on cardstock, and implies a thicker build.

  26. Iain Farrell:

    How about asking users if they want Green or “The Moosual” ;) The Moosual is our udderly brilliant stock! … no?

  27. Amchan:

    Moo’n shine ? :p

  28. Amchan:

    Or moo’n light of course ^^

  29. Sarah:


    Its Moo + Paper :)

  30. Cathy:

    How about Moo Cow (Chlorine Free, Original, White)

    Just a thought :)

  31. frankie:

    How about Moo Plus?

  32. Niki:

    MOO Brilliant
    MOO Standard

  33. cammie holterman:

    How about “Moo Contemporary” or “Contemporary Moo” or “SignatureMoo” or PremoMoo?????

  34. Randy M Novak:

    I agree with Gareth and several others – Mooriginal.

  35. David F:


    I’ll be here all night!

  36. TJ Sondermann:

    I understand all the trendy kids are going with Bespoke these days. Of course, we Americans would have no idea what you’re talking about.

  37. Nathan Herring:

    MOOrbane, to reflect it being stylish.

    MOO Blanc, to get both stylish and white. (And as a counter-point to “Green”.)

    MOO Primigenius, to reflect it being both the first of the genus, and as a nod to Bos Primigenius, i.e., the cow.

  38. MacBreQ:

    Why not MOO Red?
    Kinda the opposite of MOO Green…

  39. Jennifer:

    Although I love “sMOOth” and MOO Matte (Although I’d say Matte MOO), how about:

    MOO Rasa, as in tabula rasa

  40. Clare:

    I like Moo One too. :)

  41. Noel:

    it would have to be ‘royale’ or ‘iconic’ or ‘tabula’ or ‘cornice’ or ‘frieze’

    good luck

  42. Sophie:

    Moo Shiny (bonus points for the Firefly/Serenity reference)

  43. amie:

    how about:

    original moo
    eco moo?

    and then you can explain the difference. however, i like original moo because it shows that you all were eco-friendly/green to begin with and then just took the new paper to the next level with the wind energy, etc.

    ps: thanks for being awesome:)

  44. alexandra keller:

    i can’t think of a thing that hasn’t been said already – i just keep thinking about that business card scene in american psycho :)

  45. Dan:

    Early Moo or perhaps Real Moo

    This was kinda fun… :-)

  46. melanie:

    Moo Velvet
    Moo Licious
    Moo Card Touch

  47. Mike:

    Moo Gold-top
    Moo Jersey


    iMoo (well someone had to)

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