A lesson on Business Cards

4th May 2010 by Emilie

Hera Marashian, Associate director of career services at Pratt Institute, advise students every day on how to find work. She thinks Business Cards are essential, and so do we! She gave us a few tips that could help students at their soon approaching End of year shows:

    “The number one networking rule is Don’t go out without your Business Card. Your card plays a major role in your prospect’s first impression of you. Business cards are disposable yet essential. Even though the information is transferred to mobile devices, Business Cards today hold more information than ever before. Web addresses, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are just a few pieces of information representing you on your Business Card. The purpose is to create a first impression, over and over, and be there at the right moment.

    Hand them to people when you meet them for the first time or anytime. People remember your name better if they see it. Giving out your Business Card is the perfect opportunity to ask for a card, making them a perfect vehicle for a card exchange.

    Apart from helping you remember their name, you can make notes directly on the collected cards so you can later reference conversations and transfer key information to a database.

    Include one in everything you send out‚ cover letters, invoices, FYI’s, article tear sheets. Bring them wherever you go. Put a few in your wallet or a card holder; make sure they are kept clean as they are your first impression. Networking is the most effective marketing tool ‚ your business card is your networking companion. You never know who you’re going to meet and what they’re going to need.”

Is your End of Year show soon? Let us know and list it in comments!

Comments (6)

  1. Brittany Noel:

    What a great reminder! I’ll be ordering my business cards tomorrow. I am graduating from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI this semester and definitely know the importance of leaving something out for people to grab. How else would they ever be able to contact you? Even if they simply end up following your blog or Twitter account, that is one more person you have reached out to.

  2. Glenda of Dax Designs Bead Art:

    Just ordered some Moo minis so I can pop them in all my correspondence with customers so this is a great affirmation that it was a wise move.

  3. Marilyn Robertson:

    Great idea. I am going to give my nephews graduating from college moo business cards. They will certainly stand out!

  4. Mark Jeffries:

    The one KEY thing missing here is “how to accept a business card” Just go to http://www.markjeffries.com and click on the video clip about Business Cards!!

  5. Christine:

    I have two final year shows coming up! One at my university of the west of England in Bristol. The other is in London. It’s all about the Illustration!

  6. Martin Meehan:

    gonna be using moo for my business cards at my degree show next month, also at d+ad in london so shall be handing some out there too :-)

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